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When I was a student my then girlfriend went to France to study for part of her course. Whilst there she chose as a component of her dissertation to study the role in French culture of adult magazines and when she returned she brought back some bande dessinee (BD). These are French adult comics often […]

The pictures above, another contribution from TipTopper, would cause offence today more for their social-political insensitivity rather than their muted sexual content. However, back in the 1960s when they were published, such considerations were barely considered. Also readers of the magazines they appeared in, were either oblivious to the sexual content, or could readily pretend […]

This week’s blog is another new find. Andy’s Dames is a regularly updated site that acts as a show case for one-of erotic drawings. Most of the pictures feature bondage of some kind as well as spanking. Also a fair few of them are quite graphic either sexually or with their depictions of peril. However, […]

Noises off


This Abbie and Slats cartoon was provided by Tiptopper. Abbie and Slats was a US comic strip created by Raeburn Van Buren that ran from 1937 until the 1970s. Apparently Abbie (pictured above) was quite a brat and received several spankings over the years from her father and Slats himslef. The strip would have appeared […]

Not sure what to say about this. It gets regularly visited but somehow has escaped being linked. Fun is the word. This week’s blog is Beauty and the Birch.

Spanking in art


Words have to be the most powerful medium, because ultimately anything can be contained or described in words. However there is an old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. The trouble with pictures is that the camera always lies. People look fatter in photographs than they really are and younger in black […]