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Barely Pink should be Blushing Red, such a shameless girl.

This week’s blog is the Pink Report, mainly because of her spicy post on ginger, but also because she said such nice things about your truly in her web interview on Blossom and Thorn last week.

7 Responses to “Blog of the Week”

  1. 1 Michael

    Excellent choice for Blog of the Week, DJ, as Pink is one fantastic woman. Her post about ginger was excellent, and interviewing her was a real treat.

  2. Thanks for this honor, DJ!

    I must admit that writing about sticking things up my you-know-what does make me blush (but I won’t let it stop me from either sticking or telling about it)!

    And you do have a beautiful way of telling stories. What I lack in commenting I make up for by faithfully reading your every post.

    Thanks again,


    • 3 DJ

      My Pleasure Barely P or can I call you Pink

      don’t worry about not commenting – no one ever does comparatively Lol – I get 1 comment for every 1,000 visitors on average.

      It was explained to me that I am too scary and what I write is the word and not up for discussion (which is kind of a compliment I guess)


      • You are rather intimidating (in a Toppy sort of way). Perhaps I should just comment, duck my head, and run?

  3. A perfect choice. Pink is one of my favourite bloggers.


  4. 7 DJ

    Don’t run away too far. 😉

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