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“Although my daughter is of age, she is yet young and sometimes a little wilful my liege,” Lord Vosper said, concern edging his voice. “You think me too old for her?” King Vader said thoughtfully. “Oh no my liege, the honour you propose for our family is beyond measure, but I fear she is perhaps […]

The picture above is a publicity still from the 1940 Film, Grand Ole Opry. It has been featured before on Chross, which is also the source of the info that there is no actual spanking in this film. A reverse of this picture was published here a few weeks back and since then there have […]

Angela’s Story begins here. I loved the way Nan stood defiantly, almost proudly, stock-still in the corner. Even from behind, where I had placed myself, I could see that she was blushing furiously, I knew would be in her position. It has to be said that the scarlet at her face and neck was nothing […]

“Do try and calm down dear,” her mother said oh-so patiently. “I don’t want to calm down, I don’t want…” Camilla was seething; she couldn’t even spit out the words. It was all she could do to stamp her foot and flounce off to her room. “Camilla dear the dressmaker is waiting, the wedding is […]

This week’s blog has been visited before, but since this week it features a great little find that illustrates its versatility and its eclectic nature, it was worth revisiting it. This week The Spank Statement features a rare movie spanking from the Big Sleep. This particular scene has been an enduring mystery since it was […]

Angela’s Story begins here. I once heard a story about a man who put his head in a lion’s mouth. On being asked why he had done it he replied, “it seemed like a good idea at the time.” Now maybe it is just me, but I always thought all these glib reasons for doing […]

Jenny threw the paperback across the room in frustration. Her boyfriend had walked out her the week before and although she did not miss him, she was definitely missing the sex. Not that Kevin was very imaginative in bed, but he had to be better than trying to get off on a gutless so-called erotic […]

It’s late, but better late than never. This week’s blog is not really a blog at all, except that it is. Sometimes a Girl over on Voy, is from a long line of Voy discussion boards where would-be bloggers get to post for a while without the hassle of getting their own blogs. It is […]

Okay that might not be true, just kidnapped by life. Normal service will resume shortly. Blog of the Week is late, but some stories are on their way plus a small feature. Watch this space.