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A few years ago it was reported that an entire women’s soccer team were spanked by their (female) coach following a bet that they would not lose. Nor it seems are they alone in the sporting world. The spanking here may be seen as a bit of fun but famously according  to her autobiography, Romanian […]

The last in our vintage extra shots. Any or all of these colour snaps could be from pro-shoots, but I have included them because there is an authentic feel to them. The girl crossing her ankles is taking a real spanking, even if it is a shoot and there is something about the demeanour of the […]

Dear Sir


I had this email from Karen and with her permission I thought I would post it. It has been edited down to make narrative sense and I have removed some of the extensive enthusiastic discussion of my blog and where it got more personal. Dear Sir, I hope this is not too creepy but I […]

Hazy Daze


These were sent in by an ex-sorority girl who wishes to remain anonymous. She wrote: “My own sorority days were beyond anything here, good and bad, and they went by in a daze. But I sometimes wish I could have them back, blisters and all.”

Land Lording It


One Hand from Sometimes A Girl asked after any true accounts. It is a popular request and many snippets that have appeared here before certainly have purported to be true. With both on and off topic web forum’s abounding there are many such stories out there, although we have to assume that a fair proportion […]

The history of Rachel the Wise’s in her own words. Reality, fantasy or just philosophy…? I have reached the grand old age of 38 and I now realise that I need spanking. I want spanking and it is a power for good in the universe. I don’t say I like spanking, but without it my […]

Here is a short from Jeanie B who originally posted a comment to the post ‘real life adult daughters still spanked.’ She kindly agreed not only to allow it to be posted in its own right, but expanded upon. It appears here in a slightly edited format as agreed with Jeanie. I love this blog […]

He had made her stand on the half stair above the entrance hall. To be sure she was out of sight of the door for now, but that could always change. Her nose was to the corner, exactly touching the point at which the two walls met at the foot of the second set of […]

First picture is a period cartoon from Bill Ward harkens back to a former era when sorority girls were spanked in earnest. The handwritten legend underneath shows where he was still working on the caption before settling on the one used in the title of this post. The paddle bellow it is a working paddle, […]

One was having a little chat the other day with one who knows. She said that the cane is one of the things that she fears most. That got us talking about personal histories of the cane and why it has such a hold on some people’s collective psyches. One has to suspect that the […]