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Reality Bites


Some time ago I corresponded with a woman who made and sold BDSM furniture, among many other accomplishments. She lived in a compound with in a polyamorous relationship with her partner(s) with part-time and full time slaves; she quite a tale to tell. I won’t tell it here as I have no reason to assume […]

While we were on sabbatical I watched a great western mini-series on Netflix called Godless. I won’t go into the ins and out of the story here, it is essentially about a mining town populated by widows who are at the mercy of unscrupulous business men and a gang of bandits out for revenge. Michele […]

Army Discipline


This unusual snippet was sent in by Karl Gauss so many thanks to him. The women soldiers pictured above got in some seriously hot water after posing semi-naked and posting the pictures on the Internet. As the New York Post reported: Israeli military officials did not divulge the exact nature of the punishment they face […]

Abaconti stood at the window watching the rain blast the city below while his son tried to placate the client. He was good under the circumstances, Abaconti thought. “Have you tried the salmon?” Tom Abaconti said casually. “We didn’t come all the way across the Atlantic to eat darn fish sandwiches,” the Texan drawled in […]

Princess Christina scowled at the gathering storm as if it were a personal affront, although that was not only thing to keep her from the hunt. Her so-called tutor, Dr Gaius Ghent, had cancelled her day’s deerstalking on account of recent raids by the Tamarinds, as if she were some nobody who was afraid of […]



There were only six of them where once there would have been hundreds, thousands even. But that had been before the Great Reaving. Back then there had been a diaspora to the stars and humankind had settled on a hundred worlds. It had been a new age when great star ships such as this had […]

Tracking back on a link to this site, there was a discussion on naval discipline for women serving in the navy during the Second World War. Although there was some scepticism about whether women were subjected to corporal punishment or not, one of the contributors explained that WRNS were subject to a different code and […]

The Visitor


He had been travelling for decades in human time, almost ever since his kind became aware of the corporeal culture on the distant planet Earth. At first, the analysis had almost missed the nuances of this complex civilisation, but he had seen beyond that. His field was order and discipline, but the revelation about human […]

It was about a month after my caning and my A Level History teacher was getting frustrated with my grades. My best so far that term had been a C minus. She told me that a C plus average would be OK, if not very inspiring, but D minus was not going to cut it. […]

There has been a lot of talk lately around various blogs about safe words. It seems the default advice is that you must have a safe word if you are going to indulge in any kind of non-vanilla activity. This is no doubt sound advice if in your life style you are prone playing in […]