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Must admit this is blatant favouritism, but this young lady had bounced back from a nasty experience and deserves some praise. She also deserves a spanking, but that’s another story.

Poppy St Vincent recently got herself a mentor who turned out to be one of those insecure ‘bash ‘em until they break’ wankers. Not to keep a good girl down, she then, with astonishing fortitude and bravery, blogged about it and sought out immediate remedial help.

Read the full story at Poppy’s Submissions.

13 Responses to “Blog of the Week”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Yay for Poppy. I think it’s clear from her report at least that she made the right choice in coming to see you. Perhaps you’ll write up the meeting too, from your perspective. Could make for an interesting post.

    Plus, it’s great to have it settled once and for all that Poppy is NOT a fiction conjured up by Devlin’s imagination, but a real actual person!

  2. 2 Poppy

    Thank you so much!
    That made me smile lots and lots!
    I made the best choice ever making that visit but I would like to point out that in this piece I was described as a “good girl.” I would like that to be remembered when I next visit please.

    As for me being fictional, I am delighted to be considered even possibly fictional because that would make me the kind of girl that someone would want to write. I would say something self deprecating now but, for reasons I do not wish to share, I do not want to be self deprecating right now.

    Thank you again

    PS although the idea of DJ spanking someone who was a figment of Dev’s imagination is somewhat amusing- wouldn’t DJ end up with sore thighs?

  3. 4 Erica

    Excellent choice. 🙂

  4. 5 Kaki

    Yes, we are all proud of the way Poppy bounced back from such a horrid ordeal. It was a terrible experience and by posting about it, it not only helped her deal with it but may help someone else. You are a good friend, DJ.

    If you want to post about the reason she needs a spanking this time feel free to share, I will pop the popcorn. There usually is always a reason, she is rather naughty. 😉

  5. 6 Poppy

    Kaki, do not encourage him. I am in soooooo much trouble all ready. Honestly.
    He has a truth radar and he doesn’t forget anything, honestly, my bum is toast.

    • 7 Kaki

      Poppy, all Tops have truth radar and some kind of telepathy that they know when you are doing something you aren’t supposed to, believe me, I know. Besides, trouble likes company.

      No, Scarlet, I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

  6. 8 scarlet

    Poppy, I think you’ll find your bum is toast without Kaki’s help, but if you would like to blame it on her, I will help you with that. She won’t be surprised at all!

  7. 9 Mindy

    Poppy is definitely a favourite amongst us. 😀

    Poppy, you can blame it on Scarlet too! She seems very eager to help. 😆

  8. 10 Paul

    DJ, P st V is quite outstanding, if not the leader of the brat pack. the foremost contender for this.

  9. Thank you for all the compliments. I am a very well cared for girl. 🙂
    I would never dare to lead the brat pack, not least because then I would have my back to them and one should never turn one’s back to a brat (or a Top, I learned this at my cost.

  10. 13 scarlet

    Poppy is sounding remarkably well-behaved lately.

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