Hairbrush Heaven


Hairbrush Heaven was the title of a book once found rummaging around in an old box of old books. Judging from the dog-eared state of the old 1960s paperback, yours truly wasn’t the only one who had perused it for some time hoping to find some sadly missing good bits.

The hairbrush as a spanking implement has always seemed to be an American implement, but this is probably not true. In Britain it is probable more commonly used on young ladies bottoms than as an implement of general family correction, in England an honour that goes to the slipper.

When as a small child watching a movie called Tammy, the hairbrush reference was a complete mystery. In fact it was not until a TV chef on a UK panel show explained ruefully about her experience with a Mason Pearson at her mother’s hands that the British connection was made at all.

A former work colleague admitted that her father had used a hairbrush on her bare bottom.

“The bristle side was worse,” she admitted.

“Ooh I bet,” said a mutual friend. “When did that last happen?”

“Oh not for two or three years,” the girl said dismissively.

She was 24. Did she mean it had been two or three years since she had been spanked or two or three years since she had felt the bristles?

The advantage of a hairbrush is that a lady can have one to hand without raising undue suspicion. Also as much as it hurts it will probably only ever  do limited damage.

A famous country singer once said, forgetting for the moment which one, that her mom and daddy used both the switch and the hairbrush copiously when growing up. When asked which one she dreaded most she said although the switch was worse, getting the brush meant that her mom might be ‘fixin’ to set in for the night.’

For the record, all DJ Blacks implements are made by Kent.

7 Responses to “Hairbrush Heaven”

  1. 1 paul little

    Just a thought I wonder if Kent and Mason, and pearson brush makers know there brushes are used for spanking?! also if a young lady buys a hairbrush at her local chemist,does the shop staff know that she may be spanked with it? ps I Know a young lady who went to chemist, to buy one for spanking her bottom! she said she was embrassed!

    • 2 DJ

      I don’t know about hairbrushes – but according to a bit of brush industry research – 9 bath brushes out of 10 are bought for spanking.

      So your friend has good reason to be embarassed around brush vendors because if they a halfway trained then know exactly what people are buying them for. 😉


  2. 3 George

    At 24 happens seldom in these sad days where everything is looked upside down. And family values are despised.
    But wise parents, mostly with serious religious views, know there’s no age limit.
    Only within such family style I’m goign to get married 🙂

  3. 4 Poppy

    You neglected to mention that using a hairbrush to spank a girl is an evil act.
    Just thought I should mention that.

  4. 5 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    I always thought it would a cute theme for some spanking story to include a scene where a young lady goes to the doctor for various psychosomatic complaints and he writes her up a prescription, which she then takes to the pharmacy (or the Chemist, is it, in Britain).

    She waits around until it’s ready at which time the pharmacist hands her a small box with instructions as to number of strokes and time of day. Imagine her surprise when she opens it and finds a wooden hairbrush inside, along with more detailed “application notes”.

    There must be some mistake, she says to the pharmacist. He takes in her emotional state, savouring every bit of her obvious embarrassment. Finally, when he’s stretched the pause as long as he dares, he tells her in a matter of fact tone “The doctor thinks you need a spanking”.

    She blushes, alarmed, closes the box again and after hesitating for a moment, takes it to the checkout girl to pay. Of course the checkout girl also smirks knowingly, because she’s in on the game, and this is a regular amusement for the whole staff.

    After work in the pub, the pharmacist recounts all this to the doctor who adds it to the new up chapter he’s working on, for the female disciplinary manual he’ll publish once he’s retired.

    Of course the woman realizes the doctor’s wisdom as she rides the trolley home. And the fact that it was prescribed specifically for her, makes it easier for her to broach the subject with the older lady she’s been rooming with, who is all too happy to help her by following out the “doctor’s orders”.

    And to her immense surprise, the regular applications of the hairbrush do improve her mood swings. Although there are “side effects”.

  5. 6 Emilio

    To spank a bratty young woman isn’t an evil action, but a very good one if you have legitimate authority like a father or a husband.
    Imho, before being a right, it’s a duty for the sake of the naughty one.

  6. Just the mere glimpse of a hairbrush in any form has always made my trousers shrink. That is very odd since I didn’t grow up with even the threat of spanking and certainly not the hairbrush, but I have always known of it’s alternative use.
    The hairbrush is such a fantastic instrument. Whether used with little taps or full force, it’s effects are surely, sorely and excitedly felt. The reminder can linger for several days and can reach spots the paddle, cane or switch can’t. I would caution against using on the thighs though.
    One other great thing about the brush is that it has two distinctly different sides. The bristles can be a very effective form of getting the message across, but there are some precautions. It should always be kept clean and used only for it’s intended purpose. Sterilize the bristles with alcohol before use and rub alcohol on the naughty girls behind and back legs. The strokes do not need to be hard, but thoroughly distributed over butt, hips and thighs in five or six thorough applications. Don’t freak out because you may see a little blood on the naughty girls backside. Thoroughly rub the girls bottom with alcohol and disinfect the brush for storage.
    Be prepared to not be the most popular person for the next few days as, although the actual spanking may not hurt as much as the flat side or even a gentle hand, the young lady will feel as though she is sitting on a porcupine set on fire in the Summertime for a few days. She may also be unbelievably horny for a while as well.

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