Sandpaper punishment before and after a spanking

Daddy's girl and a happy submissive

Daddy's girl and a happy submissive

The following is an extract that has been doing the rounds on discussion boards in various forms for a while. The different posts are clearly by the same person and may well be fantasy. But what makes it interesting is the account of sandpapering of the bare bottom as punishment.

Although Sean Young was once given a very red bottom in this way in a movie, you don’t hear about it much.

Here is the woman’s story.

From my late teens, I knew I would always need a disciplinarian in my life.

My (adopted) Dad always spanked me on my bare bottom. I as soon as I knew I would be spanked I knew my pants were going to come off and I was going to be bent over his lap.

Dad is a strong believer in discipline for young women and thinks that a girl is never too old to be spanked. Even today, I know he would spank if he thought I needed it.

He was my disciplinarian and was the only one to spank me, he said it would prepare me for when I get a husband and had to obey him.

But he also had another punishment that didn’t need spanking-but guaranteed a very sore bottom when I needed one. He would bare my bottom, lay me across a chair and with a small piece of sandpaper would rub my bottom, hard, for about 30 seconds, it didn’t hurt much as he was rubbing it but after a minute felt like my bum was on fire.

Then I stood in the corner, hands on my head, bottom on fire. My poor bottom was red and burning like mad. After half an hour, Dad offered cream (which was very awkward-my Dad giving my bare bottom a good rub with cream) but I let him, anything to ease the stinging, in fact I often said “give my bum a good rub Dad it’s so so sore”, most girls would hate their Dads rubbing their bottoms but I was sad he was angry and him massaging me felt nice-but of course I was very embarrassed too. But cream helped although it was sore for a good few days after. Then I wanted a cuddle (I loved him)…followed him everywhere, more than his biological ones.

I was punished in this way and spanked until I left home at 23. But I learnt to obey him though and it worked a treat.

Today my husband handles my discipline and yes sometimes the sandpaper comes out. Only sometimes, what my husband rubs on my bottom is far from soothing. Owie!

11 Responses to “Sandpaper punishment before and after a spanking”

  1. Wow, I have never thought of sandpaper before and now I’ll never think of it the same way again! maybe….

    Welcome to the world of blogging. I have enjoyed what you done so far. In fact, I choose this lovely picture as my “Best Photo of Week.”


  2. 2 Damian Black

    Many thanks Carly.

    I should say for anyone who is think of doing this at home proceed with extreme caution and use plenty of oil before hand.

  3. 3 MarQe

    Nice Blog, always to find new names on the scene ! I’ll Blogroll you @

  4. 4 sunshine

    I would like to say that I tried the sandpaper I have never really felt what a real spanking felt like no one to really do it. My fantasy is no loner my butt feels like it is on fire and hurts to sit and I only rubbed and smacked a little. I actually got tears.

  5. 5 Redbum

    What was the grid of the sandpaper?

  6. 10 DJ

    Ah you mean grit and it does mean coarseness 🙂

  7. When my dad spanks me he always does it bare bottom this one time I was couaght cheating on a test by my teacher what did he do about it called my dad so right when I got home I was told to bare my bottom and bend over he spanked me about 30 times with his belt then. My mom asked what was going on my dad told her and then she told me to bend over her knee she spanked me about 50times with her hand ow I don’t see myself cheating on a test ever again

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