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Have you ever wondered what hubby or daddy thinks (or does) when his wife or daughter, after a few beers watching a sports event, decides to take off her clothes and run naked across the pitch? Well not all streakers go unspanked it seems. A few years ago a senior steward for a major English […]

The other day we had a short anecdote about Ben and Anne who lived in a small Yorkshire village. Public humiliation seemed to be such an essential part of their relationship that all their friends and half the village knew that Ben spanked Anne. Here is another short story about them. One day in the […]

We have had a couple enquiries about West’s Way, an excerpt from which we published last week. Hopefully there will be more on that soon. Meanwhile here is a picture that could be a scene from the book.

Here is a story by Carla Emory about love and the need for spanking. I finally got the spanking I deserved. Let me tell you, that was my first spanking, and to this day – my worst spanking. But as far as I was concerned, that was fine. I had what every girl needs – a […]

This photograph is a great reminder of a series of great real life spanking experiences involving a couple called Ben and Anne. They lived in a small Yorkshire village where everyone knew everyone else’s business and everyone knew that Ben regularly spanked Anne. Ben enjoyed embarrassing Anne as much as possible and one suspects that […]

Here is a fictionalised story based on an apparently true account from a now defunct spanking forum from about 10 years ago. It is the story of Jenny and her very unusual friend, Camilla, who took her under her wing when they were at a British university in the early 1980s. I met Camilla on my […]

Here is an excerpt from a cowboy story called West’s Way, by yours truly. The original novel was a complicated story about various people on a wagon train in frontier America. The background to this excerpt is that our hero John West has reluctantly accepted responsibility for a woman and her three daughters who are travelling […]

The romantic fantasy of women being carried off by Arab sheiks, the harem and harsh Middle Eastern courts has been around for a long time. No doubt the reality is more sobering. This following article was found on a current news site in a section discussing western perceptions of the Middle East and the image of […]

The London Alternative Market held its monthly event in Lavender Hill yesterday. If you have never been it may well be worth a visit. Although the focus is quite hardcore BDSM there are many essential items to suit all tastes, so it needn’t frighten the horses. The people there were very friendly and many, if […]

As promised here are two military punishment stories. They both featured in separate minor publications, in the 1970s and early 1980s. They were both published as real life accounts. The first account concerns a liaison between two officers who were witnesses at the punishment of one of the 12 WAAFs sentenced variously to birching and […]