Dotes: straight vanilla girl seduced by lesbian spanking

Warning vanilla seduction in progress

Warning vanilla seduction in progress

We have had a couple of college girl stories lately. First, we had the ex-public schoolgirl taking her friend in hand and then we had some stories about UK sports sororities. Here is another true story about a nice quiet serious girl studying for her history degree who falls in love with another girl after getting a spanking.

Saz was an out and proud lesbian punk who played fast and loose with any girl on campus who would give her the chance. She was not a great looker but had gained a certain kudos when a serious rumour had done the rounds that she was having an affair with a history lecturer.

Claire on the other hand was a pretty but frumpy girl who spent most of her time at the library. Although she had dated a few boys, she had little time for a social life and was more concerned with getting her double first.

Saz had seen Claire in the college bar and it had apparently been love at first sight. Claire was oblivious to this of course and was rather bemused and a little intimidated by the sudden attention of one of the cool kids.

Nevertheless, Saz contrived to get to know most of Claire’s friends and slowly infiltrated Claire’s circle of serious historians. She managed to persuade Claire and some of her friends that they should become involved in the woman’s group and feminist politics.

Like all good converts, Claire threw herself into it and soon Claire and Saz were inseparable. Claire became confident enough to ask Saz all about her lecturer friend.

Saz admitted that she had had a relationship with the woman but wisely steered clear of discussing any sexual aspects. She did however tell her about a game the played.

It seemed that although that Saz was a good student she was a poor writer and was very prone to using clichés in her work. This irritated her mentor who one day threatened her with a spanking every time she used one.

Saz dared her to do her worst and thought the whole idea was a hoot. It was not long before a cliché was found and Saz was invited to go across her mentor’s knee, to which she readily agreed.

As they were already lovers, it was no stretch that this was a bare-bottomed affair. Saz said she cried the first time but it made her feel much closer to her lover. So, after that she bought a cliché dictionary and used to pepper her essays with as many as she could.

Saz told Claire that the rules of the game were that if any clichés were found then she had to undergo as long and hard a spanking as her mentor wanted to give her and if Saz could not point to a cliché that had not been found then at the weekend she had to submit to be tied down for a second really sound whipping with any object that her lover wanted to use. But if Saz could point to a cliché that had been missed then she was taken out to dinner.

The innocent Claire could not understand where the fun was in such a game and an argument ensued. The whole thing deteriorated into a play-fight. During the fight, Claire broke an allegedly favourite 75 pence mug and so was treated to a flurry of smacks on the seat of her leggings by an ‘outraged’ Saz.

The fit of giggles ended in Claire’s first kiss and she apologised for breaking the mug. When Saz pretended to be still upset about the breakage, Claire reminded her that she had had a spanking for it and should be forgiven. However, Saz pointed out that the rules of the game were that all spankings had to be on the bare bottom.

At first Saz had thought that she had gone too far, but after some thought Claire decided to be a sport and shucked her leggings down and went across Saz’s lap.

After being spanked for about five minutes, Saz started kissing her again. Perhaps to distract herself from where it was leading or to address a more immediate need Claire said that she should not be kissed and should get a proper spanking like Saz had got.

Saz had complied and had continued to spank Claire almost as hard as she could for a long time. The spanking continued until long after Claire had started to cry. Then all resistance broken Saz had offered shown Claire what else she used to get from her lover.

Their spanking relationship continued after this and being in halls was hard to conceal, not that Saz wanted to conceal anything. Although men weren’t allowed, anyone entering either of the girls’ rooms after a spanking was treated to the sight of a shame-faced bare-bottomed Claire either laying facedown on the bed or standing in the corner.

Of course people knew when to call in for coffee because of the noise, which is how the story got out.

3 Responses to “Dotes: straight vanilla girl seduced by lesbian spanking”

  1. If you are interested in real-life punishment then this site is fairly comprehensive.


    • 3 Damian Black

      Thanks for the heads up, Corpun is a comprehensive site although be warned it tends to deal with judicial floggings and the punishment of children in some pretty coercive regimes. There are very few if any accounts of domestic loving semi-consensual discipline.

      It also tends to be more than 99% about the punishment of males.

      If you are looking for serious research material into the evils corporal punishment then this is the site for you.

      But its not my thing and not what this blog is about.

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