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Real life spanking is not as rare as you might think, but photographic evidence usually is. However, here is a recent real life picture from a college barbecue. The evidence of a serious spanking can be seen on the girl’s bottom and one wonders at her bravado in wearing so skimpy a bathing costume. Given […]

Our story continues. A few days after her spanking, Mary saw Mrs Granger and Mrs Bonham talking outside the shop. It had been bad enough that Mary was sure Mrs Bonham had noticed the way Mary sat, or rather had desperately avoided sitting over the last few days. However, seeing them together, she was overcome […]

Just got back from a gruelling trip and the next proper post is not ready. Imagine the delight to find these sorority pictures in the in-tray. Thanks Anon-girl. They have been edited to obscure, the mostly smiling faces, and therefore identities have been protected. Anon-girl says she culled these from password protected sorority sites and […]

There was another reply to our strand on sorority spanking. And once again, with permission, it is worthy of a post in its own right. Stephanie writes: I don’t know why it is supposed to be so hard to find out about sorority hazing and initiations. OK so they are supposed to be secret but […]

Following the recent post on sororities, Jean sent in this comment. But with permission and after some edits, it is being used as a post in its own right. Thanks Jean. A few years back I went to college somewhat later than usual and being a spanko even then I was very interested in sorority […]

Can there ever be enough about sorority spanking? Do they? Don’t they? Just when the official line that it is all a fantasy is repeated for the 1000th time, someone else lets something slip. As sorority posts are among the most popular here, when three separate titbits came this way, there just had to be […]

Someone recently sent in these pictures (more on that in a future post), some of which are familiar, but others not so. Among the sorority pictures, were some modern ones of young women clearly being or about to be spanked. These cannot be published as the girls concerned are clearly identifiable and may still be […]

The story began here. Here is the concluding part. The temperature just before Christmas was very mild. In New York it would have been snowing with ice, but on the farm a few dozen miles west of Vicksburg it was warm. Unseasonably so Ma said and the men were still in shirtsleeves. “It’ll be even […]

Our story began here. The next morning you could not see my face for grinning. Much the same could be said for Cindy. I also noticed that she did not sit easily at breakfast and I wondered what confession she had shared with her Clark. My own bottom was fairly tender, but I had only […]

There has been a lot of positive feedback for Lizzie Baines and commentators both here and on the Spanking Library, where Lizzie is also published, have said that they like the 1950s as a spanking era. Some time ago there was a post here on the 1960s and it is probably time for one on […]