Domestic spankings in the Mid West

The hairbrush was much used on young women during the 1960s

The hairbrush was much used on young women during the 1960s

Here is an account of Angie’s spankings as a teenager and young woman in US Midwest during 1960s and 1970s.

“I grew up in the 60s and 70s, on a farm in the American Midwest.

My parents, as well as my aunts and my friend’s parents used spanking as the primary means of discipline, especially for girls; also, girls were often (even though they may not have admitted it) spanked well beyond their late teens.

My sisters and I were most often spanked by our mom, because daddy worked outside, and she was usually around us more.

A hand spanking, over her lap, dress up or pants down, panties pulled down by her, and her hand on your bottom till it was red and you were crying hard. Then your bottom was in a corner for a while.

As we got older, we were introduced, by mom and daddy, to various implements. The first were the wooden spoon, and wooden hairbrush, which hurt really bad.

We weren’t always spanked with something besides hand, it depended on how naughty we had been. Ritual was pretty much same as before, a lecture, bottom bared, the spanking, and corner time after, though corner time was now a bit longer, say usually 15 minutes. Corner time was often bare, unless male cousins were around, then in panties.

If we had been hand spanked, either while still over her lap, or in the corner, mom would tell us if she had to spank us again for something, the next time “our little bottoms would be feeling the brush”. Of course, we promised eternal good behaviour and, of course, a brush spanking soon happened.

We were also introduced to the paddle (our family, like many around there, had a tourist/souvenir paddle, ours said “Board of Education, for best results, apply Frequently and Firmly to her seat of learning!”) or a strap, which had been in the family forever, and had been made from old harness leather.

Paddlings and strappings didn’t replace the brush, but were for offences that warranted even stricter discipline.

If you earned a paddling or strapping, that normally meant you were bare bottom up over the back of the couch, or the back of the stuffed easy chair, toes off the floor, and you got a good lesson. Then still sobbing, you were in the corner.

Spankings were public affairs, for the most part, done often in the living room, in front of your sisters or cousins or whatever girlfriends were over. It was thought to add to the naughty ones punishment, as well as serve as a warning to the others watching.midwest02

2 Responses to “Domestic spankings in the Mid West”

  1. Excellent Post


  2. 2 Jeanie

    I wasn’t often spanked at home by my parents, my father was mostly against it, otherwise I would have been spanked more by my mum I think.

    But when I was 17 I had to go and live with my aunt (my mum’s sister) for awhile when my dad got sick.

    I was shocked to find out my two cousins were spanked a lot and one was older than me. When it happened they had to stand in the corner, usually with bare bottom still showing. I was embarrased but also liked it in a funny way.

    Then it happened to me. I could not believe it, I was so embarassed but then it hurt more and I yelled a lot. I felt weird afterwards. Strangely once I got over it and was out of the corner, I still liked it happening just like I did when my cousins got it.

    What I didn’t like so much was what happened when I was nearly 19 and back at home with mum. But that is another story.


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