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“Oh not again, you really do ask for it don’t you?” Kate sighed on seeing her sister in the corner for the third time that month. “What did you do this time?” Carol blushed and shifted uneasily in the space between the fireplace and her mother’s dresser. She had hoped that it would have been […]

Here is a story from the DJB archive that was originally intended for a fictional case study book that was never completed. Here is Lesley’s story. My husband spanks me and that is all right by me, although I would never tell him that. I can’t say I have had a life-long interest in spanking; […]

The following is an extract that has been doing the rounds on discussion boards in various forms for a while. The different posts are clearly by the same person and may well be fantasy. But what makes it interesting is the account of sandpapering of the bare bottom as punishment. Although Sean Young was once given […]