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Part 1 here Damn, Carolynn thought as she pulled up the drive, I love him. She had known John Dacia for an age, ever since she had got into the property development game. Up to now she had always assumed it was a daddy thing, given that her own father was completely out of the […]

“I hope you girls have your rent ready, it falls due tomorrow,” Alice said in a mumbled tone brought on by the act of putting on her lipstick. John peered at the woman over the top of his newspaper, admiring the curve of her hips where her ample bottom met the stool she sat on. […]

Prologue It was Margot Wheeler’s wedding day. Her second marriage and only her third man; she had never got around to marrying Pete, Louise’s father and the messy divorce from Karen’s dad did not bear thinking about. She shuddered. “Third time lucky,” Margot said, trying hard to convince herself. Karen at just 14, decided not […]

“Under the circumstances I can see absolutely no alternative,” the magistrate intoned. “As if I care,” the girl in the dock sneered. The magistrate peered at her over his glasses and shook his head. He didn’t want to send a 19-year-old to a correctional facility but her attitude was appalling. Who wore blue-hair and ragged […]

Can there ever be enough about sorority spanking? Do they? Don’t they? Just when the official line that it is all a fantasy is repeated for the 1000th time, someone else lets something slip. As sorority posts are among the most popular here, when three separate titbits came this way, there just had to be […]

Three sisters


If it had been a fairytale, it would have begun, once upon a time at the dawn of the 20th century there were three sisters, Galen reflected. Only this was not a fairytale, far from it. He had three daughters and each had been sent to try his patience. Today it was his youngest, who […]

The story begins here. Things had gotten a little out of hand the previous night. Or should I say a little too many hands. Perhaps in more recent times, such things would barely pass comment, but in those days I had scarcely heard of such things. So suffice to say that the next morning I […]

Lizzie Baines story starts here. The spanking of the three bullies was something of a high point that week. The three of us enjoyed Amelia’s discomfort, safe in the knowledge that wild horses couldn’t drag an admission from her. However, in the days that followed Cindy became increasingly morose. I was not to know it […]

Sometimes you see something in passing or overhear a partial conversation that suggests a whole host of possibilities. What did that woman just say? Why is that girl rubbing her bottom and is that really just the effects of the sun you can see on an otherwise perfect tan? There are many adventures and stories […]

A woman, a dog and a walnut tree, the more you beat them the better they be. – An old English adage. Hannah’s mother was most vexed with her. She had turned down her third suitor this year and to cap it all, Aurelia, her younger sister was now engaged. But at almost 21, Hannah […]