Spanks for pranks or a spanking shared

Jackie gets more than she bargained for whenshe agreed to share Karen's spanking

Jackie gets more than she bargained for whenshe agreed to share Karen's spanking

Here is a short story from the unpublished DJB archive. Inspired by but not strictly faithful to a real life event.

It had been a long day and he was looking forward to a quiet glass of Oban and some quality time with his wife. However, when he arrived home his heart sank at the sound of the all to familiar chatter coming from the kitchen. Jackie.

Almost every night his wife’s best friend Jackie was round for a chat. It didn’t help that the main subject of conversation seemed to be his shortcomings. Couldn’t the bloody woman get her own life?

So far John’s arrival had seemed to have gone unnoticed so as he dropped his bag and coat he caught the tail end of the conversation.

“There is no way John will let me go to Spain.” Karen moaned.

“Oh come on it will be fun.” Jackie urged.

“What’s this about Spain?” He asked as he entered the room.

“Hello love we didn’t hear you come in.” Karen said crossing the room to kiss him.

He greeted Jackie as civilly as he could muster and helped himself to a whisky.

“You don’t mind if Karen comes to Spain with me do you Johnny?” Jackie asked in that annoying off-hand manner she had. He also hated being called Johnny.

“We were just talking, of course I can’t go to Spain without you.” Karen cut in glaring at her friend.

“I thought you wanted to go to Greece with me?” John fixed his stare on Jackie.

“Yes of course I do we were just talking that’s all.”

John grunted, realising he would have to get the full story later when Jackie had gone home, if she ever went home.

“Shall I make dinner since you seem to be busy?” He changed the subject.

“Sit down and I’ll order a take-away.” Karen said reassuringly.

“Another curry, how nice.” John said sarcastically under his breath as he took his whisky off to watch TV.

It was some hours later after all three of them had eaten that John concluded that Jackie was never going home. The two women’s continuous conversation made following any kind of TV show impossible so he picked up a book to read. That and the combination of hitting the Oban harder than usual meant he soon nodded off.

Karen was slightly embarrassed to have her half-drunk husband snoring in the corner, but was nevertheless peeved by her friend’s snide comments.

“Doesn’t he look sweet?” Jackie mocked, then burst into raucous laughter as he let forth with a particularly loud snore.

Even Karen could not help laughing.

“I have an idea.” Jackie said suddenly.

She opened up her bag and started extracting her make-up. She then set about applying her lipstick to the sleeping John.

“What are you doing?” Karen gasped.

“Quiet or you’ll wake him. Come on get the eyeliner.” Jackie giggled.

In a short while the sleeping John resembled an extra from Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Jackie and Karen were in fits of laughter.

“What are you laughing at now?” John said rousing himself from sleep.

The two women laughed even louder.

“That’s it I’m going for a walk to clear my head.” He growled and got up and left.

Karen started after him but was stopped by her friend who was beside herself with laughter.

It was quite a while later before he returned and he was hoping that Jackie would have gone home. She hadn’t.

“Did you have a nice walk?” Jackie giggled.

Karen punched her arm but then joined in the giggling.

“I think I’ll have a shave then I am going to bed.” He said looking at his wife with great significance.

The two women sat pursed-lipped trying to suppress their laughter as they listened to him going upstairs to the bathroom. They waited for the storm to break. It didn’t.

John reappeared at the lounge door with a look on his face that Karen knew all to well.

“Karen I think it is time for Jackie to go home so we can talk.”

Karen nodded and motioned Jackie to leave.

“I am not going anywhere, who do you think you are?” Jackie was indignant. “I’ll go when Karen says not you.”

“Jackie please.” Karen pleaded.

John nodded thoughtfully and left the room much to Karen’s surprise.

“You really have to go now.” Karen hissed.

John returned almost immediately wiping his face with a wet tea towel.

“I’ll tell you what.” John said evenly. “You can stay if you want to, but you have to know that in about two minutes every female still in this house is going to get a bare bottom spanking.”

“What?” Jackie shrieked. Then turning to her friend she said: “He means it doesn’t he? He spanks you, you never said. Is it fun?”

Karen blushed furiously and was beginning to join her husband in his irritation with Jackie’s continual snide tone.

“That is between us. Now Jackie please go and I’ll call you tomorrow.” Karen said firmly.

“You’re not really going to let him spank you for that silly prank?” Jackie laughed.

“Jackie go.” Karen pleaded.

John just looked on amused for the first time that evening as he began to roll up the sleeves of his shirt. Jackie realising that she had lost control of the evening just shrugged and got up to leave.

“Tick tick tick.” John grinned tapping his watch as she walked past him on the way to the door then said to his wife. “Right young lady you know the drill.”

Karen blushed angrily realising that Jackie would still be in earshot but relaxed a bit when she heard the door slam. She only hoped that tomorrow Jackie would understand. She slipped out of her jeans and knickers and made her way to the corner, putting her hands on her head.

“Is this how you do it?” Jackie asked from the lounge doorway.

“Jackie!” Karen yelped turning and covering herself.

“Back into position.” John barked.

Karen obeyed, her mind racing, she would never live this down, Jackie would tease her in public every chance she got from now on.

“Tell me this is not spousal abuse and is consensual.” Jackie said sounding truly serious for the first time that evening.

“Please Jackie go away this has nothing to do with you. Its our marriage, its private.” Karen wailed from the corner.

John studied Jackie with interest; she wasn’t freaking out and did seem genuinely concerned for her friend.

“Alright.” Jackie nodded removing her shoes. “I was warned, my two minutes must be up, if you can take it so can I. After all it is all my fault. How do you want me?”

“Are you sure about this? I am not pissing about here Karen knows what she is getting into. You don’t.” John said wishing as well as Karen that Jackie would leave but knowing her could never back down from her.

“I double dare you make-up man.” Jackie said in her snide tone as she slipped out of her skirt and knickers. She felt embarrassed and a little excited standing half naked for the first time in front of a man she had known for years.

“Alright. Go and stand in the other corner.” John said pleasantly with a slight bow.

Jackie did as she was told. It was with strange thoughts and mixed emotions that she copied Karen and put her hands on her head. She felt scared and excited, embarrassed and relaxed, as she stood blinkered by the wall. She had heard that restricting their vision, calmed horses, is this what men meant by the term handling women like their steeds.

After a long time had passed the tension became too much for Jackie.

“How long do we have to stand like this?” She asked. “Or are you enjoying the view?”

“As long as I say, now be quite or it will be longer. And yes I am enjoying the view.” John replied.

After quite a bit longer Jackie heard whispering. She didn’t quite catch it but she guessed John was reassuring his wife.

“Alright I’ll take the newbie first.” He said at last. “Jackie turn around.”

She wanted to put her hands back in front of her but instead letting him see. He was sitting on the sofa holding a plimsoll. She suddenly felt very nervous as he beckoned to her.

At first she felt strangely relieved to be over his lap hiding her front. Then he pushed her into an even more exaggerated position with her bottom sticking up and she realised he had an even closer view of her from behind. She could not deny it was both shaming and sexy, or perhaps sexy because it was so shaming. She could certainly feel that he was aroused.

The spanking hurt. She did not know why that had surprised her. When she reached back to block him he seized her hands and she felt helpless. As the spanking continued the sting got worse and she began to gasp. At this rate he would make her cry, she thought. The idea excited her somehow.

The spanking continued for a long time, not like in a John Wayne movie, it really really began to hurt. She started yelling a little and found that it helped a bit. Then to her utter shame she started to cry.

“Please can’t we stop for a bit?” She cried.

“Its nearly over, you are doing well.” He said softly.

The spanking seemed to continue for a long time after that as she cried gently. But eventually he stopped. In a funny way she wanted him to start again. Instead he gave her a quick hug and then told her to go back to the corner.

She managed to stop crying almost at once but she couldn’t help rubbing her bottom vigorously.

“Hands on your head.” He ordered.

She was thrilled being ordered about like that.

As her bottom throbbed she bobbed up and down a little in time to Karen’s spanking and even stole a peek. The sight of Karen’s red bare bottom made her blush knowing she had just looked like that, so she turned back to face the wall.

She was amazed how long Karen’s spanking had lasted and how noisy it was. Although Karen didn’t cry, he had gone easy on her she realised.

Jackie was also surprised that she was disappointed that the corner time for them both afterwards was a lot shorter than it had been before the spanking. It meant that the adventure was over.

Karen was blushing sheepishly as they both got dressed.

“Got more than you bargained for?” She smiled.

Jackie just nodded; for once her mouth was shut. But as she left she said: “Once I get over the embarrassment I’ll come round. I might even bring my make-up.”

“You get your own man.” Karen said smacking her on the bottom.

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