Corner Time


corner19Someone asked on Yahoo questions ‘what is corner time?’ The best answer came from the Ecstagony.

Any bottom about to be punished dreads the top’s command: “Go to the corner”.

Just in case somebody doesn’t know, the “corner time” punishment consists in making the punished to spend some time standing or kneeling facing a corner of the room, (or a wall, or, in the outdoors, a tree trunk) without leaning on the wall, without moving, without turning and without speaking.

 The time in the corner is a punishment that is mostly psychological, because of the boredom, the uncertainty, the anticipation of the punishment, and the humiliation.

 An adult looking at a wall feels ridiculous, and more so if you are naked, or showing your buttocks (and after the spanking, it is worse if you are showing your reddened buttocks)

When to use
This punishment can be used in three conditions: as a chastisement in itself, or before and/or after a flogging.

By itself, it is a punishment because of the boredom and the humiliation.

If used before the spanking, it adds to the punishment the anticipation of the pain to be received.

And after the flogging, you want to be left alone, to go belly down in the bed for resting or crying, to go to the bathroom for washing your face (and to look at the state of our backside at the mirror) or to rub your bottom for trying to lessen the pain. And you can do nothing but being there standing and looking at a wall. Or maybe you want to be hugged and told that you are forgiven. Or perhaps you want a sexual release. And you can do nothing but look at the wall. The spanking ended, but the punishment continues.

How to use
The corner time can be spent:

Standing or kneeling, with the arms crossed at the back, the hands over the head or on the back of the neck or the arms hanging at the sides of the body. The hands can also be tied on the back.

Bent to the front, the hands resting on the wall, and with the legs farther from the wall than the waist, with the body weight resting on the hands. Keeping this position is hard on the back.

A classic of old school illustrations, sitting on a stool looking at the wall, with a hat with ass ears. After a severe beating, sitting in a hard bench (a stool or table) with the feet hanging and all the body’s weight over the buttocks is no fun.

One Response to “Corner Time”

  1. 1 Stephen

    Corner time is definitely is punishment and a frightening and very humiliating when done pre-spanking. Having to face the wall with my adult sized butt exposed to my punisher is embarassing to say the least but very effective because it reminds me of why I got myself in that position and how I deserve to have my dignity and respect stripped away from me.

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