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Maybe you didn’t go to college. The chances are that if you hail from the 1970s or 80s when those of a certain age were expected follow the scholar’s path then you didn’t. Back then, in the UK anyway, college was an elitist pursuit, dominated for the most part by the privately educated and grammar […]

The above picture was supplied by Tiptopper and is from the cover of a sporting magazine of some kind. Sport and spanking have a history together. National athletics coaches from certain eastern European countries were renound for spanking their female protégés. In her book, Beginning and End, Romanian gymnast Corina Ungureanu, said, “I received many […]

The above picture was provided by TipTopper and is dated, 24 February, 1961. TipTopper says: “The photo was taken at a local college basketball game. If you are not familiar with American basketball this is the set up. There is a court on which the game is played surrounded by a line marked on the floor but […]

One subject that generates a lot of interest in the spanking world is the sorority. After Will Henry, Martin Pyx’s series of the stories the Sigma Cycle is probably one of the definitive works on this subject. However real life sorority spanking stories are extremely hard to find, even in biographies by sorority girls years […]