The bet: an equestrian spanking

Annabelle gets the crop

Annabelle gets the crop

Here is another story from the DJB archive.

The horse whinnied for the umpteenth time that morning. It was desperate to get out and back to the wild. No one had ever tamed it. But Annabelle had things other than an unbroken horse to worry about at that moment.

Annabelle had been bent bare bottomed over the bale of hay for nearly 30 minutes now. Her jacket and jodhpurs were hanging by a hook on the door. It was just as well the stable boys didn’t work today, Peter hadn’t even closed the stable door and she just prayed that none of the owners decided to visit.

It wasn’t the first time that she had found herself in this predicament; being married to Peter made it an occupational hazard. Normally she didn’t really mind.

“You love it.” Miranda always teased.

But this time Miranda was responsible for her current embarrassment. The previous evening in the pub she had started teasing her Annabelle about “getting her botty smacked” and Sandy had over heard.

“Did I hear someone mentioning smacked bottoms?” She piped up.

“Oh yes didn’t you know my little sister is a very naughty girl and sometimes her husband has to give her a good spanking.” Miranda said loudly making sure that everyone in the bar had heard.

“Lucky girl. Humphrey wouldn’t dare do anything like that would you Humphrey?” Sandy squealed with delight turning to her current hunk.

Humphrey just shrugged and carried on talking rugby to his friend.

“Oh do tell us more.” Sandy said with a mischievous smile.

Annabelle tried to laugh it off and change the subject but could not help blushing profusely giving the game away.

“Oh yes our Peter thinks that even at 25 a girl needs to be kept in line with regular spankings. Only the other day he caught her smoking.” Miranda gushed enjoying her sister’s discomfort. “Naughty girl you promised him you had given up didn’t you.”

“Miranda shut up.” Annabelle wailed.

“I am I being indiscreet? Shouldn’t I say anything about that spanking you got before dinner?” Miranda looked like the cat with the cream.

“He never did?” Sandy bounced up and down in childish excitement.

“Oh yes, our darling Annabelle had to spend the evening in the corner while we had our meal and then played cards. We didn’t need her for bridge anyway; Aunt Clarissa and Toby were there.”

“You bitch.” Annabelle screamed throwing her pint of cider all over her sister.

Unfortunately, some of it landed up on Humphrey’s friend and an old man standing at the bar. To aggravate the situation still further Peter chose that moment to enter the bar.

“What are you doing?” He raged.

“I was just..” Annabelle wailed suddenly lost for words.

Peter didn’t wait for any explanations he just grabbed her by the arm and dragged her from the pub.

“Someone’s going to get another spanking.” Miranda called after them in a singsong voice.

That had been the night before. Now Annabelle was waiting in the stable for Peter to come and deal with her. Until then she dare not move. Any disobedience whilst under correction would be dealt with harshly. She had to just lie there as the breeze played across her bottom until he came.

The untamed horse outside was still making a fuss demanding to be elsewhere. Annabelle knew how she felt.

“How many will you get?” said a voice from the doorway.

Miranda ambled into the stable with her hands clasped behind her back and licking her lips in anticipation.

“Will you have to count them? Or will he just thrash you until you beg for mercy?”

“Miranda go away.” Annabelle wailed.

“I couldn’t possibly do that. I would miss all the fun.” Miranda returned gleefully.

“This is not going to be for fun.” Peter said as he suddenly arrived.

He was brandishing a lightweight riding crop. Annabelle couldn’t see it from her position but Miranda could. She suppressed a tingle of excitement as she felt something stirring in her lower abdomen.

“Do you think that this is a fitting punishment for someone who does not know how to behave in public?” He asked Miranda.

“Oh definitely.” For once she was struggling to find anything clever to say.

“What do you think? Two dozen and make her count and say thank you? Or should I thrash her until she begs?” Peter asked throwing her own words back at her.

“At least 30.” Miranda was breathing heavily now. “Then make her beg.”

“We will see.” Peter said studying Miranda carefully.

The horse made an extra noisy effort and even Annabelle looked up.

“What’s wrong with that horse?” He asked.

“Oh nothing, she’s just a bit frisky. Toby can’t seem to tame her.”

“Fortunately this one has already been tamed.” He smiled turning his attention to his wife’s bare bottom. “Are you ready for your punishment.”

“Please send her away and close the door.” Annabelle whimpered.

“I don’t think so. Public disgrace means public punishment.”

He moved to stand behind her laying the thin crop across her naked buttocks.

“Two dozen smart ones I think. I want you to count.”

“Yes Peter.”

The first stroke stung and she gasped. If only Miranda would leave, ‘it wasn’t fair’, she wanted to yell at him. Instead, she said:

“One thank you sir.”

Then the second stroke really hurt. It was going to be bad she realised as she counted the second stroke aloud.

By the end of her cropping, she was crying and her bottom was very red and well marked from the crowns of her bottom to her upper thighs. She had long since forgotten about Miranda’s presence and was revelling in that clean feeling she always seemed to get after a good hiding.

Peter crouched down beside her and gave her shoulders a squeeze. She drew comfort from it feeling more loved than ever.

“All over now baby.” He hushed her.

“That’s not enough. Give her more.” Miranda had a wild gleam in her eye.

“No.” Peter dismissed her.

“You’ve got to. You don’t understand.” Miranda was breathing heavily as she hugged herself. There was strange note of desperation in her voice.

The horse outside seemed to pick up on the emotions and began as if to call to them.

“Do you want to take her place over this bail of hay?” Peter asked with menace.

“No.” Miranda replied quickly with a note of panic in her voice. Or was it conflict. She looked uncertain. “Please.”

“I’ll tell you what. You say that horse can’t be tamed. If I tame her today, then you go across this bail for 30 or more until you beg like you admitted you deserved. If I can’t then Annabelle gets six more and can stay in the corner until you say she can come out.”

“Please Peter.” Annabelle started at this promise.

“Shush, trust me.” Peter reassured her.

“I said I deserved?” She repeated, then as if to dismiss the point she added. “How could you tame that horse?”

“If I can’t then you will get what you want. If I can then you will get what you need.”

Miranda seemed to mull it over and pretended that she did not know what he meant, but only she was fooled.

“Alright, it’s a bet, but you will have to talk to Toby first.” She agreed at last.

“I already have. It is why I came down this weekend. Toby told me he had a couple of fillies that needed breaking in”

Miranda blanched at that, not liking the comment about two fillies. She had been tricked.

“I didn’t know you could tame a horse.” She wailed.

“I don’t do it professionally, with me it is just a passion.” He grinned.

5 Responses to “The bet: an equestrian spanking”

  1. There are many naughty women like Annabelle that need to taste a painfull leather whip on their bare bottoms.

  2. 2 Elly

    What a great story. But where is the rest of it?

    Does Miranda get her spanking?

  3. I’m with Elly! Where’s the rest?

  4. 4 DJ

    One day maybe 🙂

  5. 5 Pepi Cornyn

    Great that the actual troublemaker was dealt with.

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