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Roberta Caldwell loved the feel of the hard saddle beneath her bottom and the way the taught familiar jodhpurs felt tight on her legs. Old Sandy moved like liquid poetry between her thighs as she guided him up the chalk ridge to the very top. At 36 and with two divorces to her name, horse-riding was […]

Our story began here. Sylvia had decided against kneeling up in the back of the Range Rover as Mary drove her to the Lodge. Instead she sat up front lifting the full weight of her bottom of the seat with her arms either side of her thighs; a position that caused the housekeeper much amusement. […]

Whip Sisters


Michael sat in the white-painted wrought-iron garden chair revelling in the spring sunshine. England and a newspaper on a Sunday morning, what could be better, he sighed stretching out his long legs as he scratched at the day old growth on his chin. Somewhere in the trees at the end of his manicured lawn a […]

Here is another story from the DJB archive. The horse whinnied for the umpteenth time that morning. It was desperate to get out and back to the wild. No one had ever tamed it. But Annabelle had things other than an unbroken horse to worry about at that moment. Annabelle had been bent bare bottomed […]