Weekly Round-Up


spanking OTK nude bare bottom streetcarEdwardian spankingAnother week another round-up; unfortunately the Taxman cometh and although I have found some time to write, catching up on blogs has been harder. I don’t know who said there is nothing inevitable in life but woodshed time and stepping in dog shit. But it does sound like a variant on the ‘death and taxes’ quote. Maybe we should amend the saying to nothing is inevitable in life except for death, taxes and spankings?

I did notice that Pink is back. Maybe we will get a proper post soon.

Cherry Red has a list of favourite spanking picture posts for those with an insatiable appetite.

The cute F/F OTK picture was taken from the Spanking Blog and the art was found by Devlin O’Neil.

The cute lady showing her bottom (I know a lot of girls who would want one of these) is from Aunt Carla who has a new story to go with it.

Richard Windsor found a very cute, Men are Like Streetcars picture (seen above). He has a million of these.

But my favourite picture of the week is from Dreams of Spanking and features a really cute Edwardian scene.

More next week.

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