College Paddling


real life college paddlingThis is another of the pictures sent in by Sam. I have obscured the faces in case it is the real life picture of a college spanking that is claimed.

The back-story is (or is claimed to be) a 20-year-old woman is being spanked at her Christian community college witnessed by a friend (the photographer) and a female member of staff. The picture was later published by the girl herself (on Facebook it was suggested) in either a spirit of bravado or as a protest.

It may equally be a set-up, an elaborate birthday spanking or a scene from a movie. As ever, you decide.

19 Responses to “College Paddling”

  1. 1 Retired Professor

    While I wouldn’t want to put too much stock in the observation, a white female with arms folded and pressed thighs in the background may offer some insight into the authenticity. The positioning of her arms may suggest either her own insecurity or that her mind is made up about the matter.

    Also the witness’s lack of physical proximity as well as her slightly leaning torso also suggests that she is more interested in the young woman’s reactions than in the actual paddling. In addition, even though the face is blurred, her flat line lips connotes no sense of pleasure in being present.

    The image quality along with fact that the table lamp in the background is not illuminated and that a closed door is partially blocked by the witness might further suggest candid amateur photography.

    The difference in sleeve length of clothing worn by the two women is also interesting. Unlike the alleged student’s sleeveless top, both the male and female witness are wearing long sleeves. This suggests chaste conformity.

    On the other hand, why the dean/president/whoever would knowingly permit the proceeding to be photographed is another matter altogether.

    It is also curious that the principal illumination appears to be consistent with an on-camera strobe aimed upward and bounced off the ceiling. If this is indeed the case, it may be indicative of something other than purely spontaneous photography.

  2. 2 Jake

    The big head scratcher here is why and how the photograph was taken in the first place. It certainly looks more like a record of a real punishment than the vast majority of similarly presented photos. There’s something about the face of the young lady bent over that is very raw.

  3. 3 Tiptopper

    It is hard to say if this is real or not. One thing that would suggest that it is RL is that whe is wearing a skirt. Posed spanko pictures would usually have her either bare bottom or at least wearing panties.

    What does Sam say about what and where this photo comes from?

  4. 4 NSBGuy

    Sadly, this is not real. This is a still from a movie that was put together by the crew that used torun The Spanking Digest before Abigail Whitaker took it over. I do not recall the name of the movie, but I have seen it, and the woman inthebackground is the lady who used to be the face of the site.

    • 5 Retired Professor

      Low budget small frame videography would certainly explain the image quality as well as the lighting.

  5. 6 Rickie

    Would 20 year old students still be spanked? – she is really an adult. Also how old is the picture? Most female students would be in pants or jeans these days

  6. 8 DJ

    There is no prize for this one and most people seemed to think it plausable.

    Rickie – I have heard that some Christian Colleges in the US do this (doesn’t mean that it is true) and the absence of jeans is hardly evidence one way or the other (not that I’d know) 😉

    But it seems NSBGuy has seen the movie (which doesn’t surprise me) thanks.

  7. 9 Friendly lurker

    I would love to see this movie. I like deliberate poor quality in these pictures and movies. It adds a realistic feeling to it.
    Contrary to the many claims, no college paddles the students. But I did know of two different girls at different schools who were spanked by their parents. One girl I knew was spanked with a hairbrush by her father up until she was 20

    • 10 NSBGuy

      When I get some time, I will try to find the movie and send a link to it. It has been quite a while since I viewed it, and don’t recall the exact site (though i recall it being difficult to navigate).

      I normally would not recall any given shot from a clip, but I adore the spankee in this clip (still one of my favorites) and purchased access to the 3 or 4 clips she was in.

    • I wouldn’t go so far as to make the statement “No college paddles it’s students”. While the idea may sound absurd and unbelievable I have heard many claims to the contrary and have read in some private college handbooks ‘hints’ of it. I do know of one private university outside the continental U.S. that absolutely did use corporal punishment as late as a couple of years ago and may still.

      • 12 Frequent lurker

        I’ve seen your name on many spanking boards. Let me be clear here: No college uses corporal punishment on its students. Zero. Not a single one.
        But in many, many, many spanking boards online, there are a few secretive, anonymous, always unnamed schools that regularly paddle and spank adult students and, as always 99% are women. The only spanking of college students are consensual frat/sorority/ect hazing or consensual kinkyness.
        (Although some parents really DO still in rare cases still spank their college age adult children)

      • Frequent Lurker, the burden of proof is on you.

  8. 14 cindy2

    Whether this picture is authentic or not, it has generated interest. And the interest is the result perhaps of the subject matter–an authority figure paddling the bottom of a female student in the presence of a witness. Although the paddling ostensibly occurs at a community college, to many in the United States, the picture may evoke an image of a paddling in an educational educational institution of a different nature.

  9. 15 gin

    Cell phone camera’s are so easy to hide …

    • 16 Retired Professor

      Eliminate the phone and consider the size of the camera alone. Some nanny/spy cams can fit inside a ballpoint pen!

  10. 17 PDBB

    I for one am intrigued by this depiction. I am in agreement and ascribe to Cindy2’s premise that on the *authenticity* issue; if it is germane at all concerning the topic at hand, i.e.: punishment and spanking of college age “children” in institutions of learning.
    There have been many *programs* in the recent and not too distance past (especially those who claim biblical authority that have even called themselves colleges after a fashion) that purport to “turn around” the out of control *modern* youth (male or female) and offer them discipline and *structure*.
    A paddling (even a severe one that can leave the the older recipient in discomfort for days on end) is not that far removed from reality and from the discipline *tools* that these strict programs have at their disposal and have been authorized to used.
    There was one institution that employed enforced, extended corner time (sometimes for days on end) that had the enhancement of a paddling or caning hanging over the heads(?) of uncooperative students (many of whom were over or approaching twenty years of age).
    An application in the sixties called ALPS (Alternative Learning Plan -School) for students who were dismissed or suspended from their colleges or universities was established to give a more structured less free range to the learning model and retained many punitive measures abandoned by the prevalent more *liberal* model that was growing more and more popular and failing many. It was not uncommon in these schools to have *detention* or a *review* of the students attitude or progress end in a *one sided lacrymose discussion* with the business end of a paddle.
    All in all the above picture portrays fairly accurately what happens in a “proper” institutional paddling scenario. And I’m sure the lingering after effects (as I know the skirt offers little in the way of protection) will serve as cautionary to “straighten up” or risk another *invitation* for a *command performance* with observers.

  11. 19 DJ

    Thanks PDBB – I have heard of such programmes back in the early 1970s which were a backlash to the permissive society – but I have not heard of this specifically nor do I have any details.

    As for absolute statements on this issue – the balance of probability lies with the nay-sayers admittedly – but as OHM says without proof they are in the end just assertions – But it is hard to prove a negative. I know of several situations that are real and beyond fantasy in the UK which many would have said never and could never happen and yet they did.

    To paraphrase an old lecturer of mine – bare bottoms get spanked, it is in their nature to be so. 😉

    The important thing to remember is that apart from the occasional reportage to set the scene – this blog is largely fantasy and it is the stories in our heads that matter – if half the things that happened in some of my stories were real I would be concerned rather than thrilled I think.

    Now as to the other half, hmmmm….


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