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Reality Bites


Here is another from the batch sent in by Sam labelled ‘real.’ Its claimed source is a vanilla Tumblr that captioned it ‘Aunt B_ spanks big Sis :)’ The faces were clearly visible before I blurred them. Aunt B looked determined and Bis Sis uncomfortable. I have nothing else on this and it could be […]

Monday 11 October Dear Diary, I am sitting on a train, which is a novel experience for me, both the sitting and the train. I have begun my first big adventure in the great wide world, although I have the most dreadful feeling I have forgotten something. Oh, well once I remember what I have […]

Here is another real life account froma young women called Sandy from a couple of years ago. I am 27 years old and moved from my home town, last summer. I was fortunate enough to have an Aunt living in the town that I moved to. She is letting me stay with her while I […]