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Here is a little anecdote that I pulled off the Experience Project; an account by Day Doc who reports on the spanking of a sorority pledge back in the 1970s. He writes: This is a true story that happened in the late 70’s. In my first year of college I had a girlfriend that I’d […]

There was a very nice email from a reader called Sam wondering if since TipTopper contributed some very good vintage stuff would we be interested in any from his collection taken mainly from ‘party pics’ and 1970s and early 1980s magazines? There were some very eclectic images, some purporting to be ‘real spankings’, and very […]

The Grand Stand


“You’re both nuts,” Ellen dismissed them with an imperious snort. “It’s just a life-style,” Carrie shrugged, “Why are you so… down on it?” Daniel looked up from his desk and peered at them both over the rim of his reading specs. He was marginally surprised that Carrie had the confidence to answer the older woman […]

Weekly Round-up


Nice little collection this week. But before I say more whilst doing my catch-up yesterday I noticed that the Spank Statement had a post about the spoof sauce advertisements the day before one appeared here; perhaps a case of great minds thinking alike. We have a lot of great pictures this week all taken from […]

Our story began here. The cellar was mostly dark and somewhere behind her a single drip of water gave out a ping every few moments marking time until Mary returned. Tatiana had been in this position many times before and although sometimes she had been left in virtual darkness, on this occasion she had been […]

Hot on the heels of the republishing of the Russell Corner comes another story published by LSF. The Lord and Librarian is a stand-alone novel and was co-written with Lucy Appleby some time ago and is available for the first time in novel form. Rowan Greenway applies for and is invited to take up a […]

Here are some vintage drawings from TipTopper on the theme of mother-daughter spanking.

Here are a couple of spoof advertisements that look like the work of EndArt. They were suggested by Peripa; thank you.

Weekly Round-Up


There seems to be an inverse relationship to how busy I am and how busy Spankville gets so that often the more time I have the less activity there seems to be. Also a lot of people are slow to update at the moment; Imagine the Stories, British Spanking Magazines, just to name two have […]