The Academy


The Academy: the future of spankingIt seems that LSF are determined to publisher a sizeable proportion of my back catalogue. (Is that a double entendre or a pun?) Anyway, hot on the heels of the novella, Lizzie Baines, comes the re-publishing of The Academy (originally published as The Academy: the future of spanking).

There are two original works in the pipeline, but before then there are plans afoot to publish other works, including a collection of short stories to be sold on Amazon.

Getting back to the Academy; it is largely a dystopian sci-fi story that centres on a secret government project to save the world in the guise of some intrigue. Oh and there is quite a bit of spanking.

I had no hand in writing the publishers blurb but I kind of like it. It runs thus:

Founded after ‘The Fall’ when the world was changed forever and women outnumber men three to one, the Academy is a place of training for young women between 19 and 25. In this school, teachers are punished as well as the students! Having escaped prison, five new girls are sent to The Academy as an alternative.

All are nervous and horrified by the idea of corporal punishment. Kate is particularly brash and insolent, and quite determined that no-one will lay a hand on her, let alone a cane or a paddle. But deep down, she is as scared as the rest. It is not long before the girls plus new arrivals experience the disciplinary regime of The Academy.

But who are The Sacred Sisters of Revenge? And is Callie all she appears to be? Deceptions and punishments abound in this erotic tale of adult discipline.

For those who want a copy it is available here.

4 Responses to “The Academy”

  1. 1 paul1510

    downloaded, it will be read, not sure when, I may write a review. 🙂

  2. 3 NSBGuy

    I was very excited to see Lizzie Baines was published – I LOVED that series. Excited to read academy. Does LSF provide you royalties, or are they selling with permission to raise money for maintenance of the site?

    • 4 DJ

      They do give royalties yes, but sales aren’t high enough for me to give up the day job. 🙂

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