Corner time and submission by consent


corner time with a nose to a pennyNow here is the thing, any fool can chain the willing or even unwilling up and have her at his mercy, but sending a girl to the corner is just as restrictive and carries with it the added element of it being voluntary on both sides.

Okay so it’s a given that few girls will go voluntarily to the corner, but that makes it all the better, since their cooperation strips away all pretence and renders denial of submission pointless.

Now just to remind everyone there are two basic concepts around corner time.

The first being anticipation: ‘you’re gonna get it so wait there until I am ready.’ This plays on a girl’s nerves and helps build tension and expectation and makes a spanking more effective when it comes.

The second is corner time after the fact, which gives a girl a chance to recover and reflect on her punishment to makes sure it sinks in. It also gives the spanker a chance to admire the effects of his work and revel in the ascetics of it.

Of course both can be used together and often are, but usually only for the reasons given above.

Now some girls go meekly and willing to the corner and will stay there until they are told to move, but others are given to fidgeting, rubbing, looking over their shoulders, complaining and asking if they can come out yet, and some will even abandon the corner altogether when nobody is looking.

There is even a game called ‘Russian Roulette’ where a girl in the corner will constructively fidget to see how far she can get before her Top/Dom notices and gives her another spanking or some other sanction.

We will come back to techniques to counter this in a moment.

There is one more situation to consider that can augment a corner situation and significantly ups the stakes. This is the matter of public corner time.

Now this is not that common in a sub/Dom relationship (except where it is part of play) as most couples do not want to embarrass or involve outsiders in their lifestyle. Although it does form a central theme in much spanking literature and it does happen in earnest in some situations.

One of the Yahoo groups carried this post by Carrie in a forum:

“I’m 19 and at college and not only do I get spanked, but I have to do at least 30 minutes in the corner before and after a spanking. It’s usually much worse before as all I can do is think about what I have got coming. Afterwards I am just happy to cry and get over it. But towards the end of the second corner time I start to get nervous in case someone comes and sees me standing there. It is so embarrassing, especially as I have to turn around and explain why to whoever is there.”

Another is from a 27-year-old who has an open spanking relationship with boyfriend.

“Spanking is one thing, but I really hate corner time, especially as all get is a t-shirt. Most of our friends know about us and if any of them come around they get to see me standing there with a very red-bottom and by then a red face.”

Corner time techniques are many and varied. The most common is to have a girl put her hands on her head or sometimes to kneel. Either and both of these make it much more difficult to get in and out of position if you don’t want to watch her all the time.

The situation can be augmented by putting talcum or an easily disturbed object around their feet.

Once in BDSM implement shop in Islington (London) a salesman tried to sell a device to attach to a submissive that either rings an alarm if they move or alternately gives them an electric shock. What is wrong with an old fashioned penny? He was asked.

The guy had genuinely never heard of it and was pleased to be told.

The theory is that you tie the girl’s thumbs behind her back with easily broken paper tape or a ribbon and then make her hold a penny to the wall with her nose.

In actual fact it is hard to keep a penny there and more often a larger coin is used and held in place with the girl’s forehead. But that depends if one wants her to fail or not.

Here is a literary reference for its use.

“Even as a great girl on the point of coming out I was rebellious and whenever I was spanked, would do my upmost to avoid corner time. To this end my governess would place me in the corner with a penny against my nose which I was required to hold there lest I receive another spanking. I must confess it worked a treat and was funny to watch when others were so restrained. I especially loved seeing the nursery maid spanked and put thusly in the corner.”

The point about corner time is that ultimately the submissive cooperates and cannot deny that she does. A line is crossed and the power in the relationship transcends throw-down or overmatching more than just a spanking ever can.

26 Responses to “Corner time and submission by consent”

  1. 1 Retired Professor

    Decades ago, my wife admitted getting stood bare bottom in the corner after being paddled made her very submissive. The effect may be enhanced because I seldom require it. Hence, when it does happen, it really gets her attention.

  2. I definitely agree – there’s a level of submission when it comes to standing in the corner. I usually have to do it before we actually start and inbetween sets. I’ve been trying to control my giggling in the corner. It’s always out of nervousness and it doesn’t happen too often, but when it does its always before the actual spanking. After a few dozen quick swats with the evil bathbrush or the plastic hairbrush my Sir has, I’m not so nervous anymore, it kind of keeps me focused. He also uses corner time inbetween “sets” – so if he’s switching implements I’ll wait there until he wants to start again. I try not to fidget too much but it’s not easy keeping your hands on your head and staying still.

  3. 4 Kia

    Not sure about whatever planet you tops live on, but no one uses pennies here anymore. If you find you have too many laying around, there are plenty of more humane uses for them. Consider gluing them together to make a sculpture, our playing mini-shuffleboard.

    • 5 DJ

      Cheeky mare

      The pound (one hundred pennies) being a currency that still requires more than other nations single basic units to make up – a penny is still in use. Although in fact tuppence is better for our purposes as it is much larger.


  4. 6 kaki

    I remember a blogger writing a whole post on cornertime games. It sounded more fun than talc powder, pennies, or God forbid an electric shock. Yikes!

    DJ, thanks for the updates on Magic. One of these days I am going to read all chapters from the start in one sitting as a refresher.

  5. 8 bree

    There really was no need to point this all out, as I am not going to the corner again. No way, no how. 😛 It is scary, lonely and cold there. I think about everything else but what I am suppose to think about there. The girl should at least be able to keep whatever she is holding up with her nose. Inflation should be taken into consideration monetarily, also. Now, if you replace the coin with a hundred dollar bill, I might reconsider my view of its merits. I could think of a few pretty things I could buy shopping with that sum. 😉

  6. 10 George

    Corner time, imho always as a tool of effective DD, is powerful. I prefer my spankee starts kneeling before the corporal punishment because it helps the right attitude. At the end, a standing corner time helps to watch at the good job done and the spankee learns some sellf control before touching her sore bottom.

  7. 11 Karen

    Well the fact of the matter is corner time reinforces the lesson. It also allows the spankee to understand that most people enjoy observing a well spanked bottom. It is human nature to appreciate a well deserved spanking. Knowing that makes the punishment even more humiliating and a stronger reinforcement for future behavior. While I am in the corner with my red sore bottom on display I reflect on how much I never want to be in this humiliating position again. Knowing that an audience approves of my being disciplined and doesn’t mind observing it makes it that much worse for me. Nothing puts a 25 year old woman in her place more than spending time bare bottomed I with their nose in a corner for a bit.

    • 12 DJ

      I am glad you appreciate these efforts and benefit from them.:)

    • I agree I am a male top another reason have the sub stand feet apart pussie shaved clean make naughty girl turn around. and pussie on display I find naughty girls don’t. like this esp hands. on top of head privates exposed. for embarrassment and humiliation is part of punishment

  8. 14 Svetlana

    It’s a paradox how spankings can sometimes be erotic challenges I’m eager to meet and, at other times, punishments that I dread. It’s all about context I think. Cornertime both before and afterwards is one of several devices that helps to create the punishment context in my mind. Before a spanking it promotes a contrite and cooperative mindset. Afterwards, it maintains a state of discipline and removes all distractions from the feeling of atonement that mixes with the pain.

    With aggravations (kneeling, hands locked behind the head or extended time), cornertime can also be an effective punishment or an exercise in obedience in itself. It’s so simple and still powerful.

    Finally, in the same way that spanking can teach a form of bravery, cornertime can teach patience.

  9. 16 Tiptopper

    There are several ways to increase the effectiveness of corner time, or more accurately wall time. One is to have the girl step backward. The farther her feet are from the wall the more uncomfortable the position is.

    A second way is instead of a coin use something like a small empty light cardboard or plastic container. That keeps her face away from the wall so that she can’t relieve the pressure by resting her forehead on the wall.

  10. Humiliation is a very important part of any corporal punishment given to a naughty woman. And making her stand in the corner, before or after a good spanking is an excellent idea. Other such humiliation can be for her knickers to be seen up or down. The cane, or birch rod, standing beside her on display is another.

  11. occasionally after getting my bottom reddened , I am required to do cornertime I stand about 2 feet away from the wall with my hands bracing the wall. my panties must stay slightly above my knees. I usually stay in this position for 10-15 minutes after which I meekly come to my hubbie and we discuss why I was spanked, the lovemaking is fantastic after this, and I recently confessed that I should get a spanking every few weeks whether I deserve it or not

    • 19 DJ

      Sorry I missed this comment – it came at a bad time here.

      Thanks for that insight – I don’t think you are alone in your need.

  12. 20 Becky

    I hate corner tiem. After a maintenance spanking I normally get 10 minutes facing the wall or corner with my hands by my sides or behind my back. I need the maintenance and this ten minutes helps me to accept the learning which helps maintain my compliance. However when I am being punished corner time is a real punishment making m feel like the child which my need for corporal punishment shows I deserve. I normally get 20 minutes before the slipper/cane/strap hands on my hips or finger tips on my shoulder to think about what I have done and what is to come. After the corporal punishment I then normally get 30 minutes to an hour nose or forehaed to the wall, my dress hitched up or skirt down and knickers around my ankle and my behind on display. It is very humiliating and demeaning but I have deserved it and know that if I do not wish to be punished like this I must behave. Sometimes I also get corner time as a stand alone punishment which is another way that I learn if I behave immaturely I will be treated accordingly. This is consistent with other sanctions such as written punishments, mouth washing, early bed times and for severe non compliance having to wear uniform. None of these is pleasant but they have all helped improve my behaviour.

    • 21 DJ

      You seem to have something in common with Ashley above and I am glad to see that you are given the classic treatment.

      I am glad that your consequence goes up for punishment over and above a maintenance spanking.

      Thanks for the insight. 🙂

      • 22 Becky

        Yes maintenace is genrally a spanking by hand, occassionally with a hair brush if Jack thinks I need a firmer reminder, and short corner time. Punishment, as I am sure is the case for other submissive wives, deservedly more severe and dependent on the severity of the infraction of the rules and the agreed punsihment methods. As said in these cases corporal punishment is normally by slipper, cane, tawse or belt (and frequently accompanied by daily spankings beyond mainteance for the length of the entire punishment), corner time long, nose to the wall typically holding a tissue in place and hands on head. The degree of other sanctions such as grounding, written punishments, mouth washing, early bed times up to and including having to wear school uniform is then decided by Jack to ensure I am both punished and deterred from repeating my misbehaviour. I am sure this is the principles most submissive wives live even if the precise sanctions and severity of imposition vary. Becky.

        • 23 DJ

          It is as well that it is proportionate if strict and that you are getting what you need.

          Thanks Becky 😉

  13. 24 Becky

    Thanks sorry I have not responded earlier but as I turned up late for a Church planning meeting on Sunday evening I have had the opportunity over the last three days to be reminded how demeaning corner time is. Following a caning and two hard spankings with a hairbrush over the last nights I have had time to reflect on my misbehaviour with my nose hard to a wall, hands on my head and with skirt and knickers around my ankles for an hour each time. On each occasion I have then been sent to bed no later than 7 pm without supper it really has been a reminder of my need to not fulfil my commitments in such an irresponsible and childish way. Thankfully I was spared having to wear school uniform. However having been spared such corner time for more than 6 months it was a harsh lesson and I will be working very hard to prevent any repetition. Becky

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