More Tip Top Cartoons


spanking spanking spankingnon spankingSent in as ever by TipTopper. The last picture demonstrates that the bad sexist humour was not restricted to spanking cartoons.

4 Responses to “More Tip Top Cartoons”

  1. 1 Retired Professor

    The top image may have been a more socially acceptable illustration based on a quite explicit drawing for a pulp fiction pot boiler about two strippers’ struggles for the same man. I ran across the novel in my tween years (ca 1960) while perusing offerings at a newsstand that just happened to be on my way to and from school.

    By that age, although I was aware that grown women could be spanked, the artist’s rendering on the cover of the paperback constituted my introduction to the possibility that unrelated females might use spanking to settle disputes. In other words, it was an over-the-knee catfight.

  2. 2 Pecan nutjob

    Regarding the top one: in the classic novel l’Assomoir by Émile Zola, a woman paddles another in public (at a wash house) for having an affair with her husband, after overpowering her, lifting her skirts and opening her drawers.

  3. 3 Pecan nutjob

    …and there is a black-and-white movie where the wash house scene appears and one sees (very briefly) a pair of female buttocks, before the paddling.

    And, as in the novel, this is a hard paddling: the lady hits hard, as though beating clothes (which was a method for washing them, don’t ask me how it worked).

  4. 4 Mike

    I have seen the third image with a better caption, “I think you had better cane me before you see damage I did to your car in the garage”.

    A great blog, thanks for brightening my day.

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