Lizzie Baines: A 1950s Spanked Wife


OTK spanking 1950s styleSome years ago I wrote a short series about the adventures of Lizzie Baines, a New York girl who marries a soldier on the eve of the Korean War and is transplanted to Louisiana to live with his family while he serves abroad. While there she has to deal with some very quaint and challenging Southern customs until her husband returns from war.

It was inspired by a very short missive I once read on this subject; its funny how such things can grow in the mind. Funnier still LSF have now published it as a novella and it is now available.

If you are interested the publishers blurb runs:

Lizzie is a young woman who is in love with George, a serviceman. After they are married, Lizzie finds herself living with George’s mother and sisters Marey and Janey. The discipline regime in the Baines household gives her a stunning realisation of how infractions are dealt with in this family as she watches Marey and Janey receiving a switching whilst bending over the couch. It isn’t long before Lizzie feels the impact of Ma’s hairbrush, and later a very stingy switch. Lizzie realises she is seriously enjoying watching the many spankings in the household – but when her husband returns home, it seems he has plans to discipline her himself. Spankings are just part of life in this household.

Available here.

9 Responses to “Lizzie Baines: A 1950s Spanked Wife”

  1. 1 paul1510

    I remember this story, downloaded. 🙂

  2. 3 George

    Easier when you see your sisters-in-law under the same DD.
    Fair and effective rules, never out of fashion, indeed!

    • 4 Mark

      Yes. Social approval and conformity are powerful forces. Raise teenagers and you see it every day in every way.

      Many more would share our interest if living in an environment that accepts and expects it. Those sharing our interest would be far more numerous if we were not running against the PC crowd.

      This shows up in many stories, and I think it very realistic.

  3. I think the Lizzie Baines saga is one of your very best, DJ. Good luck with it!

  4. 7 Svetlana

    Admittedly, I often enjoyed watching another girl “get it”, but it was not the kind of joy depicted in this illustration. It was the joy of seeing something beautiful. It usually came when she tried to “take it well”. There is an intensity in such a suffering face that is like natural art.

    Interesting comments about social approval and conformity. Where spanking is part of the culture (“just part of life”) it is easier to genuinely accept and benefit from such discipline and a lot of spanking fiction reflects that. On the other hand, in such a culture things can to go horribly wrong for individual women under the cover of “fair domestic discipline”. I’m enough of a woman of my time to feel that risk is too high a price to pay just for being able to go to a public pool with fading marks or hearing the sounds of a thrashing from next door now and then.

    • 8 DJ

      Svetlana – yes – contrast your comments with those above (all you alright there guys?) I am really not sure spanking erotica and social comment mix that well. 😉

      Thanks 🙂

    • 9 Svetlana

      Maybe they don’t mix that well, but it’s not the worst kind of spanking fiction that makes us think about why discipline can work or not work in a society. By the way, my comment about risks of a culture where discipline was widely accepted and expected was not meant to imply that “the guys above” are unaware or uncaring about those risks. I merely wanted to express my own ambivalence.

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