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LSF are running a publishing story presumably aimed at the 60p ($1) market for mobile phone downloads. For around this sum you can download the single story Ghost of Chance by yours truly. The publishing blurb runs: Julia decides to investigate why her late uncle’s house will not sell and in the process she uncovers […]

This is a work of fiction suggested by real events. At 18 I had two close encounters with the cane; both of them in my last term of Sixth Form College. I was generally a good girl and had for the most part escaped any run-ins with either Mrs B the head of year or […]

Somehow she knew before she did it that she shouldn’t. But it had ever been a battle between them. He would say ‘you can’t,’ ‘you mustn’t,’ and ‘don’t.’ And she would say, “I know” while thinking ‘only if you catch me.’ Well he had caught her red handed and it had happened again. Now her […]

In the wake of the college spanking post I heard from Linda. She is in her 30s and now married. She sent in this personal account. In her own words she says: “time might have polished my memory of these events and better shaped them for style. And some events may have happened out of […]

The Russell Corner is a 70,000-odd word novel that was first published in 2009. All things considered it has sold rather well for a micro-publication and I know many of you bought and I am gratified by that. Generally the book was well-received and many of those those used to my narrative style have said […]

Weekly Round-Up


Despite another busy week I have had time to work, write, shave and check out the blogosphere. I must be getting better organised. Let’s begin with the pictures. The drawing is from Chicago Spanking and is another in the series flagged up last week. There is an interesting article accompanying the picture which like last […]

Times have certainly changed, but this depicts a prevailing sentiment of the 1950s and 1960s. The fact that the strip refers to a grown married woman as a child rather says it all. Still it is a fun blast from the past and one for all those 1950s household fans. As ever this picture was […]



Where did this story begin? Was it the day that Sylvia Burns decided that she would never marry unless it was for money? Was it before that, when Gerald Peters made his first million? Or is this a story that is as old as time, where a young woman of a certain outlook, shall we […]

Weekly Round-Up


Barely back in my stride to write and so I have not been on top of the blogosphere this week. This can’t be said for Rollin who has released a short story collection called the Scarlett Society. You can read more details over at Disciplinary Tales. He is not the only one who has been […]

Advert Break


Don’t you just hate ad breaks? The other day I was discussing how much more advertising there is on cable TV compared with old-fashioned terrestrial television. I was told that US TV is much much worse with up to 20 or even 25 minutes out of an hour. At least that explained why an hour […]


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