One of the family


spanked corner timeIn the wake of the college spanking post I heard from Linda. She is in her 30s and now married. She sent in this personal account.

In her own words she says: “time might have polished my memory of these events and better shaped them for style. And some events may have happened out of sequence, but essentially this is a true story. I have been a reader for some time and particularly like your stories. Oddly enough I was motivated to write after I read about (and read) Lizzie Baines, but it was the Zen thing and then the college accounts that finally pushed me into doing so.”


I think it is relevant to say I am adopted. I was a late adoptee (almost 13) and for a long time I never felt I was really theirs. For the record my parents were and are great and I owe them so much but it wasn’t until I met Ben and his mother and sister that I really understood family or appreciated my own. Not that this is a story of normal family life, anything but, I would say, and I definitely wouldn’t champion or evangelise this as a lifestyle. But it all worked out for me.

I was not yet 20 when I met Ben at college and I didn’t meet his mother and sister until Christmas of my second year. But things didn’t really get interesting until Easter.

Ben was 22 by then and his sister Tamsin is my age give or take. His father had died four years before and I gather things had been pretty difficult, which was why Ben was still at college.

Helen, Ben’s mother, is witty and when I first met her I thought she was too young and glamorous to be a mum. In fact I was fairly intimidated by all of them, they seemed so together. Tamsin in particular was very mature and made me feel quite gauche.

To start with, it seemed that Tamsin could do what she liked and always came home late having been drinking without the least raised eyebrow from Helen. My own mother would have done her nut if I had just done half the stuff Tamsin was doing. But then, as I said, Tamsin was very mature and always seemed sensible.

The weekend after Easter Helen was put out on Sunday morning because Tamsin hadn’t come home the night before after borrowing the car. It was the first time I noticed the least displeasure displayed by Helen towards her daughter.

Even then Tamsin had phoned to explain the night before.

It turned out that Tamsin had drunk too much and could not drive home, which was sensible and at first pleased Helen. But later that day after Helen came home they talked again and then Helen had asked how Tamsin had got the car back so early that morning.

The atmosphere changed immediately. The usually bright and confident Tamsin became closed-mouth and evasive until Helen showed her hard side.

My first hint that something was going to happen was when Ben said, “Uh-oh its crazy time.”

He looked really uncomfortable, embarrassed even.

It turned out that Tamsin had driven more than 10 miles from wherever she had been before deciding she was too drunk to drive.

Helen gave out a huge sigh of disappointment and folded her arms. I remember her body language was scary.

Then she said, “Young lady, you know what happens now.”

Tamsin suddenly looked her age and went red in the face and squirmed about on the settee. Up until then she had been really kind and friendly towards me, but now she was looking at me with irritation like I was unwelcome or an intruder even.

“I’m sorry Mum, look can’t we…” she started to mumble and kept looking at me.

Helen said in a cross but reasonable voice, “But we talked about this. We agreed didn’t we? Don’t make it worse for yourself,” that kind of thing. Then she said, “Go on, I’ll be up in a minute.”

Tamsin glared at me and got a bit stroppy. Then she got up and stormed out of the room and up the stairs to her room.

I looked at Ben who looked really uptight.

He said, “Oh don’t worry about it, it’s just something Mum and Tam worked out after Dad died. I told you things were crazy back then.”

I waited until Helen followed Tamsin up the stairs and then curiosity got the better of me and I went after her. She saw me on the stairs, but didn’t say anything and went into Tamsin’s room.

In the house is a sort of open area at the top of the stairs that has two soft seats and bookshelves. It wasn’t unusual for me to sit there reading while I waited to use the bathroom or just to put some distance between me and the family. I guess I thought I was being casual, but I grabbed a book and sat down.

In her room Tamsin was obviously being told off and it didn’t sound like she was answering back much. Then there was dull clap sound followed by another. It took me a moment to get what was happening and by then Tamsin had started yelling.

I couldn’t believe that Tamsin was getting a spanking, but at the same time I realised that part of me had already guessed. I was shocked, embarrassed and sort of excited.

The slap-cracking sound went on for ages. I remember thinking it would stop any moment, but it didn’t. The swats were regular and quite fast, maybe one every second or two. No slower than that. Tamsin didn’t yell all the way through, but sometimes she made muffled groaning sounds like she was trying to keep quite. Then after a while she started apologising and I could tell she was crying.

Once it stopped I could hear Helen talking in a quiet voice for little while. When the door finally opened Helen came out with a man’s slipper in her hand, but didn’t come out with it. She tossed back inside before leaving. I remember thinking that it must be kept there for that purpose and how did Tamsin feel about that.

Helen looked at me and sort of smiled, but didn’t say anything before she went back down stairs.

I pretended to read a book while I listened to Tamsin crying. I don’t know what I expected, but I wanted to be a part of it somehow.  I wanted to know more. I wanted to ask Tamsin about it.

Tamsin cried for a while and then it went quiet and then a bit later the door opened and Tamsin came out. I remember she was wearing a really short stripy shirt that she usually wore to bed. Only normally she would wear some baggy shorts with it. Maybe she didn’t expect to see me there or maybe she was past caring. But as she came out she glared at me and then went passed me into the bathroom.

I could see the tops of her thighs and lower part of her bottom as she disappeared and they were very red and swollen.

When she came out she said “Go away” and something that might have been swearing.

I didn’t hear but instead of taking the hint I asked what she had said.

She screamed at me, “Get lost can’t you,” but in a really angry way.

Helen came up the stairs in a hurry and went straight back into Tamsin’s room.

There was a short burst of spanking and Helen said something under her breath in an angry voice. Then Tamsin was practically frog-marched on to the landing.

“Sorry,” she said in a really miserable voice so that Helen smacked her on the bum.

So in a slightly softer voice she said sorry again.

Then Helen clamped her by the back of the neck and turned her about so that she was facing the wall outside her room, then she left her there.

I could see Tamsin’s red bottom under shirt and I knew that she was really embarrassed, but I wanted to make sense of it all so I stayed there pretending to read.

Tamsin cried for a bit and then seemed to settle down. She was there for ages. So long that she kept adjusting the weight on her hip and leaning against the wall. Eventually I went to watch some TV, but the atmosphere was a bit frosty and I went to bed shortly after Tamsin was allowed to.

The next day Tamsin came to see me.

She was really friendly and apologised for her attitude saying she understood why I was curious and that I must think they are crazy. We chatted for ages and although Tamsin was reluctant to say much, she told me that spanking was something that she and Helen had worked out between them in recent years to clear the air.

I was still dying to know more about it and listened out for every hint or clue about it, but Helen just smiled at me when I asked and said maybe she would explain one day.

Ben was no help. All he could say was that it was how his Mum had been brought up and it had never happened while his Dad was alive. He called it the craziness and said he stayed out of the way.

I was there a lot after that, every holiday and some weekends. I don’t think Tamsin was spanked very much, although occasionally I got a sense that she may have been just before I arrived. That I know of, during the rest of her time I went to visit she was spanked at total of three more times.

Once I stayed downstairs and another time I came back from shopping and went to show Tamsin what I had bought only to find her teary-eyed and in her night clothes on her bed. She even showed me her sore bottom, but I got the idea she didn’t want me to stick around.

There was one other time when Ben was out that I went to listen outside the door and found it ajar. I noticed that I could watch most of the spanking through the crack in the door jam. Although all I saw really was that Tamsin’s bottom was bare and over Helen’s lap and she was indeed spanked with a slipper. I couldn’t see either of their faces.

I was embarrassed when Helen came out and caught me watching, but like before she just gave a half smile and shrugged.

The only other fact I gleaned from Tamsin at the time was that she sometimes had to stand and face the wall after a spanking like the first time I saw her, only she did it downstairs.

As I said that was pretty much all there was to it as far as Tamsin was concerned until much later. But it didn’t stop my interest in what had happened and I spent a lot of time looking up spanking at the library and the internet for any references. As you can imagine I found a lot.

About 18 months later Ben and I were pretty much a definite item and started talking about getting married. He had a job and I went to live with his Mum and sister, both of whom I really got on with by then.

I think it was a big strain for Helen sometimes to have another adult daughter in the house, especially as Tamsin was usually away with her boyfriend for days at a time. And I was not really used to that kind of home life either.

After a couple of rows Helen and I had a talk about things. That’s when I saw an opportunity to ask about the spanking.

Helen told me that after a really tough time when Tamsin had really gone into melt down and done stuff which Helen wouldn’t tell me about, Tamsin had asked for some sort of help. The subject of Helen’s own upbringing had been raised and somehow the spanking agreement had come from that. Although Helen admitted that the first time had been more spontaneous and done out of frustration. But afterwards Tamsin said it had helped and she felt better.

I remember squirming and blushing my head off but I asked Helen if she thought it would help me.

Helen laughed and said she bet it would. But she thought I was joking.

“Maybe you should, spank me I mean,” I said, God it was awful.

Helen said, “I think Ben finds the whole thing a bit uncomfortable. I am not sure it is such a good idea.”

I said that she had already admitted that it would do me good and pointed out that it had worked well for her and Tamsin. She only said she would think about it.

It might have ended at that as there was no way I would ever find the courage to ask about it again, but about three weeks later I went to a party with some friends.

Ben and Tamsin weren’t around and I got carried away. I spent most of the next morning throwing up in the bathroom while Helen phoned the various credit card people for me because I had lost my bag.

That afternoon Helen came to my room and said, “You know maybe what we talked about would help. I am pretty mad with you and you’re still moping up here. Maybe it would clear the air a bit.”

I was all tingling and felt sick like I was before my finals.

“Maybe,” I said.

“It’s not an easy thing and once I start I’ll go through with it,” she said.

I nodded and she told me to get ready for bed.

I put on one of Ben’s t-shirts and waited until Helen came. I saw at once that she had the slipper in her hand, although as it turned out it was the left one from under the stairs. Tamsin had the right one in her room as a reminder and Helen wanted to leave it there. But I didn’t know this at the time, not until afterwards.

Helen gave me an expert telling-off and I was pretty close tears and genuinely sorry when she was done. I think this really helped put me in the right frame of mind.

It was strange and awkward going over Helen’s lap and I was really more embarrassed than I thought I would be when she pulled up the back of my t-shirt. Not that it covered much as I was also to find out.

The first spank was much harder than I expected and I started struggling and making a noise almost at once, but as promised Helen didn’t stop.

I have to say that it always seemed like such a long time when I heard Tamsin’s spankings, but to be on the receiving end myself was far worse and it felt like hours went by.

I was a sobbing mess by the time Helen stopped.

Then Helen said, “Now I am going to handle you as I was handled, I think you need it more than Tamsin does. I know Ben’s not here so it won’t matter but if Tamsin comes home I don’t want any fuss.”

I didn’t know what she meant but I didn’t argue.

Helen then made me come down stairs just as I was and stand and face the lounge wall with my hands on my head. With my bum showing and having been thoroughly spanked I was as meek as mush. I stood there for most of the evening, although I was eventually allowed to put my arms down. Then I was sent to bed like a kid.

I looked at my bum in the mirror and it was still very red with mauve splotches on the underside. I also saw that Helen had left the slipper on the floor as a future warning. I put it on my dressing table where I could see it. It only prompted a very brief comment from Ben about me “starting with that craziness.”

Tamsin thought it was really cool so when Helen asked me if we should resolve stuff that way I said we should and thanked her.

Between then and until about a year after we married when Ben and I got our own place I was spanked about a dozen times. Ben was only there once, which wasn’t an accident I think, but Tamsin saw me spanked and my time facing the wall about half of those times.

The main difference between my spankings and Tamsin’s was that I always had to come down stairs and face the wall for a good while. But in any case Tamsin must have only been spanked two or three times while I was living there anyway.

Ben has never asked much about it and although he knows I look at spanking blogs he doesn’t get involved much beyond the occasional spanking for fun thing. I have only been spanked once by Helen since we moved out and that was really soon afterwards.

It would be way too embarrassing now and I don’t think Helen would anyway. But I often think about it. Anyway, sorry to go on but I just wanted to ‘clear the air’ as Helen would say.

7 Responses to “One of the family”

  1. What a fantastic story. Really enjoyed this. Although Linda doesn’t get spanked anymore I wonder if Tamsin does?

  2. 2 O.H.M.

    Thank for that wonderful and beautifully told story. You didn’t go into much detail on how exactly you felt about the spanking as it happened and how it changed you. Please continue and please feel free to join our family at the forum link below.

  3. 3 Retired Professor

    Reading between the lines of Linda’s account reveals a scenario consistent my experience.

    Sometimes, a coed would realize that she needed a spanking. Typically, in these instances, there was some behavioral issue. In at least a couple of instances that I can remember, the coed’s mother had already mentioned the possibility to her daughter. Even if the mother hadn’t raised the issue, I advised coeds to not be surprised upon discovering that the idea had also crossed their mother’s mind.

    At other times, a coed would come in to my office so wound up over something that it was adversely affecting her ability to concentrate. If the difficulty was interfering with the coed’s quality of life, I would suggest having a discussion with her mom about spanking.

    Either way, once the idea began to congeal in the coed’s mind, she typically needed to talk things through with someone in order to further solidify things in her mind before approaching her mother. In female parlance, this preparation is known as getting one’s ducks in a row.

    Since most of the coeds with whom I discussed the issue were only daughters, they often needed to be assured that they weren’t “the only one” to get spanked at their age. Even if, as in Linda’s case, they had researched spanking on the internet, they sometimes wanted to make sure these things really did happen at their age.

    Once coed realized that they weren’t a statistical aberration they tended to be comfortable with the idea. The primary reason seem to be knowing that something needed to be done – that things could not continue as they were going.

    Another thing that Linda mention that is worth expanding is getting spanked more than her boyfriend/husband’s sister. When the predictable stages of life get sidetracked or thwarted, it can be beneficial, sometimes even necessary, to go back to the point of departure from the norm and proceed forward from there.

    Typically, girls get spanked more in their late preteens and early teenage years than at any other time. Since Linda’s spankings didn’t begin until several years after she was 13, it is quite possible that she and Helen were simply going through the what mothers and their daughters typically go through during the tween period in a daughter’s life.

    It is also possible that the spanking that Linda received shortly after moving out Helen’s house is analogous to that spanking or two that older daughters sometimes get before moving out to live on their own. Reasons vary. It may happen because a daughter breaks her curfew, drinks too much, behaves obnoxiously, or becomes a bridezilla. Whatever the precipitatory event, getting that last spanking from mom in the late teens, or even into the mid-20s, still happens with surprising frequency.

  4. 4 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    The story doesn’t mention it, but it would be interesting to know, if you’re still in correspondence with this woman, whether she experienced sexual after effects from the spankings, and if so, how that factored into her experience.

    From the account it seems to be clearly a disciplinary arrangement. And of course it’s fascinating to read yet another account of how this practice was a meaningful part of the lives of young women not so long ago. Thanks.

  5. 5 DJ

    I am privileged to get these personal contributions and I am happy to share. I feel constrained from saying more than is already published for reasons of confidentiality.

    I am not as yet in regular contact with Linda (not her real name) and she is free to comment here either as herself or as another.

    As it is mentioned in the article I can say that she has an erotic interest in spanking and spanking blogs which it is implied originates form this experience. And why she approached me in the first place.

    On a general note I think we can assume that most visitors here are motivated by the erotic and entertainment aspects of spanking.

  6. 6 Mike

    Linda, thank you, very much, for sharing your memories.

    I knew I was a ‘spanko’ long before I knew what that meant or even knew what the feelings of sexual excitement were, or what they meant.

    And it seemed like a century before I was able to experience all the things I had had fantasies about. I was the first guy in our circle of friends and acquaintances to get my V-card validated at the toll-booth of life, but I have thought since then that I would probably have traded that back in if I could have substituted some spanking experiences.

    Thanks again for sharing, and be well…


  7. Linda , that was a great story of your time with your mother-in law . I got my last from my mother when I was 17 and boy did I get it.

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