1960s social comment comic book spanking


1960s comic spankingTimes have certainly changed, but this depicts a prevailing sentiment of the 1950s and 1960s. The fact that the strip refers to a grown married woman as a child rather says it all. Still it is a fun blast from the past and one for all those 1950s household fans.

As ever this picture was sent in by TipTopper, so many thanks to him.

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  1. 1 Tiptopper

    A note of explanation. At that time the age of majority, that is, when a person became an adult, was 21 in the US although a girl could marry at a younger age with her parent’s permission. A minor girl who was married was often referred to as a “child bride.”

  2. So she’s getting spanked because there’s no meat in the house? Or maybe Frank didn’t get that promotion to assistant hardware store manager after all. So many unanswered questions…

  3. 3 Retired Professor

    In 1957, or thereabouts, the average age for female first marriages in the United States was 19. The median age (half older and half younger) for brides by 1960 was only 20.

    Before the the Soviet launch of Sputnik spurred passage of the National Defense Education Act of 1958 and Congressman Howard Smith’s inserting “sex” into legislation that became the Civil Rights Act of 1964 made a college education more accessible and acceptable for females, it was not uncommon for young women to marry right after graduating from high school. Meanwhile, new husbands of the era tended to be about two or three years older than their brides.

    The combination of younger brides and older grooms, at a time when the practice of fathers spanking almost grown daughters was considered acceptable parenting and marriage was encouraged, laid the groundwork for many young women to wind up over a boyfriend’s or husband’s knee. In fact, it was not unheard of for a woman in those days to marry a man after receiving a panties down spanking! These episodes were treated as indications of concern rather than abuse.

    • 4 Tiptopper

      In times or places when sex outside marriage was socially unacceptable, such as the conservative 1950’s, people married younger. When premarital sex is common people marry later.

      • 5 Retired Professor

        Actually, as a comparison of dates of marriage and birth of first child shows, widespread premarital sex in the United States has been around since the at least the 1890s. Back then, however, grooms tended to be four years older than brides. Thus, if they weren’t necessarily more mature, men had an opportunity for more life experiences before marriage. Premarital sex tended to be confined to one’s future spouse. Spanking was not considered to be abusive. The rate of divorce was virtually nonexistent.

        These days, women tend to marry about a decades later than they did in the late 1950s. Thus, there is the potential for a much greater window of sexual activity that may include multiple partners. Until onset of the Great Recession, the difference in ages between brides and grooms was less than half of what it had been a century earlier. Spanking has become synonymous with abuse. Since the late 20th century, marriages have become almost as disposable as boyfriend/girlfriend relationships in high school dating.

  4. Keri,

    I would absolutely feel loved and cared for if my fiancé spanked the naughty brattiness right out of me! I wasn’t old enough to marry until the mid 80’s so I always felt I was born too late.

    Thanks TipTopper! Loved the cartoon. You have quite an arsenal of fun things, don’t you?

    I think she looks pretty comfy over his knees, holding on to his leg for support. Nothing in the world quite compares to this in terms of security.

    Hmmmm, I should probably be spanked for wanting to peek in on her getting it in front of her parents and for hoping that mom takes a hairbrush to her for showing up late after the movies with no groceries. Too yummy…

    Maybe her mom would catch me spying from my yard next door and march over to have a little talk with my husband. Oh, I could go on for hours.

    Thanks a lot DJ, now I’m not getting any work done this morning. Oh no, that’s going to get me in trouble too! You and TipTopper are evil! Doing such mean things to sweet girls like me. Shame on you!!!


  5. 7 DJ

    You seem to be all having fun amongst yourselves for me to join in 😉

    Thanks again TT for the pic.

  6. This is one of what I have dubbed “The Seven Spankings” which were the comic-book spankings known to a few of us spankos as far back as the late 70’s. We knew it had appeared in True Brides Experiences #16 (February 1956), but what we did not know until relatively recently was that this spanking story was being reprinted there, and had actually appeared even earlier in Teen-Age Brides #1.

    • 9 Retired Professor

      While typically overlooked by more recent generations, one thing to remember about the most of these spanking stories is that they are essentially mini-morality plays in which good girls get rewarded and bad girls get spanked.

      • 10 Christian

        Actually more often than not the bad girls get turned into good girls
        after a session over their boyfriend’s or husband’s knees. Spanking
        grown up women served a purpose in comics and movies of the period.

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