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Somehow she knew before she did it that she shouldn’t. But it had ever been a battle between them. He would say ‘you can’t,’ ‘you mustn’t,’ and ‘don’t.’ And she would say, “I know” while thinking ‘only if you catch me.’ Well he had caught her red handed and it had happened again. Now her […]

It is anybody’s guess what is going on in the top picture. It looks like a real life candid from a spanking party. But who knows, maybe they are the recipients of their husband’s wrath. If so then it looks like the fifth wife is making a break for it.

Our story began here. Julie had been excited for days about the strange ceremony she had taken part in. Not that for one moment she had really believed. Even so, it hadn’t hurt to wish for a lottery win. Sure enough that Saturday several of her numbers had come up and she had won £100. […]

Yesterday I began the epic task of cataloguing my picture collection to make finding illustrations easier to find. As I suspected, this was a task that was long overdue, a fact confirmed when I found the picture above. I don’t remember ever seeing it before or where it came from. It may have come in […]

Never mind the butler; have you ever wondered what the window cleaner saw? Living in London, people sometimes live so much on top of one another that they zone out the neighbours and tend to become rather relaxed about what they get up to without closing the curtains. At a former address for instance, one […]

Here is an amusing little anecdotal snippet. Recently 21-year-old Fiona moved out of home and in with some other young people. In the guise of helping move house, father, mother and an aunt made themselves available with cars and humping boxes etc, just so that they could check things out and meet the new housemates […]