Bridal spankings


Years ago, yours truly had a job as a transport dispatcher for a large wholesale outfit in the Home Counties. Because they did not pay well, all the drivers were women between 20 and 30, so over the years it happened that many interesting conversations were overheard.

One such conversation pertained to the forthcoming nuptials of one of the drivers. One day while the girls were preparing for a hen night, one of them asked where was the spanking taking place? Apparently, it was part of the local tradition that the prospective bride should get a spanking before her wedding. Not all the women had heard of this and the bride herself was not keen, no kidding, although she admitted that she had heard of the practice.

One of the girls piped up that on her hen night she had been ambushed at the back of the sports club that they agreed to meet at. She was bundled into a room at the back and her friends took turns to spank her.

“Did they take your knickers down?” One of them asked her.

“No but my cousin had hers taken down.” The first woman replied laughing.

That is about all that was overheard. However, it is worth pointing out that at the time the depot was near the boundary with another county. Half the girls were from one county and the others from another. This seemed to be reason for the differing customs.

This little snippet was brought to mind by a TV programme that included a mention of the custom among British and American forces of spanking the bride at a military wedding. Usually this is done by swatting her rear with the flat side of a sword as she passes the guard of honour.

A little bit of research among my files and online revealed some more on this.

Most hen spankings appear to be consensual fun. The web is full of such images, usually of one drunken girl spanking another. But the custom must have some cultural routes.

Twice at weddings, the groom was given a hairbrush by the bride’s father to keep her in line and on another occasion by the bride’s sister who was keen that it was really used. The last conversation was not for general consumption like the more jokey father-of-the-bride speeches. It was just overheard.

The tradition of spanking the bride by the father and then husband is also well known at Russian weddings. Polish girls are sometimes spanked at their engagement party, You Tube features some instances of this, although usually mislabelled 18th birthday spankings.

However it is clearly a tradition that has its routes in England and is still carried on in parts of modern America.

The following was taken from the web.

First of all my family, including myself, is really old-fashioned. We believe that the husband is the head of the household and a wife should submit and obey.

I’m about to get married and our family has this tradition, after I get my gown on before the ceremony my mom and dad will come in. My dad will have a hairbrush then I’ll lay across his lap, he’ll pull my dress up and spank me with the brush as a last sign of authority over me and my last spanking from him. And it’s not a light spanking either; mom says it’ll hurt.

Then after the ceremony but before the reception mom and dad will take me and my husband into a room then it’s my husband’s turn to take me over his lap, pull up my dress and spank me with the same hairbrush as a sign that he is in charge of me now and as my husband it is now his job and duty to discipline me when needed.

After my spanking, if my dad thinks my new husband has sufficiently spanked me and did a good job, my husband is officially given the brush which has been passed down and was used on my mom by dad on their wedding day, so my husband can use it on me in the future when I need it.

I’m kind of nervous but I’ll get through it. Mom said I’ll probably just have a sore bottom on our honeymoon. I just hope I don’t get out of line and do anything to get a spanking for a while after that, cause my fiancé spanks hard, and that hairbrush really hurts.

I’ll have to Love, Honour, and definitely Obey.

This is not the only such account.

Mary Collins, Shropshire, England, wrote:

Before I got married, my mother took me to one side and gave me a good talking to. Then she produced a hairbrush and took me over her knee. I had not been spanked for a few years, although she had spanked me once or twice when I was 19 or 20. I asked her what I had done and she said nothing. But she said it was the last time that she would ever spank me and it was important.

I had no idea what she was talking about, she just said her mother did the same thing. I was a bit embarrassed as she bared my bottom to spank me, a thing not done since I was in the Sixth Form. It really hurt. No, I mean it I howled. Then she just hugged me and said that she would always love me.

I felt very close to her afterwards, but thought the whole thing was a bit strange. Has anyone ever heard of this?

On crosschecking bridal spanking for Shropshire, there was one reference, now sadly deleted to ‘tupping the bride’. Apparently, this involved men not being present as the bride’s skirts were raised.

There was also an unsubstantiated reference to Thomas More, the sainted one. He is supposed to have lifted the bedclothes to reveal his two naked daughters to a prospective bridegroom and asked him to choose a wife.

“They both have tails ripe for a whipping as they shall soon find out ‘pon their nuptials.” He is reputed to have said.

This may be apocryphal, but it is another clear suggestion of bridal chastisement.

There are two more references in this vein.

The first is a reference to ‘chasing the maiden’. Apparently a bride-to-be was chased by her jealous unmarried friends and when caught was stripped and thrown to the ground and whipped with ‘apple switches’ on her bare bottom to make her fruitful. ‘Nor was this done in jest and a maiden could expect more than cats scratches upon her posteriors afterwards. Also it must be said, she was scarce likely to behold a pew come Sunday.’

Another was an alleged New England custom dating to the 17th century. Before her nuptials it was said that a maiden would be taken into the orchard (another pagan fertility connection perhaps) and made to bare her bottom and bend over a fence rail. Then she was whipped across the bare bottom with a rod or a switch.

This was done slowly and with force. The more strokes she could accept before ‘begging off’ was supposed to indicate how many years of happiness she would have when married.

A variant on this was the more strokes the more healthy children.

One imagines that among tough settler women there was fun and kudos to be had.

There you have it. Anyone know more?


84 Responses to “Bridal spankings”

  1. I enjoyed reading your accounts of ‘bridal spankings, because I have always believed that the minute a bride says “I do”, at the altar, it should be the first duty of the bridegroom, to raise up his bride’s white wedding dress, take down her silk knickers, and spank her bare bottom blushing red. These of course should continue on their ‘wedding night’, for this tells the bride most painfully who is the master of the house.

    • 2 Maria

      I think that lesson should have been taught well before the “Happy day”. A bride needs to know what she is letting herself in for!

  2. 5 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Wow, what a lot of fine research on a subject that’s pregnant with meaning. On the one hand, there’s the symbolic passing of authority to the husband, while on the other there’s more of a fertility ritual quality about the females-only tradition. Thanks again for digging all this up and presenting it in such an appealing fashion. Oh, and lovely photo as well. Where’s that from?

  3. 6 B. Tickler

    I don’t think I care for the fact that people think it’s okay to treat a woman like this, like it’s a right or duty of a father or husband to beat his daughter or wife.

    I guess, it’s consensual and in fun, but harkens back to a time when women were treated more as property than as equal humans.

  4. 7 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    B Tickler, you have perhaps stumbled onto a site that’s all about the spanking subculture. However much I find that appealing, I do fully recognize that this stuff will never be for everyone and that where it happens today, there needs to be a free decision to engage in these sort of practices on the part of all parties. And yes, I think it’s a no-brainer to conclude that there’s some nostalgia in this for the social structures of times long gone. But I don’t think that in itself is either good or bad.

  5. 8 Giorgio

    I believe – 100% for me- that the best and happiest wife and mother is someone who goes from father’s (and mother’s) strict autority to her husband’s.

    Any such young Woman here about 30 yo?

    p.s I know I look for a miracle, nevertheless…

  6. 9 Sue Mary

    Among my Godfather’s possesions were several newspaper clippings datingfrom the 1950s and 60s. One referred to a court case in which the actress who played Janet in the then series of “Dr Finlay’s Casebook” was tried for assualt. Apparently it was alleged (and she was found guilty I believe) that she had coffee mornings for local women. One very young woman was getting married and the actress made her bare her bottom and spanked her with a wooden spoon as it was according to her “a tradition”.

  7. 10 Richard herndon

    Really like this tradition, if it had been followed I would not have to introduce adult spanking to my wife

  8. 11 markiee

    A wedding night bare bottomed spanking did occur on our wedding night and every night of our honeymoon, except I was the one over my wife’s knee.

  9. 12 Retired Professor

    Attitudes toward spanking girlfriends, fiancees, brides, and wives tend to parallel attitudes toward marriage. Where longevity is relationships is expected, spanking is more permissible and accepted. Conversely, disapproval of spanking tends to accompany acceptance of divorce.

    Regardless of attitudes toward divorces, one litmus test for marital health is how a couple deals with the situation where the wife obviously needs to be put over a man’s knee. Those able to deal with this inevitability are more likely to reconcile their differences than those in marriages where spanking is wholly unacceptable.

    • 13 Maria

      And of course the whole aspect of spanking taking the form of erotic foreplay – enjoyed by both -is a fact of life for many consensual couples. Of course, a time comes when, as you say, a situation develops where the wife obviously NEEDS to be put over hubby’s knee!
      I am sure it saved our marriage! lol

      • 14 Lars Christian Steenberg

        I love and admire wives like Maria who admit that they need an occasional trip over their hubby’s knees to save their marriage.

        • Many years ago, but once that lesson Has been given- and learned – very rarely any need to be repeated. Maria

  10. I was spanked on my wedding night but that was because I had disgraced myself at the reception by having too much to drink. I thought it was ever so thrilling when my husband started to undress me, my first experience of sex just round the corner, but it was a terrible shock when I found myself getting a very close look at the carpet while my bottom grew hotter and hotter. Since then, spanking has been a part of our life, but only when I deserve it. My husband spanks very hard and always makes sure that I am howling by the time he has finished. I know there are those who frown on this sort of thing but in my case, I am sure it has gone a long way towards making ours a happy marriage (17 years so far)

    • 17 Maria

      Brilliant! Well done Hubby! and well done, you! lol

    • 19 Christian

      Women like you restore my faith in womanhood, because
      they know when they have deserved a spanking and accept
      that their husbands give it to them.

  11. 20 Bob

    We raised three daughters and two sons. Our daughters were subject to spankings for misbehaving up until their marriage. We actually observed this tradition, each daughter was spanked by me, on the night before their wedding and each husband was given the strap used to do. Of our three daughters only one is now spanked by her husband for misbehavior but all three daughters are well behaved wives.

  12. 21 leslie. A.

    My family is fairly traditional. I am 27 and live near my parents in my own home. Because I am single if I deserved it I would likely get a spanking from my father and it would probably be done with the same leather strap that was used on me when I was a teen. If I were married my father would leave it to my husband to handle it. my older sister has been married for ten years and my parents leave it to her husband to handle her.

    My dad has not spanked me since I was 25. I had embarrassed my parents two weeks in a row by showing up late for church. I had been quietly warned by my dad after I was late the first time. I foolishly ignored his warning. The second time I was late he told me “go home and get ready”. I knew what he meant. He arrived at my house shortly after I got home. I handed him the strap that normally hangs inside my bedroom closet and bent over the dinning room table. He strapped my bare bottom hard and I cried but I took it obediently because I knew I deserved it and I knew that my father was doing what he knew was best for me. It was very humiliating and painful but that’s probably why I haven’t been late for church since then. I don’t act like a child now so he doesn’t treat me like one.

    My parents are old fashioned in some ways but they are fairly liberal. We did not have too many rules when we were growing up and as long as we behaved reasonably we were not punished. I was not spanked often (a few times a year) but when I was spanked they made sure that I did not like it. I would end up having to stand up at the dinner table that night.

    I would not marry a man that was not confidant enough and caring enough to discipline me whenever he felt it was needed. I find it embarrassing to be in a social setting and listen to a wife belittle her husband in public. It’s a shame that those men don’t have the sense to politely excuse them for the evening ,and blister her bottom when he gets her home. Those women would soon stop acting like bratty teenagers.

    • 22 George

      I appreciate a lot your views as much as your parents’.
      If you wish to Exchange a few emails with a similar minded gentleman, pls write me:

      • 23 Emily Warner

        Recently married, I can confirm that this practice is NOT dead. During the morning of my wedding (6 weeks ago) my Father came to my bedroom, where I had just had a shower and was still naked. He swiftly sat on my bed, and dragged me over his lap, whereupon he spanked me HARD with my wooden backed hairbrush. I believe it was 26 strokes (One for each of my years). He then left, but took the brush with him. After the ceremony we had a reception, and once the speeches were over, my husband drew me across his lap, furled up my wedding dress, and gave me another 26 spanks. (On the bare, as I wasn`t wearing panties) The guests loved it, and cheered him on. so NO. The practice is NOT dead. (Though i wish it was !) Emily.

        • 24 Lia Baxter

          Delighted to hear that the old customs are not dead ! May your bottom be forever warm. ! Lia

        • Glad to hear that the old customs are still alive. May your bottom be forever warm. Lia.

        • 26 johnsonjelena45

          Hug you Emily, thank you for sharing your embarrassment and your painful seat with us. If you don’t mind I have a few questions for you.
          This is a family tradition? This was not a total shock to you? Have you seen sister or cousins who got the same at there reception. I assume at the reception it was done where your face was facing the guest and not your bottom? True? Jelena

    • 27 Joe

      I agree 100% if she acts like that you tan her butt good

      • 28 Paul

        I know these are very old posts but I will comment anyway! Interesting posts I just hope the weddings service was not long and they sit on hard pews in church! To be spanked with hairbrush before the wedding and after is pretty tough bet some of them slept on their tummy on their wedding night!

    • 30 Joe

      I would love to speak with you. I am looking for a traditional marriage.

  13. 31 Bob

    I wouldn’t let one of our daughters walk down the aisle without a very well marked behind. This served as a reminder of her need to be obedient to her husband both for her and for her husband, who will rule over her, in place of her father. This is what the bridal spankings are all about. Also the strap used to spank the new bride becomes a gift to her husband who will use it when needed.

    • 32 George

      Finally a man with common sense and wisdom.
      I wish you a very happy Christmas and an excellent 2014!
      ps. don’t know their age but until marriage day imho is the only way…

    • 33 George

      dear Mr. Bob
      May I ask you (privately) if all your daughters have already lived such wise tradition and how old were they.
      I bet you wnated to be sure that your excellent upbringing was appreciated by husbands ready to go on with their own responsibilities.

    • 34 Jim

      You are a wise man and a good father. And giving the son-in-law a present of an instrument of discipline is a perfect touch — passing the rod of authority, so to speak.

  14. 35 Tony Conrad

    I could never see this happening at my wedding with all the guests we had.

    It turned out that she gets nothing out of being spanked and it is not my job to discipline her.

    However she is comfortable about doing it to me which really switches me on.

    • 36 John Bradley

      I think that consensual spanking can add a special erotic element to a marriage. My own preference is mutual give and take, but for some couples either a male HOH or a FLR works better. But when one spouse is exclusively dominant, he or she should never forget that they are enjoying a privilege, not exercising a right.

  15. 37 Debbie Runnels

    I’m divorced, but the next man I marry – if I marry again – had better be confident enough in himself to spank me soundly over his knee before we make love that first night.

    • 38 DJ

      good for you 😉

    • 39 Christian

      I love women who know what’s good for them. Probably you
      know from your first marriage that you can’t respect a man who
      lets you get away with bad and childish behaviour, and you are
      sensible enough to prefer a red and sore bottom to bad feelings
      and long rows. And the wedding night is a good time for the groom
      to start showing his bride that she won’t get away with tantrums and
      other forms of bad behavior.

    • 40 loving father

      I have two daughters that are married and third is getting married next month. my policy is strict but I consider it fair. the night before her wedding she accompanies me alone to the living room of her parents house. I do make her fully undress first. and this does mean totally nude. otk and I want her to cry. no exceptions

    • 42 Joe

      How old are you? Are you single?

  16. 43 Brittany

    I was spanked by my husband the night of our wedding..yes, bare bottom the whole deal. It was quite a surprise and a naughty little rush. I think it is more common than not, but most don’t talk about it.

    • 44 DJ

      I have added this forum to the blogroll – maybe it will give you some traffic.

      You were surprised – so how is that working out for you. Do you have a DD relationship now?

    • 45 Janica M.

      I got married two years ago in june of 2018 when i was 22.Since the ceremony was over three hours long and i am the nervous type,i wore a bridal diaper under my gown.I was an adult size disposable one and to be extra cautious,i had a pair of white plastic pants over it just in case i did have an accident.On our wedding night,my new husband got my gown off of me and pulled down the plastic pants,unfastend my diaper,pulled the plastic pants back up,then took me over his lap and spanked me with his hand and told me i was to be an obediant wife.

      • 46 DJ

        It was a good start no doubt.

      • 47 johnsonjelena45

        And hope you have become an obediant wife too. I was spanked on my wedding day too and many times after.

  17. 48 Tony

    I met a lady and the subject of a June weddings came up. She was helping with making the arrangements for a friend’s wedding in June. She said, I got married on my birthday which is June 14th. I asked so you had wedding cake and birthday cake. That must of been fun. Everything was great until my slightly intoxicated brother started chanting for me to get a birthday spanking while we were doing the removal of the garter. I was a good sport and I laid across my husband’s knee. I didn’t know he would flip up my dress. I was wearing a thong so I was basically bare ass. He gave me 25 pretty hard spanks. 24 for my age and one for good luck. The guest loved counting out my spanks. The wedding photographer even included a before and after photo for our wedding album. My ass was really red in the after photo and it hurt like hell. We celebrate our anniversary and my birthday on the same day. My brother always calls to wish me a happy birthday and remind my husband to spank my ass. Does he? NO!

    I think her brother is a SpankO. It sure sounds like he is.

  18. 50 jj

    Do you have any links to verify the bridal spanking tradition stuff. I very much thought that was real but cant find any info on it except for on other spanking sites. Thank you

    • 51 DJ

      Not off hand – this is an old post – I’ll look into it. Thanks 🙂

      • 52 jj

        Then where did you come up with this info?

        • 53 DJ

          Thanks JJ for your inquiry – as I am saying this is from a long time ago I will need to look at my files (which are not very systematic) I can’t remember details at the moment – thinking about, I think it may be partially from a book I have somewhere.

          Very sorry I haven’t the time to reread this at the moment – let alone look up the background to it. Sorry 🙂

      • 54 John

        I will be getting married next year. My future bride and I have been using erotic spankings as a substitute for “real sex” (intercourse, which we believe should wait for marriage). So there will be no spanking on the wedding night itself, but there will be plenty of spankings during the rest of the honeymoon and the marriage.

        While we both believe in gender equality as an abstract principle, my lovely lady is preferentially submissive, so I know I will be spanking her much more often than she will be spanking me.

        • Good luck and best wishes for a happy life together. Women’s liberation has come a long way in the past century and still has some way to go in terms of respect, equal pay etc. I find no dichotomy between the principles of equality and the practices of consensual couples behind closed doors.
          The bridal tradition, true or not, is a theme that rocks many a boat!

        • 56 DJ

          yes Good luck and best wishes. 🙂

    • 57 DJ

      Hi JJ,

      I have now re-read this just for you 🙂

      I was thinking it was about the Russian bridal tradition and other stuff I have written – I have an old book on some of that. I must dig into that for any more gems 🙂

      As to this post (and remember this was written five years ago now) it contains four anecdotes – two are just personal memories and two were found on various forum on the web.

      I don’t have a reference on these particular stories to hand and I doubt if they are still available since (and I only found this out recently) the forums I usually source stuff have an expiry date.

      Much of the stuff I have found has been from one of the following: Voy (various), Experience Project, FemFirst (a more likely candidate for these two as it is vanilla and female centric), the now defunct Life Forum and several others over time.

      Now if you are making a point that these may not be true accounts (the two that aren’t mine anyway) then heaven for fend :0 – you may be right. As ever as with all such material I only repost as good stories that well could be true but I cannot possibly know for sure. So you, as I do must make one’s own mind up about them.

      I hope that helps – good luck.

  19. I agree with what DJ and everybody else said about the bride getting spanked a d showed be extra red on her bottom and stinging for days.

  20. 59 Lia Baxter

    I have lots of experiences in the bridal side of this, it is a family tradition for me. But would anyone really like to hear about them? Lia.

    • 60 DJ

      Fair to say yes 🙂

    • 61 Svetlana

      Yes, please! My own wedding lacked in this department. Having read this, I kick myself for not disguising it as honouring my part-Russian heritage. 😉

    • 62 Jim

      Yes, would love to share thoughts about female discipline, including young brides being taught their proper place in submission.
      Jim (sirnehpets on yahoo messenger)

  21. Further to my earlier entry, I advise that I am getting married in July. As my parents are deceased, the bridesmaids have “volunteered themselves ” to act inloc parentis , abd give me a good spanking. My future husband is in agreement, and assures me he will play his part too. So that`s the honeymoon taken care of then ! Not looking forward to it, but every day, its getting nearer.Lia Baxter

    • 64 DJ

      Sounds interesting – although not sure which earlier entry you are referring to? Did you post under a different name above?

  22. 65 jaguariveco

    As promised, my account of getting married 6/7/19.. At the slightly earlier hen night, my cousins draped me over a stool, dress up, panties down, and 26 on each cheek with a really wicked paddle, they then tied my ankles to the front legs of the stool, really opening me up, and showing all.. A trifle embarrassing, but the other patrons of the busy pub enjoyed the view ! At the weddin reception, nothing happened. Or so I thought. It wasn`t until I went up and changed into my going away dress, and came down again, that I saw a stool in the middle of the dance floor. My husband took firm hold of me, sat on the stool and held me as family dragged down my trousers and panties, and he gave me another 26 on each cheek, to their loud cheers of encouragement. I was very red bummed and pink all over. We were cheered off onto our honeymoon.

  23. 66 Brandi L.

    Has anyone heard of a catholic girl getting a spanking on her First Communion day before the ceremony? It happened to me,i was 15 and finially making my First Holy Communion with the 2nd graders.My parents dressed me like a little girl in a poofy,short sleeve,top of the knees communion dress and veil with lace anklets and white mary jane shoes.They required me to wear a white tee shirt and toddler size plastic pants under my dress to make me more little girlish.Two hours before the ceremony,i started a fight with my 13 year old brother over something and got angry and punched him in the stomach! After he recovered,my parents took me to my room,dad sat on my bed and i had to lean over his lap. Mom brought my communion dress up and dad spanked me hard! Having the tight fitting toddler plastic pants on made the pain much worse! I walked down the aisle with a very sore butt and the tight fitting toddler plastic pants on under my dress!

    • 67 Gracie L.

      To Brandi- When I was 14 I was the flower-girl in my aunts wedding and was dressed as a little girl in a white sleeveless,top of the knees flower-girl dress and veil with white tights and white patent leather shoes i had rubber pants on under my tights. At the reception, i got into some trouble with another girl and mom took me to the nursery,pulled down my tights and spanked me with her hand! It was embarrassing as the women working in the nursery saw my rubber pants!

      • 68 Daniel O.

        When me and my ex-wife got married in August of 1973,she was 18 and i was 23.She was a small town girl and i was from the big city.On our wedding night,i got her gown off of her and she also had rubberpants on like Brandi and Gracie wore! They were extra large super size baby rubberpants and fit her tight.I tried to get her to her knees to give me oral sex,but she refused,so i took her over to the bed,sat down and took her over my lap and spanked her! After the spanking,she was very obediant and got on her knees and gave me oral sex wearing her veil,top and the babyrubberpants.

        • 69 DJ

          The good old days eh?

        • 70 John Bradley

          What was wrong with you? On the wedding night, you are supposed to engage in the MUTUALLY PLEASURABLE ACT of intercourse. Expecting you new bride to GIVE YOU FELLATIO before you gave her an organic was nastily selfish.

      • 71 Margo C.

        To Gracie-Your mom did the right thing doing the rubberpants under your tights! I have been to several weddings over the last few years and have seen both younger and older flowergirls with either rubberpants or a diaper and rubberpants on under their dresses.I think its cute and they make the flowergirl feel special.The oldest flowergirl i have seen was 15 and she had a cloth diaper with rhumba rubberpants over it!

  24. 72 Ruth

    One wonders why your marriage failed Daniel O

  25. 73 Daniel O.

    To Ruth-The ex-wife was 18 and just out of high school when i married her and she didnt have a chance to get out on her own! She was the only daughter in the family with two older brothers and they lived in a very small town.The baby rubberpants she wore were her own doing and our marriiage lasted almost 7 years,then she had a nervous breakdown and we divorced!

  26. To Daniel O sorry for the delay in replying my answer took thought, I should think at 18 you probably scared the poor girl to death, nothing like wooing her into her first night of marriage. And I thought marriage was in sickness and in health. Sorry if this sounds harsh.

  27. Now I have been married for a couple of years,and given my husband my agreement to spank, I can report that he has done so, when necessary, and with gusto too. It has led to a very happy marriage, and I would commend it to any young lady contemplating marriage soon. It is an excellent way to clear the air after any dispute. Lia Baxter.

    • 76 johnsonjelena45

      Lia Baxter, I love your post and agree with commending it to any couple. I would have to report when necessary, my husband also spanked me with gusto and my real tears and crying, never stopped a spanking. Being spanked by him worked well for our marriage too.

      • You WOULD pick today to send me your reply ! I have just had a paddling for scratching the car against the gatepost ! I now have a very hot, and very sore rear end. That said, I am glad that I am not the only spanked wife. Maybe others could add their situations to this thread.

  28. 78 Wellspankedbott

    Hi just wondering if bridal spankings are common in the uk or is it more Eastern European and cultural just a thought
    Any views? Ps if and when I ever get married I would make it clear from the start that sound discipline may be nessacary when needed

  29. 79 Jaguariveco

    Written on a very hot and wriggling bottom ! Had a blistering session with my husband last night, as I had very much overspent on goodies for Christmas. Unfortunately our neighbours were in with us, and saw the whole episode. Believe me, 52 from a wooden backed hairbrush on a bared bottom HURTS ! That said, the neighbours seemed to enjoy it, even if I didn`t !

    • 80 johnsonjelena45

      Hug you Jaguariveco!!!
      Overspending was one of the top causes that got my bottom blistered too.
      Why 52 licks from a wooden hairbrush? For me, I most often got double my age at minimum; or with money involved it was based on the money.

      Neighbors were with you? A male and female couple? Why?
      Is she spanked too? or does she want to be spanked? Who seem to enjoy spanking most? Did you know that was going to happen in front of them?
      My husband and I once planned a spanking in front my best friend and her date, because I wanted to see my best friend spanked. It was no secret between us that her boyfriend spanked her, My husband thought if they saw my bare bottom spanked then I might see hers at another time but it never happened- they broke up as couple. Could we exchange email
      addresses here or another place.

  1. 1 Nuptial Spanking Customs - Spanking Blog

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