Weekly Round-Up


caned in the gym Joe Shuster Pandora spankedDespite another busy week I have had time to work, write, shave and check out the blogosphere. I must be getting better organised.

Let’s begin with the pictures.

The drawing is from Chicago Spanking and is another in the series flagged up last week. There is an interesting article accompanying the picture which like last week’s offering is unusual in that it features a 1950s bare bottom spanking.

The Spanking Spot also ran the rather comely picture of Pandora from Dreams of Spanking.

The other sporty picture is from All Things Spanking.

Speaking of pictures, Chross has updated his vintage section with some old favourites culled from around the web and Blossom and Thorn have a useful round-up of all those St Patrick’s Day pictures.

London was full of leprechauns and funny green hats at the weekend; the pubs made a killing. I saw the inside of one or two myself.

I asked one guy in a green hat if he was Irish (well duh), but he said no. But he did say he thought his great, great grandfather took a boat ride there once. On that basis I would be a Russian, but I think it may count in New York.

Apparently in some places in the US you can pinch someone who isn’t wearing green on St Paddy’s Day. It’s probably a law or something, but I wouldn’t try it in London though. They have some rather rougher customs for people who pinch them. And that’s just the girls.

Now if only there was a spanking custom…

Meanwhile back in Spankville on Tuesday Bonnie published a list of new spanking blogs on My Bottom Smarts.

In other news Sometimes a Girl Needs a Spanking is full. It seems too many people have been spanked and their revelations have used up the forum capacity. Comments can still be made but previous entries might get archived.

Have no fear, One Hand has a plan. Watch this space of Sometimes a Girl II.

4 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. Well years ago (early 1980’s) I was a minority owner in an Irish pub in the Midwest USA. One of our liquor suppliers (Canadian Club) had a self-adhesive embroidered Shamrocks that they gave us a 100. I then met each cute young thing at the door and if they did not have any green or just very little; I stated that they needed to become Irish to enter. They said sure , so I had them turn around and bend over. Then I applied the Shamrock to one cheek and swatted the other. I had a ball. Did that for 2 years until we sold the pub.

    That’s how I incorporated spanking into St/ Pat’s Day.

  2. Thanks for the mention. Archived threads are being lost forever. My plan is to just continue with a new forum picking up where we left off or creating an ‘archives’ forum to save those worth saving.
    Heres a new blog that might be worth mentioning, http://disciplineandthemodernmiss.wordpress.com/ It’s a cute blog.

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