Sorority Girl


sorority girlHere is a Saturday quickie. This a poster from the 1957 movie Sorority Girl. Despite the poster there is only one off screen paddle sequence (the one in the poster) and that is depicted as a bullying. Although the girl takes it in good part and there is a suggestion that she deserved it, but the other girls think that our evil heroine shouldn’t have done it.

It is an interesting curio and well worth a look when it next does the late-night rounds but not one to seek out I think as the poster is more interesting from a spanking point of view than the film.

2 Responses to “Sorority Girl”

  1. 1 Tony

    I agree. As a Sorority spanking efectionardo I believe I have seen them all. This one isn’t worth going after. Slime Bowl is still my favorite and it’s always available on YouTube.

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