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Not a real photo I think but I like the theme.

Park Life


It is amazing what you see in the park these days. This naughty and very embarrassed girlfriend was camera-phoned in the park by an unknown passer-by. This contribution was sent in by EmmiX. Thanks Emmi.

Somehow she knew before she did it that she shouldn’t. But it had ever been a battle between them. He would say ‘you can’t,’ ‘you mustn’t,’ and ‘don’t.’ And she would say, “I know” while thinking ‘only if you catch me.’ Well he had caught her red handed and it had happened again. Now her […]

So Embarrassing


Really struggling to catch-up with an in-tray a foot thick; an episode of Abraham Heights, Magic and Spankmanship are all pending but not quite ready. Also coming up here are few random snippets culled from the vanilla world, which may have been missed by readers but none suggested a single post. However, this one may […]