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The DomBeen doing some housekeeping and I thought that my about page was uninformative and somewhat pretentious. It’s still pretentious, but at least it is a new one.

A voice in the corner of my mind whispered you are not alone. So as a young man I searched the second-hand bookshops, the libraries and Saturday afternoon movies on TV. My quest even led me to a handful of lovers. We are not alone.

A Voice in the Corner is a vehicle for DJ Black’s anecdotes, articles and stories that explore themes of spanking and female erotic submission. It is an opportunity to pass on observations and maybe a few good stories.

The content is derived from various sources. Most are just my own works of fiction published in the pen name of DJ Black. Other content features personal anecdotes or stories from others told to him first hand.

I have written well over 200 short stories and novellas and in 2009 published my first full-length spanking novel, the Russell Corner. My main focus is on implicit and explicit consensual M/F and F/F spanking fiction.

Corner time, the ultimate consensual bondage, also features heavily in my stories, hence the pun in the title. A Voice in the Corner is my words among many million online, but it can also be the voice of the weeping submissive who is at home there.

This blog also brings you historical references as well as true, untrue and maybe true stories culled from many different places. Any good tale in good taste is fair game, so long as it has a sting in the tail.

My stories cover many subjects, from good old fashioned tales of the spanked adult daughter yet to fly the nest, to space cadets, elves, witches, marital spankers, cowboys, college girls and I have a minor fetish for sorority girls.

You won’t find crude whack-whack-whack descriptions in my prose, but some of the punishments described are rather harsh as only fiction can be. I have used this joke before, but it is to the point to run the disclaimer that no innocent girls were harmed during preparations for this blog. It might also be worth saying to the inexperienced reading about the more extreme scenes in the stories, ‘don’t try this at home.’

Also you will occasionally find sexual content and a moderate exploration of many things anal. I hope both are handled with good taste. I should also say that even without a sexual dimension, sometimes the F-word and its fellows crop up. I have had complaints about this, but not many. I never use such language gratuitously, but sometimes my characters do.

So if you are new to this blog be welcome. In 2012, I had more than two and a half million visits with a guesstimate of 20-50,000 regular visitors. There are over a million words of fiction in the archives and at least another 100,000 words of snippets and articles. So feel free to browse.

7 Responses to “New intro page”

  1. Awesome new intro

  2. 2 paul1510

    very nice. 😀

  3. I like this. It sets out your philosophy of what the blog and your writing is all about in a very informative way. Hey, can I get you to write my intro page?

  4. Proud to be one of your followers!

    Love the new intro!

    May I ask a favor? Please, oh please DJ, bring back Angela and David! It is my favorite saga. I want more. Need more. Angela is my soul-sister and David my hero!


    • 6 DJ

      Thanks everyone – that is encouraging.

      Angela will be back – not sure when though.

  5. This new intro is much better, and the picture cracks me up :). I agree with Keri, I’d love to see more of Angela and David. One of the early Angela stories was the first thing I read here and I’ve been hooked ever since.

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