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Part I here Stacy ambled over towards the barn as if out for a stroll. Outwardly she looked every inch the confident New Yorker, a trick largely achieved by the inner conviction that she was a grown woman who was not going to cooperate with whatever Garrick had in mind. This lie was good one and […]

You may have heard it said that every good boy deserves favour. Well good for him, he should get just that. I wish him all the joy in the world. But girls, it must be pointed out, are not like boys at all. It is scientific fact that whilst boys may be made of slugs, […]

The Look


This picture reminded me of someone. It’s the look isn’t it? You know the one, it is supposed to be a withering stare that says ‘You wouldn’t dare,” but it really says is ‘you need to spank me harder and longer than you were intending to.’ You have just said, “What do you think you […]