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Our story began here. Julie’s jaw ached a little, it was an odd thing to notice under the circumstances, although hardly surprising. She was still clenching it now as she rid out waves of pain while clasping a cushion with both hands. Her whole bottom was actually on fire as if she had been dragged […]

Our story began here. Julie had been excited for days about the strange ceremony she had taken part in. Not that for one moment she had really believed. Even so, it hadn’t hurt to wish for a lottery win. Sure enough that Saturday several of her numbers had come up and she had won £100. […]

“Look I am not sure about this. It seems… silly,” Anita sighed. She eyed her coat next to the door and considered making her excuses. “Oh come on it is just a bit of harmless fun,” Julie scoffed. “It most certainly isn’t,” Molly said indignantly. “It is neither harmless nor silly.” “Don’t tell me, we […]