Weekly Round-up


cornertimethe waitbirchinganother lookThe pictures above are taken from Cherry Red, Devlin O’Neill, Beauty and the Birch and finally Cutie Pie, who have captured ‘the look’ again as discussed in yesterday’s post.

For a story, Rollin has a bit of fan fiction on his blog – namely a ‘how it should have been’ short inspired by Ken Follet’s Pillars of the Earth.

Also I am pleased to report that the Spank Statement seems to be back in business. This week it offers another Kiss Me Kate find in the form of a short movie clip.

Elsewhere spanking.co.uk has a new look, which makes it easier to read and find its products. The Spanking Spot has begun its first round of voting for spanking face of the year. There are some pictures to judge on for those who are not aficionados of spanking movies.

One final reminder, the last London Alternative Market of the year with its after party is held this weekend.

One Response to “Weekly Round-up”

  1. Thanks, Damien. I’m waiting anxiously by the phone for Ken’s people to call so we can decide on the appropriate split for the movie rights.

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