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This is another snippet that turned up during the recent round of research. The discussion referred to in this excerpt couldn’t be found but it appears some middle aged women from both sides of the Atlantic were comparing notes about youthful experiences of corporal punishment back in 1998. Here is all I found complete with […]

Weekly Round-Up


The pictures this week are taken from Cherry Red, MarQe, Devlin O’Neil and a cover from Rollin’s new book which is available free from Amazon for Kindle. For another picture story tie-in I am happy to report that Woody’s Back to School Unit put up a new post last week; the first for a while. […]

The life project and other forums provide interesting sources of anecdotes about spanking. Many of them are off-topic and even the good ones are brief and too vague. However, occasionally you get an unusual one and I am put in mind of the case studies of Will Henry. As I have posted here before, Will […]

I have been deep into research for anecdotes and fresh story ideas. One of which led to a short creative departure for tomorrow’s post. Then I found another snippet that put me in my mind of something I had read. It was about adult girls being punished on a farm by an uncle or boss […]

Part one here. I had been with Eugenia for a year when we first met the Laithwaites. We were in Venice at the time and I have an abiding memory of sunshine and ladies in white lace dresses. The Laithwaites were a mother and daughter also travelling alone on account of the widowhood of Mrs […]

Due to a small technical error Wishes will be concluded next week. Meanwhile here is a quick two-parter that will be concluded tomorrow. Be warned it is both intense and severe. * Perhaps you have never heard of the position of a lady’s companion. These days it is an increasingly rare post and one that […]

Here is another contribution from TipTopper. This time instead of quaintly dated spanking humour we have a hard news illustration with part of the story attached. This type of story was gold when I was growing up and in the 1970s and early 1980s there were many such articles with lurid drawings. However, one can’t […]

Weekly Round-Up


The pictures this week are from 1001 Fantasies, Cutie Pie, Pink, Thomas Picks and the Spanking Spot. Incidentally the nominations for the Spanking Spot awards are now open. A Voice in the Corner was runner-up in the best blog category last year and this year that category has been divided into best news and best […]

Our story began here. Julie had been excited for days about the strange ceremony she had taken part in. Not that for one moment she had really believed. Even so, it hadn’t hurt to wish for a lottery win. Sure enough that Saturday several of her numbers had come up and she had won £100. […]

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