Wishes (part 3 of 3)


wishes 3Our story began here.

Julie’s jaw ached a little, it was an odd thing to notice under the circumstances, although hardly surprising. She was still clenching it now as she rid out waves of pain while clasping a cushion with both hands. Her whole bottom was actually on fire as if she had been dragged sitting along a gravel road for the last half hour. It certainly looked well grazed.

“Please Molly I’m sorry,” she wailed.

Molly snorted to cover her amazement. The birching was over for now, neither the rod nor the bottom would take much more and never had Molly seen such a woeful face. Julie had bawled like a kid from the first half dozen and been sobbing genuine tears throughout most of a very long thrashing.

Her amazement came from the fact that Julie’s face wasn’t the only end that was wet.

“I can see I am going to have my work cut out dealing with you,” Molly sighed. “There is only one thing for it I suppose.”

Molly left Julie to stew in her tears for a while as she headed for the kitchen.

“Oh please Molly,” Julie sniffed.

“You stay there,” Molly growled.

Julie didn’t dare rebel, besides she didn’t think she had the strength to go anywhere just yet. It was all she could do to quiet her sobbing, so she just lay prone with her bottom uppermost as it throbbed in searing pulses in time to her ragged buzz-saw breathing.

Molly had considered an application of nettles before the birching had begun; a rather harsh but traditional way of preparing miscreant bottoms for their just reward. She had dismissed the idea then as being too harsh, but now she had seen what she was dealing with.

In her youth her mentor had found that Molly had been of much the same disposition as Julie, her remedies had been creative to say the least and not exactly true Wicca.

“Oh well, needs must and all that that,” she sighed as she began to mix the cayenne pepper.


Anita could still feel her lover deep inside her even though he had withdrawn. Her anus throbbed with pleasure. Such a naughty girl, she chided herself, but a smile touched her lips. She doubted if she would sit down for days and not just from the double caning.

“Your bottom looks sore,” Xander observed with a grin.

“Whose fault is that?” Anita pouted.

“Any complaints?”

“No,” she said breathily.

“Same time tomorrow?” Xander asked.

“I-I had better ease back a little, I don’t know how I am going to explain this to Stephen as it is.” On the word ‘this’ Anita swung her blistered bottom at him.

Xander frowned and sized her up for a moment as if deciding something.

“Never mind him, you should leave and come and be my love slave,” Xander said mockingly.

“Don’t even joke,” Anita gasped. “I love him, I couldn’t…”

Xander went to speak and then he smiled. She was good, he thought.

“Of course not,” he said, “You and I are only a bit of fun.”


It had been three days since her birching and here she was in the woods again collecting for another session. Only this time she was naked. Molly had given her special instructions about the nettles and when Julie had objected the Wiccan Witch had suggested cayenne instead.

“Nettles, lots of them, yes Ma’am,” Julie said quickly.

The cayenne experiment had been an experience Julie was not keen to repeat. One minute the throbbing blaze in her bottom had eased to a dull roar and then Molly had smeared on that oily red concoction onto her grazed behind. It hadn’t taken long for all hell to break out.

“Oh Jeez Molly, please, I’ll do anything, anything,” she had begged with renewed tears as Molly had cradled her head and soothed her.

“I know,” she said kindly, “I remember this part.”

Spending the rest of the afternoon in the corner had been a relief after that.

If anyone had seen her they would have seen a still fiery red bottom marked all over with little stand-out rashes of rough purple. Her backside still felt twice its proper size and sitting down had been totally off the agenda.

For the last two days Julie had been sent out on a collecting run for the makings, although on each return Molly had merely spanked her and given her chores. Maybe today would be the same. She prayed to the goddess that it would be so.


Anita squirmed and gasped over Xander’s knee as he spanked her with an unrelenting will. He had opted for the slipper this time, which was just as well given her recent canings, although she couldn’t help thinking that this was a cop out.

“Oh Xander, ooh,” she whimpered, enjoying the sting that sang in her bottom.

“I think we should look for an audience next time to spice things up a little,” Xander suggested idly as he spanked on.

Just then a car went by, albeit on the far side of the parked jaguar. They couldn’t have seen much if anything, but Anita couldn’t help wonder how much more public it could get. But she couldn’t argue, not anymore.

“How do you want it today?” Xander chuckled enjoying the fresh redness on her bottom.

“Do we have to restrict ourselves?” Anita said cheekily.

“Do you want another caning?” Xander scolded.

“Yes,” Anita sighed.

“Too bad,” Xander chided her, but put in a particularly heavy spank that made her squeal.

And so it went on day after day, punishment after punishment. On days Anita didn’t see Xander she would try and go about her life, but her days seemed empty. Sometimes her only relief was to stand in front of a mirror and look oedipally at her polished red bare bottom and remember the last spanking that had given it to her.


Today there was no spanking.

Instead Julie had had to suffer a thorough application of stinging nettles across both bottom cheeks and thoroughly between until she had begged.

“It’s for your own good,” Molly said evilly, “You enjoy it too much otherwise and that defeats the object.”

“I do not enjoy it,” Julie said indignantly.

But the moisture on her upper thighs and plastered down pubic hair gave away the lie.

“Even this doesn’t work,” Molly sighed in frustration.

She rubbed at a white button on the nettle rash and teased at it with her thumb nail until Julie squirmed violently.

“It does, it does, I’m sorry,” Julie wailed.

“We will see, let’s see how you fare now,” Molly said firmly as she took up the rod.

The thrash-whack of the impact was like a firebrand on Julie’s nettle sore bottom.

“Yah,” she screamed.

“Better,” Molly said in satisfaction, “Maybe we can pass on the cayenne today.”

“Not that, please not that,” Julie said frantically.

“We’ll see,” Molly said thoughtfully as she thrashed down with another stroke.

“Ooh,” Julie’s yell ended in a decided high pitched yip.

“You know you love it really,” Molly said pointedly as she lay on another.

“I don’t,” Julie gasped and rocked her bottom back and forth.

Moly eyed the evidence between Julie’s legs.

“You do,” Molly sighed, “And that’s the problem.”

In frustration she struck in hard six or seven more times before moving to the other side to start over. Julie’s bottom was quite a vivid red with rough grazing laid over the general swell. This was going to take a while, Molly observed.


A week after these events Julie saw Anita coming out of the post office. She seemed to be taking very carefully steps. If she didn’t know any better Julie could have sworn that Anita’s gait matched her own after a sound thrashing.

“I haven’t seen you for days,” Julie said, “Anything wrong?”

“More like weeks I suspect, I have been… busy,” Anita replied. “How about you?”

“Oh I have been busy alright,” Julie said ruefully allowing her hand to move significantly to rub her rear end.

Anita could hardly miss the gesture and an image of Julie spanked by a lover popped into her head; a preposterous thought she knew, her libido was working overtime. She blushed.

To cover her embarrassment she asked, “Have… has… well you know that day we…”

“Do I ever,” Julie rolled her eyes up.

“Did… well did anything happen? Since I mean,” Anita wished she didn’t have to ask.

“I won the lottery,” Julie admitted, screwing up her face.

“Is that… I mean, has there been anything strange going on?”

Julie fixed Anita with a hard stare and then said in a low voice, “Come on, let’s go back to mine and have a coffee, I think we need to talk don’t we?”

Anita just nodded.


Both women opted for standing at the kitchen server rather than take a seat as Anita gave Julie an edited version of her encounters with Xander.

“And you think this has something to do with that day?” Julie pressed her.

Anita winced until her eyes were slits and then taking a deep breath, “Yes, I think so. It just doesn’t make sense otherwise.”

“And you think believing in magic makes sense?”

Anita shrugged.

Julie sucked in her cheeks and offered Anita a sideways look.

“Eh… Anita does he, I mean… does he play a bit rough?” Julie ventured.

Anita blushed.

“He does, doesn’t he?”

“He spanks me,” Anita whispered.

Julie didn’t reply and just waited.

“More than that actually, some days I can’t sit down,” Anita said shyly.

At that moment they both eyed the vacant kitchen stools and Julie gestured to the fact that they were both standing.

“You too,” Anita gasped.

“Not exactly,” Julie said evasively.

She thought about some of the favours she had indulged in with Molly and blushed to think of them. Maybe things weren’t so different. Except… she suddenly thought of something.

“Hey Anita, without actually telling me… well what I mean is, does your… situation pertain to getting or not getting what you… well you know?”

Anita shook her head in confusion for a minute. Then she said, “I only wanted a more exciting love life. I didn’t want an affair.”

“I have a little problem of my own, I think maybe because you were there, because we were all there… I think you need to come and see Molly.”

“Yes, I suppose you are right,” Anita sighed.

“And bring that man of yours with you, I have a feeling he is bound up in this as much as we are.” Julie had found new resolution.


The jaguar pulled up outside Molly’s cottage.

“Let me get this straight,” Xander said, he was failing miserably at supressing his grin, “You think that you and I are the result of… a magic spell and you think what is it… going to see this Molly woman will achieve… what exactly?”

“I don’t know,” Anita admitted, “I just think that something is not…”

“Right?” Xander supplied.

“Complete, might be a better way of putting it,” Anita said hesitantly.

“So you are not trying to get rid of me?”

Anita felt sick. She couldn’t bear the thought of life without Xander, but she still loved Stephen. She knew she couldn’t go on with things the way they were, but she knew equally well that she was missing something; some vital component that was just out of view.

“Can we just go and see Molly?” Anita begged.

Xander pushed out his lower lip and shrugged. “We do seem to be here.”

Then seeing her worried face he smiled and opened the door.

“Come on,” he said, “Maybe the kettle is on.”

They found the front door ajar as if they were expected.

“Molly,” Anita called out.

“In here,” Molly called straight back.

Anita suddenly felt afraid, as if entering the house would change everything. However, Xander didn’t wait for Anita to conquer her new found fear and pushed passed her into the hall.

“Please Molly, don’t let them come in.” The strained muffled voice sounded like Julie’s.

It took a moment for Anita to see and take in the scene that accompanied it.

Julie was almost naked and draped head down over the back of the sofa. Her bare bottom was sticking right up and towards them. More than that, it was obvious that Julie had been soundly thrashed well beyond anything that Xander had inflicted on Anita.

“Well, well, it looks like we are in time for the party,” Xander chuckled.

“Make them go,” Julie squealed.

“At last,” Molly sighed, “That’s more like the reaction I was looking for. This may finally begin to work.” Then the Wiccan added, “Oh, hello Anita, hello…”

“Ah yes, Molly, this is Xander,” Anita said with a double blush.

“Xander? Yes, yes of course. Come in… Xander,” Molly said carefully.

Xander was grinning from ear to ear, but at least made an honourable attempt to hide his smile with a hand to the jaw.

“What is going on here?” He asked.

“I am afraid this naughty girl has been greedy and disrespectful to the gods and we are trying to appease them, but until now we have been failing, haven’t we?” Molly said swiping Julie on the rear end.

“Ow, yes Ma’am,” Julie wailed.

“Perhaps we should… go?” Anita suggested.

“Or stay and help,” Xander put in hopefully.

“You know,” Molly said brightly, “I think you might.”

Anita sat down and hugged herself. She didn’t know whether to watch or flee.

“Oh?” Xander lifted his eyebrows.

“Yes, I think if you go and get that cane over there and put a good few extra strokes across Miss Naughty’s bottom here, she might just get in the right frame of mind,” Molly suggested.

“I’m not sure that will achieve very much looking at the… eh… state of her…” Xander gave a short whistle as he indicated Julie’s sore bottom.

“If you can’t tip the balance with a good sound caning to this one, then next Sunday you can put my arse over the back of the sofa for everything that Julie is getting,” Molly said, then adding pointedly, “And anything else you can think of.”

“Not exactly an incentive to be diligent,” Xander said smoothly as he hefted the cane. “What do I get if I succeed?”

“You can have me over the back of the sofa for three weekends, but only once this one is cured.” Molly winked at him.

Anita gaped at them both.


Julie was bawling as much from embarrassment as the pain as Xander laid on the sixth biting stroke to her exposed sore bottom.

“Anyone would think you didn’t want my help,” Xander said archly.

Anita sniggered. She couldn’t help herself. When the caning had started she had thought she would be jealous but now she was amused, or so she told herself, but she was acutely aware of where her thighs met and shifted awkwardly in the chair she had chosen.

“Oh please Molly, don’t let him,” Julie wailed, tears now streaming down her face.

“You know it is for your own good,” Molly scolded her.

“Yes Ma’am,” Julie said miserably.

“Please continue,” Molly urged Xander.

“Are we sure?” Xander asked with no attempt to hide his amusement.

He leaned over the sofa so that he was level with Julie’s wild pony gaze and demanded she make eye contact with his glare. Finally, two watery pools set in an angry embarrassed red, flicked in his direction for a moment, before dropping to stare at a piece of fluff on the seat. Then Julie gave a small nod.

Xander placed six more cuts slowly and carefully one below the other until he was drawing lines along the base of Julie’s bottom where she sat.

“Oh Jesus,” Julie growled angrily, “Anita tell that husband of yours to go easy will you.”

Anita started at this.

“My husband? What are you talking about?” She spluttered, not the least amused by Julie’s joke.

Then she looked at Xander who winked. It was Stephen’s wink. It was Stephen’s smile.

In a fog words came back to her; a forgotten conversation from weeks before with Stephen in bed.

“So you are saying our sex life is boring,” Stephen had said.

“No,” she said in an urgent denial, “Only…”

“You are, aren’t you? I always thought you fancied the sleazy type. Like that guy you had a crush on when we met. What was his name? Xander wasn’t it… ha-ha.” Stephen had laughed.

“You spanked me when I told you about that,” Anita said with a pout.

“You aren’t still complaining about…” Then the penny dropped and Stephen winced.

They hadn’t spoken for a long minute.

“I can be Xander,” Stephen had ventured.

“Xander had a jag,” Anita said, as if that was an end to it. “A black one.”

“I can get a jag,” Stephen had laughed, but only outwardly.

“It won’t be the same…” Anita had sighed, “I need…”

Anita gaped. She remembered that first day when she and Xander had met.

He was sitting in a black jaguar outside the post office fixing her with his eyes. A shiver started somewhere between her shoulder blades and ran all the way down her spine to the small of her back. There was something in his dark gaze that put her in mind of the shadowy man in her dreams. As she remembered, she saw now only Stephen grinning at her. It had all been a game.

“You didn’t know did you?” Stephen’s words brought her back to the present. He sounded hurt.

“I… I don’t understand,” Anita said breathily.

“You needed to be free of your old life so that you could enjoy your new one with Stephen,” Molly suggested.

Stephen’s eyes darted back and forth in his head as he tried to fathom it. He had been played by his own wife.

“You thought you were having an affair,” Stephen said angrily.

“No I…” But Anita couldn’t deny it. So in bitter frustration she said, “I wasn’t though was I? It was you all along. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“You what?” Stephen snapped. “Get your behind over here next to Julie.”

Anita gaped at him.

“I won’t, that’s insane,” Anita protested, but even as she spoke her hands were unbuckling her belt and blushing to her core she tottered forward.

“Bend over,” Stephen roared.

Anita obeyed until there were two bottoms presented to the room, one red and textured in mauve, the other white with faint traceries of yellowish bruises.

“I think I’ll begin over for both of you,” Stephen said angrily, although strangely he was calm now, as if this was meant to be. Then to Anita he said, “But first young lady we have to play catch-up.”

A perfect plum welt was placed square cross the middle of Anita’ proffered bottom and she hissed.

“That’s not fair,” Julie whined as if it had been her who had been struck.

“Be quiet you, you’ll get yours,” Stephen retorted and caned Anita again.

“Ow, please Stephen, I’m sor- yipes- ree,” Anita squealed.

Stephen ignored her and paced another stroke under the first three.

“Ooh, sheeesh,” Anita hissed as she struggled to get a better purchase on the back of the sofa.

“I have a few spare birch rods if that would be any help,” Molly suggested.

Stephen turned to look at Molly as if for the first time and said with a grin, “Yeah sure bring them.”


“That’s the way,” Molly said encouragingly as Stephen laid on another stroke of the birch.

Anita was breathing heavily so that her breath rasped in through her nose and hissed out through her mouth. She thoroughly deserved this and much, much more and had never been more determined to save her marriage.

Already her bottom was a purple rash of grazes to match Julie’s and Stephen had already begun to divide the strokes between them.

“You are a natural at this,” Molly observed with a giggle.

Stephen stopped and looked at her.

“You know, you started all of this,” he said darkly. “I think maybe you should get your bare bottom alongside them too.”

Molly swallowed and licked her lips.

“I was only kidding before,” she lied.

“I wasn’t,” Stephen replied.

It was then that Molly knew that this was what had been required all along to break the spell. In reply to Stephen, Molly nodded and began to undo her dress.

“Any tips now?” Stephen teased her.

“Actually I have,” Molly said nervously as she bent over and presented him with her magnificent Earth-Mother behind, adding, “Unfortunately for me.”

“Oh yes, do tell me,” Stephen said happily as he surveyed the three offered bottoms.

God, Anita is beautiful, he realised and he suddenly hoped that this wouldn’t take long.

“We began this together until Julie unbalanced it,” Molly said thickly. “We need to rebalance things. We are each responsible for the other.”

Her behind shifted back and forth as if warming up for a sprint. But sadly for her it was about to become a marathon.

“Oh? How do we do that?” Stephen asked as he picked up a fresh rod from the bucket.

Perhaps it was an aptitude for chastising women or the spirit of Wicca, but he already knew.

“You have to make my bottom match theirs and then…” Molly swallowed, “…Then start again as if… fr-fresh.”

Stephen nodded. Damn these women, this was going to take all day.


If he had expected Moly to take it well he was to be surprised. The first swash of the birch across her full round bottom had extracted a girlish wail. Then only six more had found her in earnest tears although her bottom was barely touched in comparison with Julie and Anita’s.

“You okay there?” He asked, although he didn’t stint the next swipe.

Molly screamed now and then struggled with her breath for a few minutes.

“I always did have a glass-arse,” she said in her clipped Surrey tones and managed a tear-drenched smile, “Don’t worry you won’t kill me. Well not quite anyway.”

“Good, because on account of all the trouble you caused I am going to thrash you raw until you can’t sit down for a month,” Stephen promised.

He brought the rod down in a long sweep and then reversed his arm and slashed it the other way.

Molly yipped and then spluttered into fresh sobs.

“Fair enough I suppose,” she said miserably.

“Oh and don’t think I have forgotten about the three weekends on top,” Stephen reminded her, “We’ll make a party of it.”

“Ooh,” Molly wailed, but added in much less confident tones, “Fair enough.”

“Excuse me,” Julie put in, her voice still muffled on account of her head being over the sofa, “By party, do you mean with us watching and not…”

“Shut up Julie,” Molly said through her tears, “I am not done with you by a long way. This is all your fault in the first place.”

“But the spell is almost broken,” Julie wailed.

“Your bottom is mine for the foreseeable and no arguments or you will know all about spells,” Molly threatened.

Stephen quieted them both with a short hard volley before returning his focus back to Molly.

“We have a long way to go before the main event,” he promised, “Later we can take a break with your three cute noses touching that wall.”

“Yes Sir,” all three chorused.


Dawn touched the eastern sky as Anita eased herself into a kneeling position onto the back seat of the jaguar. They had been at it all night and into the small hours.

Even now Julie was still in the corner while Molly made the last preparations for them for another day’s atonement. Although one Stephen felt sure would exclude any more chastisement for a while. Poor Julie, he thought with a chuckle as they drove away.

“Stephen I love you,” Anita whispered.

“I know,” he replied.

“Stephen, I’m sorry,” she continued.

“I know, it’s okay, I love you,” he said glancing sideways at her very, very sore bottom.


“Anita,” Stephen swatted her on the bottom, “Shut up.”

“Ouch. Yes Sr.”

The car raced down a tunnel of trees like that first day as they went home.

“Stephen,” Anita risked, “Will you sometimes still be Xander?”

“Oh I think I always was,” Stephen said.

Anita looked at him and saw it was Xander driving; and Stephen.


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  1. 1 paul1510

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    Thanks guys 🙂

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    Hillarious ending…..awesome…
    Thank you for your hard work….

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    Very, Very Nice. Still happily lurking & reading everything. Have come down with another cold too–DejaVu all over again. Thanks for good memories.

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