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Angela’s story continued. I slept soundly that night. It was almost as though Nan and Alec knowing and approving of David and I lifted a burden from me somehow. I suddenly felt silly and childish when I looked back over my behaviour and attitude in recent weeks. I wondered if it was possible to grow […]

Angela’s story continues. “Hi.” I said shyly emerging from the haven of the bedroom. Alec was about David’s age, but taller and greyer at the temples. Nan was a striking blonde, much younger than Alec, mid to late 20s at most. “This is Angela. Angela this is Alec and Nan.” David introduced us ignoring my […]

Angela’s story continues When I awoke the next morning my hands flew to my bottom, this was definitely not funny. I took pigeon steps to the bathroom as David looked on with something like concern on his face. He confided to me much later that he regretted sentencing me to such harsh spankings on successive […]

Angela’s story continues. The next morning I had a little of the customary stiffness and sitting was not at the top of my list of fun things to do. But otherwise, I felt fine. The prospect of another spanking that evening filled me with curiosity rather than anxiety, I had never experienced such a large […]

Angela’s story continues. All the next day I pondered the justice of David’s sentence and our life together. Why had I been so stubborn? Where did my little rebellion come from? Was I being bad for badness sake or had Christmas been such a good time that I needed to sabotage it. “A penny for […]

Angela’s story continues: “How did you get on?” David asked an hour after we got home. I looked at him puzzled and then shrugged. “You mean Christmas? It was great, I think Mum and Dad really like you.” I replied. “Yes it was, but you know that wasn’t what I meant.” David said impatiently. “I […]

Angela’s story continues. My other concerns soon evaporated as I was given my first gift, a box of chocolates from an aunt. And an orgy of parcel opening and mutual kissing and hugging ensued. David had brought my father a bottle of scotch, on my suggestion and my mother a book on flower arranging, both […]

Angela’s story continues. Nothing was said the next morning and I earnestly hoped that my parents had not heard me tell David of my conversation with my mother. Everyone was up early of course, for a traditional Christmas breakfast, but I was too excited to eat. The presents were not to be opened until the […]

Angela’s story continues. As Christmas approached, I was nervous as hell. The day before we left for my parents I stood with my bottom turned the bedroom mirror in my best underwear, sans knickers but complete with stockings and suspenders. I fingered the raised ridges on my behind and I got a perverse pleasure from […]

Angela’s story continues: Eating in the pub turned out to be a real embarrassment. For some reason the pub was almost completely empty and I felt very conspicuous standing at a table for my lunch, especially as David was sitting down having a good smirk at my expense. “Ok what is my fate oh wise […]