Angela’s story: a peeping Tom and tables turned


Angela’s story continues.

I was to see Nan and Alex all too soon. I had been too lost in my shame, but apparently over lunch, Alex had invited us to dinner later that month.

“Oh do we have to?” I wheedled. “It’s so embarrassing.”

“It rather defeats the purpose of punishing you like that if we have to stay away from our friends just because you are embarrassed doesn’t it?” David replied patiently.

“I suppose.” I moaned.

The dinner party came around and having enquired about the menu, David settled upon a bottle of Muscadet. So bottle in hand he led the way up the garden path to Alex and Nan’s house. I was already blushing and my feet felt like lead.

“Come in.” Alex said cheerily. “Ah good, reinforcements on the booze front.”

“Just the one bottle this time.” David held up the wine like a trophy.

“How are you Angela?” Alex beamed at me.

What did he mean? I blushed.

“Fine.” I said.

Nan was waiting for us in the front room and had already made a head start on the wine.

The men gathered in the kitchen leaving me to talk to Nan. As she leaned forward I noticed her wince. She caught my look.

“Nanette has been a bad girl I am afraid.” She chuckled not the least sorry looking. “Quite a stiff bill too, do you want to look?”

My jaw dropped; at least she wouldn’t be teasing me too much.

“Come on.” She stood up and led me to the conservatory.

I was scandalised that she wasn’t wearing underwear as she hiked up her short black dress. Her bottom was dark red and spotted with brownish bruises.

“Four days and it is still hell sitting.” She said ruefully.

“My god what did he use?” I was fascinated rather than shocked.

“A rather prolonged session with a bath brush.” She grimaced.

“What did you do?” My eyes took in her rather curvy tail and I felt surprisingly aroused. It was the spanking that turned me on I told myself.

“You won’t believe it after your adventure.” She chewed her lip and blushed for the first time. “I pranged the car.”

“No.” It was too much and I laughed.

“Silly girl I know.” She giggled and glanced nervously towards the kitchen as she lowered the skirt of her dress.

“Those bruises look bad.” I said for something to say, rather disappointed that she was hiding her assets so soon.

“Not as bad as it might have been.”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh surely you know how to treat bruises by now?”

I looked at her blankly.

“I have a book, I’ll lend it to you. It contains all sorts of essential information including things like eating foods high in bioflavonoids and vitamin C; and how to use Tieh Ta Jow, sage tea compresses, bromelain, St Johns Wort, Comfrey and Arnica.” Nan rattled off her bewildering list.

“Sounds like a medical book.” I observed.

“Not at all I bought at an alternative fair.”

“What’s an alternative fair?” I shook my head.

“Oh you.” She punched me on the arm. “You know where you get books and things.”

I shook my head again still bewildered.

“A BDSM fair.” She whispered. “Where do you think Alex gets his canes and things, not being a teacher like David?”

I blushed but I was fascinated all the same never having heard of such places.

“You should get David to take you.” Nan smirked with her tongue in her cheek.

“Take you where?” David asked as he entered the conservatory.

“Shopping to buy her some suitable clothes.” Nan said brightly, but a little too quickly, flashing her eyelashes.

When it was time to leave Nan slipped me the book and whispered:

“No rush to return it and I’ll sort out a flier for the next alternative fair.”

David gave me a look that said he knew we were conspiring, but he didn’t ask.

I read the book with interest in the days that followed. The best bits were the brief scenarios that could cause bruising. The healing solutions, while useful were not such fun to read. After I had read it, I photocopied the most useful parts for future reference and decided to return the book.

This was several weeks after the dinner party and for some reason I suddenly felt that I should go out of my way to get it back to Nan. It had been almost three months since the episode with the car and my driving privileges had been restored. So David said I could take the car. He had work to do anyway.

It was a nice day so I took my time and drove by a round about route. This resulted in me inadvertently arriving on the wrong end of Nan and Alex’s street. In those days, there was a block in the middle converting the road into two cul-de-sacs. Instead of driving around, I parked the car and walked the last 200 meters.

As a consequence, there was no sound of car tyres on the gravel. I knocked on the door, the bell push was seemingly inoperable, but there was no answer.

I could see their car in the driveway so I went around the side wondering if they might be in the garden. It was then that I heard it.

At first I thought they might be having sex. Nan was gasping loudly and barking out grunts. I should have left then I realised, but spurred by the knowledge that Nan certainly wouldn’t have missed a chance to peek, I ventured forward.

It was then that I heard the splat of the impact of wood on naked flesh. I flushed and something in my lower belly began to tingle. I knew all to well what was occurring.

I edged along on tiptoes and prayed that none of the neighbours saw me and mistook me for a burglar. That would have been embarrassing.

“No constable I am not here to rob the place I am a peeping tom, I was just trying to spy on my friend getting a spanking.” I almost giggled out loud as I rehearsed the conversation in my head.

The French windows leading into the garden from the dinning room were double-glazed so the sound was somewhat muffled. Nevertheless, I could hear enough to know that Nan was really catching it. I took a peep.

Nan was stretched out across Alex’s lap dressed only in her blouse. Her skirt lay strewn on the floor and her knickers were firmly around her kicking ankles. Her bottom was already a decent burgundy colour as if the spanking had already underway for sometime. She was staring straight ahead gritting her teeth and her hair had fallen partially across her eyes. That did not obscure the tears streaming down her face as she yelped out again when the hairbrush impacted her naked bottom.

All of Alex’s attention was on the job in hand, so he did not look up but carried on with a will. Even through the glass, the regular impact of the wood on skin rang out like pistol shots.

By now I was quite aroused and I could feel my underwear sticking to me. It was a pity, I thought, that the spanking must be nearly over. I stepped back to watch through a small crack in the side of the curtain, lest Alex glance up.

I needed have worried, the spanking, it seemed had a long long way to go.

Time usually passes quickly when you are having fun, so from my point of view you might have though that the spanking would have been a short one. Especially as it had already well under way when I had arrived. But to my delight even to me the spanking seemed to last forever. To Nan it must have seemed that all history had come and gone since going over Alex’s knee.

When finally the spanking stopped and Nan was pulled sobbing into Alex’s arms and for the first time I felt a little ashamed of intruding. Not enough to leave though, I wanted to see what would happen next. Perhaps they would kiss and make up.

They hugged for quite a while and I was about to go when Alex helped Nan up. She stood for a moment with her chin on her chest while Alex spoke. I could not hear through the double-glazing. Then Nan was led to the corner.

I watched for a moment as Nan was made to take up position with her nose pinched by the wall’s meeting point. Her bottom was certainly raw and had begun to get those white patches over the swollen red flesh that only comes from a sustained sound spanking.

Then I quietly slipped away.

I thought about going home to jump on David’s bones but he would soon know something was up and get me to confess. Then I would have my very own red bottom to worry about and doubtless and good long stint in my own corner. I even thought about finding a secluded place in the bushes somewhere. That stray idea made me start with shame and I blushed so that even an old woman passing me in the street did a double take.

After walking around for a bit I decided that I would try and return the book as I had originally planned. After all, then what ever happened would not be up to me.

I walked up to the front door and knocked hard. Alex opened it almost at once.

“Angela.” He smiled warmly. “How lovely to see you.”

“I was just passing and I thought I would return something to Nan.” I tried to sound nonchalant.

“Well Nan is a bit indisposed at the moment.” He grinned, making no move to ask me in.

There was an awkward silence; both of us knew what he meant, even if he didn’t know that I knew.

“Shall I leave it with you then.” I said holding out the book.

“No.” He said suddenly decisive. “Why don’t you come in for a coffee and you can give it to her yourself.”

I tried not to look like the cat with the cream as I followed him.

“You bastard.” Nan hissed from the corner as we entered the room.

“What was that?” Alex said with an edge to his voice.

“Nothing.” Nan squeaked.

“I know someone who is going to get another touch of the slipper and a mouth soaping come bedtime.” Alex growled.

“Aww.” Nan wailed.

“Our Nan has been a bad girl today.” Alex turned and smiled at me.

She isn’t the only one, I thought still feeling distinctly damp.

“So I see.” I said with a smirk. “What ever did she do?”

I studied Nan’s toasted buns up close, a rare opportunity for me. Alex caught my look and I shrugged. After all, it was usually me in that position.

“Our little girl has been paying off her credit card with my credit card and juggling her allowance to finance her shopping trips.” Alex face took on a dark cast as he said it and I shuddered. “It wouldn’t be so bad, but she thinks I am fool enough not to notice.”

“Ouch.” I said in mock sympathy.

“Very ouch.” Nan said in a little voice from the corner. “I’m sorry now.”

“Not as sorry as you are going to be.” Alex indicated for me to sit down. “We have a two-parter before bedtime don’t we?”

I took up a position with a good view and settled down for a long chat with Alex and several cups of coffee. It was going to be a long afternoon for my friend in the corner.

To be continued.

One Response to “Angela’s story: a peeping Tom and tables turned”

  1. In the late 70’s I had a secret crush on Kristy McNichols who starred in the American t.v. drama “Family”. I hated that show and all it stood for and I hated Kristy yet I watched it in secret every week. In one episode the dad said “You’re not too old for a spanking young lady!” My heart pounded out of my chest awaiting for what never happened.
    I found out many years later that Kristy’s real life naughty behavior was due to her bi-polar disorder and she actually was subject to the maternal hairbrush. If only it could have been my hairbrush.

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