Angela’s story: is that the car burning or my bottom?


Angela’s story continues.

The weeks passed quickly and spring arrived. I had no idea where the term went. Life had been had been an intense round of spankings, caning and studying.

You can imagine my surprise when my last exam practice before Easter yielded a first and I escaped a caning altogether

“May be we should discontinue this now that you have the hang of it?” David said one day.

“It’s entirely up to you.” I swallowed.

It was an odd moment for me. I actually felt a surge of hope that my monthly grind of extra studies was over and there would be no more canings. But oddly, I knew I would miss the canings and part of me hoped that the regime would continue.

“Let’s see how you go after the Easter break. You have enough on your plate with your end of year papers as it is.”

My bottom did not get off entirely scot-free. There was still the book. Dutifully David and I sat down every Friday and went over the entries to discuss my shortcomings.

Usually I just got a well-deserved sound spanking and some corner time. But every now and then, I really screwed up and needed a real straightener.

For this David often resorted to the strap. Now this was a truly remarkable implement. To start with, it inspired almost as much fear in me as the cane. However, once I was suitably bent over arse up for a leathering it wasn’t too bad and produced a quite satisfactory sting. Then the sting got quite intense and I remembered why I feared it so much.

Before long, once the strap really got my attention, I was truly sorry and sobbing for England and with what little coherent thought I had I began to look more kindly on the cane.

After a serious strapping, I usually got some lengthy recovery time in the corner, this often meant an whole evening with my nose at the point where the walls met with my crimson backside presented to the room.

This practice lead to one of my most embarrassing moments ever. I could gnash my teeth at this point and regale you with tales of the evil that was David, but on this occasion, I really deserved it.

OK the selfish brat of the year award goes to, well me. That year it did anyway. My mouth still goes dry when I think about it. Not the punishment, that was needed, but about what I did. Although now I think back, I have done much worse.

David hated working on the car, but nevertheless seemed to spend an awful lot of time with it instead of with me. Consequently, anything he ever said about the car was greeted with:


On this particular occasion, he had told me that there was something wrong with the oil. I didn’t listen to the details, I remember I made some cracks about it must come from the wrong kind of Arab.

“No seriously don’t touch the car, I have to get someone to look at it.” David was too distracted with that David frown of his that I loved, to even threaten me with a swat.

About an hour later after David had gone out to see his oh so important man about his oh so dodgy oil I realised I was bored with my book. I just lay on the floor with the book on my face thinking of, nothing as it turns out.

I decided to go and make a cup of coffee and as I was filling the kettle thinking that there was only our terrible brand of instant on offer I happened to look out at the car, the pristine unused car outside in the street.

It was around then that bored little me wondered if I might get some attention if I went and ‘touched’ his precious car. I hadn’t been spanked in days and as David didn’t really care about material things or his car particularly, he probably wouldn’t be that cross.

I found myself slinking up to the car like a cat on heat or one of those ridiculous women in bikinis who drape themselves on the bonnet of cars at motor shows. It was good to feel naughty.

Then it occurred to me that there wasn’t anything wrong with the car. I went and got the spare keys and sat behind the wheel. A decent cup of coffee in town seemed like a very good idea. I gently turned the ignition, half expecting the thing not to start. It did.

I looked at the dashboard and the oil light. It didn’t come on. Even I knew that the only thing to watch out for was the oil light. I revved the engine and everything seemed fine. Although with hindsight, there was that noise. But it really wasn’t that bad. I got out and left the engine running and popped the bonnet.

Then I did that thing that men do when they know nothing about cars. I stood staring wisely at the engine watching for anything different to happen that might mean it wasn’t working. It was fine.

It was only a 10-minute drive to the café and I would only be five minutes. What harm could it do? I would be back before David even found out.

I felt gleefully wicked as I drove down the usually boring streets to the High Street. Nothing much happened. I say much. As I parked up the red light came on. But it stopped as soon as the engine stopped.

The coffee was great. I had two cups. I wondered if David was back. He would be furious finding his precious car gone. Angie would get a spanking. I thought and giggled out loud so that people turned to look.

I returned to the car and it started up no trouble. Not a red light to be seen. Perhaps everything would have been all right but I went home a different way and got stopped at some road works. Those lights take so long and there is never anyone working. What are they for anyway?

I started to get nervous wondering if I hadn’t been a little bit too naughty. Then the red light came on again. It matched its bigger brother that told me I could not proceed. I tried tapping the dash to make the accusery little blip go away. It didn’t.

“Shit what’s that smell?”

Finally the lights changed and I pulled away. The little red light looked somehow more urgent and the noise returned. I wasn’t that far from home when smoke started pouring out from under the bonnet. I pulled over flustered and not knowing what do when a large truck pulled up along side and someone banged on the window indicating that I should pop the hood. It was David.

The flames were pretty, red like my face. I was sure my bottom would soon match. David got the blaze under control before the fire brigade arrived using a small extinguisher. I realised how much trouble I was in when David turned his attention to me. He wasn’t angry he was white, with an expression on his face that I had never seen. He pulled me from the car and hugged me to death.

“You could have been killed.” Did I imagine the sob?

“What happened?” I was still a bit confused as it all happened so fast.

“The oil I told you.” David gasped clutching his face. “Is the engine alright?”

I wondered why he was asking me. It certainly didn’t look all right, it had been just a little bit engulfed in flames up until two minutes before.

“I don’t think it actually seized, but it does not look good my friend.” Said a man who was evidentially a mechanic who had arrived with David.

“I’m sorry. What did I do?” I wailed. “Is it busted?”

Both men turned to look at me like I was the moron from out of space, which was about what I felt at that moment.

“Look I am so so sorry.” I was on the point of tears.

“Not as sorry as you are going to be.” David growled. “I am going to spank you until you can’t sit down until summer when I get you home.”

The fire brigade and police had arrived by then and I suddenly found myself in the middle of a group of bemused men wishing the ground would open up.

“I didn’t hear that sir.” One of the policemen said with a wink.

“Would you like me to repeat it?” David replied staring daggers at me.

I can’t pretend to understand exactly what happened that day. I still don’t know how David came to arrive so quickly, in view of what happened next I never felt like asking once I had been forgiven. I certainly don’t know what happened to the car as all I was told when I asked, was precisely nothing.

Three weeks and a thousand pounds later the car lived. David never mentioned the expense but I saw the bill on the kitchen table a month later.

We sat in silence in the back of the crane-lorry thing that David and the mechanic had arrived in as we were driven home. I am sure I am not alone in this regard but I really wished he had yelled or said something, even if it was something embarrassing in front of the mechanic.

I needn’t have worried about missing out on the embarrassment though. Before the driver towed the car away the whole street must have turned out to see what was going on. Things were about to get worse.

Once we got inside David gave me a great big hug and I started to cry.

“You know I am really going to let you have it over this don’t you.”

“Yes.” I sobbed. “I know I deserve it.”

“I am actually a bit shaken up and anyway I need to call the garage to see how bad the car is. So you had better go to bed and I’ll deal with you tomorrow.”

It was four o’clock in the afternoon. I was about to protest and then thought much better of it. Still being sent to bed in daylight was as embarrassing as it gets. Of course I lay for hours wondering if I would still be awake when David came to bed. I remembered his reaction when he hugged me after the flames were out. I felt a warm glow that actually tickled. I had wrecked his car but his first thought had been for me. I had been sent to bed as a naughty girl and I was safe and protected and tomorrow I would be spanked and I deserved it.

Weird thoughts raced through my head in the sleepless hours that passed. I veered from anger at myself and for being sent to bed like this, through sicken humiliation, arousal and back to the warm loved feeling. Then at some point I slept.

The next morning David got me up early.

We didn’t talk much over breakfast, not at all if the truth were told. I couldn’t bear it.

“David I am so sorry about yesterday.”

David looked up from his toast but didn’t reply.

“Look I know I am going to be punished. I deserve it. But please forgive me.”

He almost smiled at this.

“I forgive you, because I love you. I just don’t understand why you did it.”

My heart surged and I wanted to run and hug him. It always did when he said he loved me and I knew that it was going to be all right. I wanted to say that I loved him and that I would do anything to make it up to him. Instead, I said:

“I wanted a decent cup of coffee.”

It sounded stupid and childish even to my ears. And with hindsight I realise it was a very expensive cup of coffee.

“Coffee?” David almost gasped.

“Two cups.” I said sheepishly.

David wiped his mouth and threw the napkin onto his plate. He stood up and strode towards me like an avenging god. I think I cringed back a little. He grabbed me by the ear and pulled me across the room. With one sweep of his hand he yanked my pyjama bottoms down and pushed me nose first into the corner. He was furious and as he turned away, he patted the air dismissively with his arm, as if dismissing me. For once he seemed to be having trouble getting his words out.

“I am far too.” He shook his head vigorously and didn’t finish. “Just stand there until I calm down.”

I was left in just my pyjama tops with my nose in the corner and my bare bottom facing the room.

I was shaking and embarrassed. Not just about having to stand in the corner. That was always embarrassing. I was suddenly overwhelmed by the stupidity of my actions. I blushed as I remembered the mechanic and firemen smirking when David said I was going to get a spanking. They were all thinking that the stupid brat was only getting what she deserved and they were right.

I remembered the flames and my relief when David had suddenly appeared. How stupid could I be? David had said don’t use the car there is something wrong with the oil. I even saw the oil light. Why did I have to go and get coffee? I felt like banging my head against the wall. Not since I had compromised David’s position by causing him to come and rescue me from my exam phobia had I felt so ashamed.

After a while, I could hear the sounds of David clearing up. This only added to my shame because I realised I should be helping. I indulged a momentary fantasy where I say ‘let me help you it seems awfully silly we me just standing here’ and he says ‘lovely darling let’s put this ridiculous argument behind us.’

Then I shifted my foot at the early onset of cramp and the Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson moment was gone.

I must have been standing in the corner for the best part of an hour before David returned.

“OK what have you got to say for yourself?”

I didn’t turn. Obviously, I was sorry. I had no idea what else to say.

“I’ll pay for the damage.” I said meekly without turning.

David laughed warmly and I knew it was going to be all right.

“I hardly think so. I couldn’t wait that long. I’ll pay for the damage and your bottom will pay for the damage. Then you will promise me never to do anything like that again.” He laughed some more then added. “Fancy nearly killing yourself and destroying my car for a cup of coffee. At least it wasn’t a new hat or dress, then I really would be bankrupt.”

I was sudden over his knee. For a moment I took comfort from the first real contact I had had with him all morning then the spanking began, it took my breath away. I realised he was still angry because although he was only using his hand I was already suffering some real discomfort.

I was determined to take all I had coming and I as I surrendered with that first thought I began to cry. Never had I cried so easily. I realised that I was crying from shame and relief as much as anything.

The spanking removed me from time until all that existed was his unrelenting hand. Then he stopped and pulled me into his arms and as I sobbed, he squeezed me hard and whispered:

“You silly girl. You have no idea how I felt when I saw that car catch fire with you still sitting in it.”

He held me for a long time then he said. “Are you ready?”

I blinked in confusion then I realised that it wasn’t over.

“Yes.” I said, having no idea what was coming next.

David led me to the sofa in the front room and lay me bent across the back with my cherry red tail pointing at the ceiling. Then after a minute, he returned with the strap.

I could barely see it as I strained to look back over my shoulder. I had been strapped before and it wasn’t as bad as the cane. But I knew I was in for another lengthy session and David didn’t trust himself with Mr Stick.

The strap took me in a blaze of fire from right to left and then left to right. His just went back and forth. Usually as I said before there was an agreeable sting, but this time my bottom was already sore and David was really putting himself into the strokes.

I had the presence of mind not to indulge in pointless protesting but it was a real struggle to cling to the sofa while he let rip with the leather on my defenceless behind.

Very quickly with my mind in full contrition mode I was beyond sobbing and all but barking my sorrow into the leather seat cushions. Still David didn’t let up. I remembered his words about not sitting until summer; maybe it wasn’t just a figure of speech. I wondered when he would stop and what the men at the accident scene would think if they could see me now. I imagined them laughing and then telling their mates down the pub. Then I hardly had a coherent thought at all.

David was holding me and walking me back to the corner almost before I realised that the strapping was over.

“I am sorry, I’m so sorry.” I wailed as I squirmed against him, I would be dancing around the room if he hadn’t been holding me.

“Hush.” He said and kissed me. “Now stand there and don’t move for anything.”

I was back in the corner and this time it was a haven from my sins. I gripped the front of my thighs till it hurt as my legs pounded up and down trying to shake the pain from my bottom that I was forbidden to rub.

I knew David was watching me so I pulled myself together and tried to stand still. The pain in bottom eventually faded a little only to return in waves, I imagined my crimson buttocks pulsing like two cartoon hearts.

It felt good to cry and after a very long while I had cried myself out and was beginning to get into the zone.

Something brought me back to myself. I have no idea how much time later it was. The pain had receded although I still desperately wanted to have a good rub.

I could hear David talking and I realised that the noise I had heard had been the door. I was alert now, fully back into the world where grown women did not stand half naked in the corner before lunch with a very sore red bottom on display.

Then the conversation turned in my direction and suddenly there were people in the room. I started in panic.

“Don’t you dare move.” David growled.

I can only imagine the look of horror on my face that only the wall can testify to. It was all I could do not to clutch at my bottom.

“Oh my god what did she do?” It was Nan.

“Neat job old man.” Alex whistled. “Should we wait outside for a moment?”

“Oh.” Nan moaned. “This is too much fun.”

“You should know.” Alex chuckled.

I could almost hear Nan blush, but that was beyond my concern at that moment. My neck and ears actually stung with a sudden rush of heat. I had never blushed so strongly.

“David please.” I whined.

“Stay there you’ve been a public embarrassment.” His tone was stern but not angry. “This is deserved isn’t it?”

I could only nod, too embarrassed to speak. Fresh tears sprang to my eyes.

“What did she do?” Nan asked in wonder as I heard her sit down.

“She nearly got herself killed and destroyed my car in the process.” David said with some exasperation in his voice. Then added sarcastically. “But she had a good reason.”

I felt a wave of fresh embarrassment.

I can only imagine Nan and Alex looking expectantly for an answer, if they could tear their eyes from my burgundy backside.


Nan shrieked. “No. Do tell.”

As David’s story unfolded, I stamped my foot in frustration and impotent rage. I wanted to protest that it wasn’t like that, but of course, it was.

“Calm down my bratty little one.” David chuckled.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse David invited them to stay for lunch.

“We can’t let poor Angela stay here on her own.” Nan said innocently.

“No she can move to the corner in the dinning room.” David replied.

When I was told to move I scurried head down with my hands clasping my front and my legs together as I made for the corner desperate not to catch anyone’s eye. Nan giggled with glee.

At one point David and Alex went into the kitchen leaving me with Nan.

“I am sorry but this is too much fun.” She whispered. “You’d love it if I were standing there.”

“Suppose.” I sniffed. “But it’s so embarrassing.”

“You deserve it. It will do you good.” Nan gigled.

They certainly took their time over lunch, it seemed like years before they left.

“Can I come out now?” I said meekly when they had finally gone.

“Only if you want to kiss and make up.” David leered.

“Yes please.” I replied thickly.


5 Responses to “Angela’s story: is that the car burning or my bottom?”

  1. 1 Elly


    Great installment.

    Elly x

  2. 2 recidavist

    Brilliant; really very good


  3. 3 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    I’m getting that the real reason Angela drove the car when she was told not to, was not so much that she wanted a coffee, but rather that she wanted a spanking.

    Hopefully, David will have learned his lesson and next time he needs to make sure Angela doesn’t use the car, he’ll pull the spark plug cables.

    If I was David, I’d have sent her to the garage as an assistant to the mechanics who did the work to repair the car so she could fully fathom the extent of the damage and how much work was required to fix it. In addition to the spankings, of course.

  4. I Would have caned bent over the car at the garage in front of the garage workers

  1. 1 Story of the Week I : All Things Spanking

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