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Part I here By the time Stacy’s pants and panties were around her ankles she saw that that Lana too was standing in a puddle of denim, her face sour red and apprehensive. The writer took a moment to look around for any sign that anyone was watching, but at the moment no one is in […]

Part I here Marsha MacLeod took a deep breath and screwed up her face. It was so unfair, how was she to know that the Stone twins were running a scam; and how come she had to be on duty when they did? What about Danson, he was supposed to be in charge when Adam and […]

An Amelia Craven Story. Amelia Craven felt entirely out of place in her green dress. It wasn’t the finest, but compared to the heavy woollen work-skirts and coveralls she usually donned, she was as a queen. Then the carriage bounced her about as it left the better road for the track that she knew led […]

The Adventuress


The Jennings’s B Patent engine hummed like a maiden at work. Under the thin brass cover Bella Baxendale knew a thousand little stem valves were sliding up and down like seamstresses’ fingers to weave elaborate tapestries in the air; all using the power of steam. This was the more ladylike little sister of the big […]

It had been a very dark and giggly night when I returned home. I was still a little giddy from girl talk and too much sugar- at least that was your presumption when you heard the door slam and instead of my customary insistence of immediate attention I careered straight past shouting “Hiiiiiiiiiiiii” as I […]

Part 1 can be found here. The road cut through the desert like a causeway bridging a restless sea. Neither of them had spoken for a while and Megan sensed a change. But even the modern city up ahead came as a shock, even to Ahmed, who must have known it was there for he […]

Romany spanking


Clark wrote to ask about routine spanking among the traditional traveller community. He said that his grandmother was a gypsy and that when he was a boy she was very free with spanking threats to both his aunts and adult sisters. He was told that this was just her way and that when she was […]

It has been a while since we have had a little history post. This is a short snippet about a maid probably sometime between the world wars. As you probably know, in England until the Second World War and even up until the late 1950s the middle classes and even some well-paid workers had ‘a […]

The life project and other forums provide interesting sources of anecdotes about spanking. Many of them are off-topic and even the good ones are brief and too vague. However, occasionally you get an unusual one and I am put in mind of the case studies of Will Henry. As I have posted here before, Will […]

The Jaguar S Type hit the curve at a safe speed, gliding into the turn with the same assuredness of its driver, Mark Yeoman. The leather covered steering wheel gripped the leather of his driving gloves like lovers, gently and firm, constant and sure. Mark liked leather, almost as much as he liked Jaguars. Maybe […]