Angela’s story: the Englishmen who went up a hill and came down to a mountain of trouble


Angela’s story continues.

When I later told David about my encounter with Nan and Alex he had no sympathy for her.

“I would not advise ever trying anything like that yourself.” He said sternly.

But I didn’t mind I still had fond memories of Nan’s predicament.

We were not to see Nan and Alex for a while, David was too tired after work and I had college. So the spring came and went before we heard from them again.

“Alex phoned last night, he was wondering if we wanted to go for a picnic this weekend.” David said one day.

“Why not, we could go to a pub.” I suggested hopefully.

“I don’t know about that, we will see.”

We met Alex and Nan outside their house about mid morning Saturday. Alex talked enthusiastically about the route down to Surrey and where we could go.

“Is there a good pub nearby?” Nan said breaking off from a conversation with me about my dress.

“We are not going to a pub.” Alex barked in exasperation.

David caught my eye and shrugged. Evidentially Alex and Nan had already argued about this that morning and Nan was mischievously trying to recruit David and myself to reverse an Alex decision.

It had been decided that we were going to a place called Box Hill.

“What’s there?” I asked.

“A hill.” David replied. If I didn’t know better I would have said he was a little lacking in enthusiasm.

“A hill with a box on it.” Nan ventured with a smirk.

“More than one box.” Alex smiled. “Box is a species of tree.”

“So to recap we are going to a hill with trees on it.” Nan pressed.

“And a bit of a view.” Alex supplied.

It didn’t take us long to get there and Alex’s ‘bit of a view’ turned out to be spectacular. From the top of the hill after it broke out of the woods you could see across most of Surrey and beyond, almost to the sea nearly 50 miles to the south.

The picnic was pretty good also. There were Kentish oysters packed in ice and even Nan was placated a little about not going to the pub as David had brought an excellent bottle of Muscadet.

After lunch we played with a Frisbee for a while, although Nan and I soon got bored with that as we couldn’t make it do all the tricks the boys could. Nan and I were just beginning to get bored when David suggested we went for a walk.

“What all of us?” I said.

“No just you girls, Alex and I need to have a little chat about something.”

Nan stood up at once and started making suggestions about the way we should go. I was a little irritated about being dismissed, even though I liked the idea of going for a walk, but that wasn’t the point.

We walked along the hill’s edge and took in the view. A Red Kite was hovering high above us, no doubt looking for some prey. I had never seen one before and was stunned at how vividly the raptor lived up to its name.

“They were almost extinct once.” Nan said. “But they reintroduced them and now they are increasing in numbers again.”

“Who introduced them?” I asked.

“They did.” She said arms outstretched. “You know ‘they’ as in ‘they say’, the great they that rule universe. How the bloody hell do I know.”

“You brought it up.” I replied determined not be drawn into an argument.

“Now you are beginning to sound like Alex.”

I cocked an eyebrow and thought just before he spanks you, you mean. I said nothing.

“I’m being a brat aren’t I?” She giggled.

I could never be angry with Nan for long. Just then two men passed us deep in conversation.

“There’s pub on top of this hill somewhere.” Said the first one.

“It’s more to the side set back from the top through those trees.” Replied the second pointing off to a side path.

Nan turned and gave me a significant look. I giggled.

“What was I saying?”

She meant about being a brat I knew, but I couldn’t see the harm in it.

It took a while to find the pub, in the end we followed the sound of a car. Nan reasoned that there must be some sort of road to the pub for deliveries and so it proved.

The pub had picnic-like tables outside so after we had got our drinks, that’s where we decided to sit.

“How come the boys were so reluctant to go to the pub?” I asked. “Or Alex anyway.”

“He says he is drinking too much beer and I.” Her voice trailed off.

I looked at her hard with a faint smile on my lips.

“I kind of over did it last week.” She continued with a blush. “I am sort of not allowed to go to the pub.”

“You’re grounded.” I gave a hoot.

She blushed to her ears.

“Why don’t you say it a bit louder?” She shushed me.

After a couple of drinks, especially on top of the wine, we began to compare notes about our punishments.

“Have you ever had to stand up in a pub, because well you know? Did you think that everyone had guessed?” I confided.

“Oh god yes. When it’s really bad it’s hard to walk straight and then I am sure some one can guess.”

“Either that or they think you have wet your knickers.”

We both fell about in raucous laughter.

“What time is it?” Nan said in mid laugh.

“Oh god the boys will be wondering where we are.”

“Its no problem we’ll just tell them we got lost.” She said, but drank down her drink and hastily made to go all the same.

Our first problem was that we were just about lost. It took us several minutes to retrace our steps to even find the main path back to the hilltop. By the time we got back to the place with the panoramic view, the sun was already quite low in the sky and the afternoon had taken on that warm red glow that usually meant it was time to go home.

“Angela.” Someone called.

We both jumped and turned to see the guys coming towards us.

“Sorry we got lost.” Nan said rather too quickly.

I nudged her arm hard. She might as well as said sorry we weren’t in the pub.

“You’ve been gone two hours.” David said in disbelief. “How lost can you get, this is Surrey not the Gobi Desert.”

I suddenly wanted to come clean, but I knew that would drop Nan in it. Instead, I just turned to my friend and hoped she wouldn’t dig too big a hole with her lies.

“I, we, well the thing is.” Nan explained. “The Box trees, they all look the same, they’re green with grey brown trunks and tall. They are tall aren’t they Angela?”

“Eh yes I suppose so.” I didn’t really know what to say to that question.

David fixed me with an old fashioned look, which signalled that the game was up.

“The trees were tall. How very disconcerting.” Alex smirked.

Even I was trying not to laugh.

“Yes there are no signs, just eh trees, in the way kind of thing.” Nan let her mouth hang open to stop herself laughing and so that she was ready for her next bit of drivel.

“No signs.” Alex nodded and agreed sagely. “That is terrible.”

Nan had her hands on her hips and smiling through her growing blush and returned a look that said, the games up isn’t it and I am in so much trouble.

Alex gently took her chin in his hand and kissed her softly on the mouth.


“No. Not exactly a pub. More a.” Nan chewed her lip and looked upwards for inspiration.

“Have you been to the pub?” David asked me.

“Oh just a little one.” I winced offering him my finger and thumb in a pinch gesture.

“Tiny weenie little pub, very small, hardly big enough to be called a pub.” Nan smirked mimicking my pinch gesture.

“Shall we spank them now in front of all these people or wait until we get them home?” Alex said sternly.

“You wouldn’t.” Nan gasped but did not finish that sentence.

“Please don’t, not here.” I pleaded looking at David.

“I think we should check out how small this pub is.” David said mildly. “We can always spank them later.”

“That’s definitely going to happen, to Nan anyway.” Alex returned staring and Nan who’s gaze was firmly fixed on her shoes.

“They both have to be treated the same, it wouldn’t be fair otherwise.” David agreed.

Nan and I exchanged glances blushing furiously and hoping no one passing had overheard the conversation.

A short while later we sat in the pub like two naughty schoolgirls restricted to orange juice while David had a pint and Alex a half as he was driving.

I was acutely aware of where my bottom met the chair and had decided to keep my mouth firmly shut. Nan on the other hand had decided that she had nothing to lose and continued to defend a desperate position.

“See it is a very small pub and anyway you said have you been in a pub, strictly speaking we sat outside when we came before so we didn’t come in the pub at all. Well except to buy the drinks obviously and.” Nan blabbered away in a babyish voice she probably imagined was extra charming.

“Nan do you want to have to stand in the corner of the pub while everyone laughs at you?” Alex warned sternly.

“No thank you.” Nan said in a small voice. “I’ll shut up now.”

My mouth dropped in horror that such a thing could happen and even David looked a little taken aback.

“What do you say we finish these drinks and deal with these two miscreants together?” Alex suggested. “Or would you prefer some privacy?”

David gave me a long hard stare. I was strangely aroused by the prospect of being punished with Nan, so although every instinct of self-preservation urged me to protest at the idea, I decided to say nothing and await David’s judgement.

“No let’s do that.” David said at last.

I swallowed and blushed but said nothing. Nan on the other hand looked like a fly in a spider’s web. She stood open-mouthed struggling to find the right words of outrage. But Alex gave her no chance to speak; he took by the arm and led her from the pub while David and I followed, me slightly more reluctantly.

Nan and I sat in silence in the back of the car on the way back to their house. To coin a phrase, you could have cut the atmosphere with a chainsaw. I could tell Nan’s mind was working overtime looking for an out.

Once we were in the house, I stood nervously wondering what would happen.

“OK let’s have you knickers down and facing that wall with your hands on your head.” Alex said.

I looked to David to see if that order included me, he indicated that it did.

“Oh come on now this has gone too far.” Nan protested backing away as if she was about to flee.

“Don’t test me.” Alex growled.

What followed was an undignified chase around the furniture while David looked on and chuckled. Alex caught Nan and upended her over his lap stripping of her under things in one fluid motion.

“Alex.” Nan wailed.

Her bared bottom still bore the faint traces of some recent correction, but that did not deter Alex from administering a sharp fast hand spanking.

“Please Alex I’m sorry.” Nan squeaked her face competing with her bottom to be the reddest.

The brisk bottom clapping continued as Nan kicked her heels and squirmed across her man’s lap.

“I’ll be good, really really good.” She wailed.

“Alright get to that wall and put your hands on your head.” Alex said as he released her.

As Nan stood, her blushing was apparent even from behind, so it was with four red cheeks that she took up her position with her hands on her head and her bare bottom displayed.

“Go and stand next to her unless you need your own encouragement.” David said firmly.

I stepped out of my knickers blushing furiously, not able to meet either man’s eyes. Somehow although I had stood in this position many times before, it was even more humiliating standing next to another woman with a man other than David looking on.

The guys were in no hurry to release us and it was a good hour before they even began to discuss our punishment.

“Why don’t we swap partners for the first spanking?” Alex suggested. “Then I’ll give Nan a good strapping for breaking curfew and lying.”

“Do you have two hairbrushes?” David asked.

“I have a nice firm hall brush for Nan.” Alex informed his friend.

“Oh god please no Alex.” Nan whimpered.

“We could make it a bath brush if you prefer?” Alex asked.

Nan fell silent.


“No thank you sir.” Nan gulped.

“Then ask David nicely.”

“Please sir will you give me a sound spanking with the hall brush as I deserve.”

I was incredibly sticky as I listened to Nan’s humiliation. Nan was obviously a lot more submissive to Alex than I was to David. I hoped David didn’t get any ideas, did I?

“Well if you are sure.” David chuckled answering Nan’s request.

For the main event, I went over Alex’s lap while David took Nan over his. I could feel the hard wood patting my bare bottom. Apart from the cold menace of the hairbrush, Alex ignored me as he watched that Nan was submitting correctly to David.

From where I lay I could see Nan’s still pink bare bottom and could admire David’s technique. I felt a surge of pride mixed with jealousy. I watched and waited for the first blow to fall. It did. Nan yelped. I hoped Alex did not realise how aroused I was, this was embarrassing enough as it was.

Then my own spanking began and all direct interest in Nan’s bottom was washed away in a wave of pain. The noise was terrific. The men made no attempt to synchronise their respective spankings and if the brush wasn’t blasting down on my behind then I heard or saw it land on Nan’s bottom. As I yelled moistly, so she joined me a moment later until we were both singing in chorus with an offbeat percussion accompaniment.

The spankings were long ones, I don’t think either of the men wanted to be the first to show mercy. By the end we were both crying hard.

Eventually we were allowed to stand and return and face the wall. Form the corner of my eye I could see the deep burgundy stain that now adorned Nan’s bottom and realised from the feel of it my bottom must look the same. I stole a sideways glance to catch Nan’s eye but she was lost in her shame and kept her eyes steadfastly on the wall.

It was quite a while later that Nan had to go over the back of the settee. I was disappointed not be to be allowed to turn around to watch. It sounded terrific and I was only glad that David hadn’t ordered me more of the same. But I had not been grounded as she was so it was only just.

It didn’t stop me from starting a little at every thwack and yelp as a long hard strapping ensued. Poor Nan. And poor me, for once it was over I was allowed to put my arms down but nor released from the wall. It was to be a long evening of shame.

To be continued.

35 Responses to “Angela’s story: the Englishmen who went up a hill and came down to a mountain of trouble”

  1. 1 Bill

    Love the story. Enjoyed the progression of the characters. Looking forward to seeing where they end up.
    Thanks for your effort

    • I kinda enjoy this story but im soooooo freakin confused, what is happening? this is cruel and medieval, is this actually happening now? is this a real story and where does it take place??? can someone please answer!!????ol!

      • 3 DJ

        Hi Person,

        Not sure why you are confused? Although this story was ‘very’ loosely inspired by real events it is fiction!

        The story is set in real places in England around London in the Home Counties. Where such things do occasionally really go on.

        The ladies concerned do, as Shakespeare suggested, ‘doth protest too much’ and heart this is a consensual romance. I hope this softens your view about it being medieval.

        Its quite mild compared to some of the fantasies portrayed here – as in my experience this one is within the bounds of reality.

        This series is on hold for now – but as it is the most popular DJB story on this blog it will return at some point.

        Thanks for your interest I hope I have unconfused you. 🙂

        DJ Black (cruel and medieval Londoner)

      • thx!that really helped,, btw, is it over or will there be more??!!??

  2. 6 person

    I cant wait for more!! but anyways, isnt this like really cruel,, why doesnt she just break up with him if he obuses her?? and why cant women and men be equal? where i live this would never happen but it’s good i learned about this kind of thing because if i learned about it later on I would feel like a stupid north american!! anyways, thanks soo much!!

    btw,, is this website from england?


    • 7 DJ

      She couldn’t possibly break up with him because here England we still have the death penalty for runaway girlfriends and wives.


  3. 8 person

    Death penalties, wooowww______ouch!! omggm! anwways thx 4 helping me!

  4. 10 person

    But do you believe in doing this?

  5. 12 person

    Not exactly

  6. 13 XKerriex

    Haha the death penalty WTF r u chatting dis is all bull I’m from England an I have never been spanked!! Not even wen me dad caught me chongin weed or wen I lied about sleeping at my m8s an went to a fab party all I got was grounded which was nothing coz I jus climbed out the window and went out anyway!!! ;-D

    • 14 DJ

      You think! 😉

      • 15 XKerriex

        M8 wot do u mean I think I no!!

        • 16 DJ

          You probably should have been spanked though.

          Lying, drugs, terrible English and most of all for pretending to have an irony by-pass.

          Quite a bill.


  7. 17 XKerriex

    Lad WTF is an irony by-pass?? An der is nofin rong wid my english it’s jus d way we text!!!! 😛

  8. 20 XKerriex

    Noooooo way I wouldn’t let anyone do that to me! The worst I get is shouted at and “the look” lol. Not exactly so that means you did??

    • 21 DJ

      Hi XKerriex

      Sometimes girls don’t have a choice. How old are you anyway? I trust you are over18?


      • 22 Xkerriex

        Hi how can they not have a choice? They could runaway from them or just fight back instead! I would

        • 23 DJ

          Remember the irony by-pass I mentioned. You are over 18 aren’t you?


      • 24 Xkerriex

        Yes I am but I still don’t know what an irony by-pass is please tell me

  9. 25 Big.Daddy

    Dj. Congratulations on your stories I look forward to reading more. Thank you


    Kerrie. You are such a naughty girl your dad should give you the spanking you so greatly deserve.

    If you were my daughter I would not think twice about putting you over my knee and giving you a spanking you would never forget!

    Your dad should take his responsibility as a father seriously and control you before it’s to late.

    • 26 Xkerriex

      Eee WTF it’s a good job your not me dad then init anyway I would like to see you try!! I’m in my 20’s an 5’8 so I’m not some little defenceless kid ok

      • 27 Big Daddy

        Your age and height is pertinent, bad behaviour deserves punishment!

    • 28 XKerrieX

      I wud agree wid yer if it were 50 years ago! l8rs…….

      • 29 DJ

        I have edited out some of your comments. There is no call to insult people. This blog is an adult exploration of spanking erotica. In real life I do not advocate the spanking non-consenting women, even brats.

        Stick around if you are interested, you may learn something. There must be something here that keeps you curious.


      • 30 XKerrieX

        Dj I’m sorry if I have come across as being a “brat” coz I’m not I just let me mouth (or fingers) chat on before I think it through and your right I am curious as to why someone would want to be hurt or want to hurt someone else it doesn’t seem normal to me maybe it’s because I was never spanked that i dont get it sorry again

        • 31 DJ

          Hey nice to have you with us 😉

          Wish I could get everything you are saying – but I follow most of it.

          It is not about hurting people (that’s mostly only fantasy) its about nice bottoms and submission really. There is a sexual liberation on both sides. But for some people there is a psychological atonement, cleansing and catharsis through punishment. Its not the same for everyone.

          I am a bit older than you and am in a very different place I think. Maybe it is harder for you to identify with me as a dominant. Check out some of the links on the right – there are many by women who have a different take.

          If you want to talk to me personally via email ( then please do. I can be more open and answer your questions more easily that way.

          best – DJ

  10. 32 Cc

    Heya, It’s taken me 4 nights to read all of them! 😀 When is the next one coming? I know the whole ‘thinking it up’ process is really hard so I don’t wan’t to rush you. Good-luck! (P.s I think David x Angelena are a perfect match! -same with Nan x Alex) I’ll check regularly ^_^ Thankyou again for the awesome reading fodder~!

    • 33 DJ

      Glad you are so dedicated.

      Angela is a popular girl – some time in Feb hopefully.


  11. 34 Cc

    Aah.. that’ll be worth waiting for!
    Thanks! ^^

  12. 35 scarlet

    I had read this story before and found it quite squirmy, but I didn’t really know you then. I’m not sure I know you all that well now, but I know you better. After reading all these comments, you know what I think? I think you’re a very, very nice man.

    And really Toppy and probably hellish with a cane and all that! I know calling you a very nice man might damage your reputation.

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