Angela’s story: questions and resolutions


Angela’s story continues:

The holidays were soon over and I was back at college. That meant more exam practice and I was not looking forward to the consequences of getting less than perfect results.

On a more positive note, we went out to dinner with Nan and Alec. While the guys were at the bar Nan asked me if I had been being a good girl. I told her that I was always a good girl.

“Have you?” I asked. Not that I was entirely comfortable with where the conversation was going.

“Not entirely.” Nan blushed. “Not that it matters.”

“What do you mean?”

Nan sucked in her cheeks and gave me a sideways glance. She sipped on the last of her drink and then put it down with great deliberation to study the glass.

I was about to change the subject assuming that she didn’t want to say anymore when she asked.

“Do you ever get maintenance spankings?”

It was my turn to blush. I really was not at ease talking so openly about getting spanked.

“What’s a maintenance spanking?”

“It’s where you get spanked even if you are good just to make sure you stay good.” She licked her lips and watched me carefully as if to gauge my reaction.

“That doesn’t sound very fair.” I gaped. “Does Alec spank you for no reason?”

“I told you the reason.”

“But that’s not fair.” I hated sounding like a whiney kid.

“Fair is what Alec decides is fair. It can’t be any other way can it?”

“I suppose not.” I felt a wave of involuntary arousal. Could I ever be that submissive I wondered? I tried to change the subject. “What do you think they are talking about?”

“I dread to think.” Nan said as she turned to look at the guys at the bar. “Alec threatened to spank me in front of David the other day.”

“He wouldn’t.” I gasped. “I would die if it was me.”

“You didn’t die the other day.” Nan smirked.

I could have blushed for England at that moment.

“If you want to get me back for being a bitch just tell Alec I have been teasing you. I wouldn’t sit comfortably for a few days. He might even let you watch.”

“Is that what you are trying to provoke?” I asked still blushing.

“God no.” Her jaw dropped. “No really. I don’t know why I am like this sometimes. I used to be such a mouse. I would lay in bed a dream of a cruel bastard to take me by force or well you know, but when it came to it, I was so shy. Still am. I have never talked like this with anyone else.”

“I know what you mean. Why are we like this?”

She shrugged.

“Perhaps it’s like being gay. Do you want to be cured?”

I didn’t answer but I definitely didn’t.

David and Alec came back before we could say any more.

Later at home I asked David about maintenance spankings. He laughed.

“Nan really has come a long way.”

I knew he knew she had told me. That must have been because Alec had told him that he subjected Nan to them. Then he said:

“I don’t think your bottom would ever be white again if I introduced that into our relationship. Maybe when I have ironed out one or two more of your shortcomings and you no longer have to do exam practice.”

“But that’s not fair.” I squeaked.

“If you were good for a whole month and I didn’t need to spank you, would you be happier?”

“Of course.” I lied. “But that is hardly likely to happen is it?”

I thought about what David and Nan had said over the next few days and I finally decided I didn’t care. What would be would be and I didn’t have to know or decide anything. If David decided I needed to be spanked then it would happen. If he decided I needed maintenance spankings then I would get them. I also thought Nan was right, it was like being gay, I did not want to be cured and it was just the way I was.

With these weighty matters resolved I got down to enjoying the start of term and my thoughts turned to David’s private exam practice arrangements.

David had decided to examine me on my first terms work. He said that this would be really good revision. At first I found this a little boring, but the second time around I found interesting and not just a slog to get it in to my head.

Before that, I had my Friday night reckoning. I needed no prompting this time to take my little book to David.

“You’ve been a good girl this week.” David smiled. “Given the upcoming danger to your sitting privileges, that is just as well.”

I chewed my lip as I wracked my brains for any little fault I may have omitted to write down.

“Is there anything that you want to add?” He asked.

I shook my head.

“Let me see, you forgot do the washing-up on Wednesday, you put your red knickers in with my white shirt while doing the laundry, two helpings of pie, thought mean things about me.” David looked up as he read that and smirked. “I am sure you weren’t too hard on me in your thoughts, we will let that pass. You made amends on the washing up and the shirt was an old one.”

I was spanked slowly and hard with the flat of his hands as I squirmed on his lap. I enjoyed it at first, and at second come to that, but after a while it began to burn and I got to the heavy breathing stage. After this came the watery eyes and little squeaks stage. Mercifully, the spanking was over before we got to the bawling my eyes out stage.

Afterwards David let me skip corner time and our cuddle became something more intimate.

The next day was Saturday and that afternoon I had to face the exam demon. I still found I had that irrational fear but I knew could cope. I knew also that whatever I did I would not escape correction at David’s hands, a double first grade was just a couple of grades too far.

And so it proved.

“Not a bad effort. Really.” David said sadly.

I could feel a big but coming on. Mine probably.

“Trouble is you have slipped back on some of your old errors. I can just about give you.” He paused pretending to be considering.

The tingling in my tummy matched the one on the skin of my bottom.

“A 2:1 I think.” He said at last.

I hadn’t really expected any better so I was almost relieved. I began to undo my belt and unzip my jeans.

“Let’s have you in the corner for a little while, I want to you to think about what I may give you.”

There was always a little twist with David I thought as I shuffled over to the corner hobbled by my jeans and knickers being around my ankles. I sighed, my old friend the corner was a cold on my nose as ever. Almost as cold as the draft that played across my bare bottom.

To be continued.

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