A little OTK scene


OTK spankingThis picture was sent in by TipTopper

6 Responses to “A little OTK scene”

  1. 1 archedone

    Now this spanker has the expression of a lady that is very intent of giving a good spanking.

  2. 2 Mike

    Good afternoon Damian-(US anyway)-A little off topic, but my IP for some reason won’t connect me to any other way to reach you.
    Maybe O/T, but in the realm of vanished websites-‘Rubinesque is best’ has shuffled off this mortal coil. Not a spanking site but fetish friendly nonetheless-do you have any idea what happened there?

    Thanks either way, Mike

  3. 3 DJ

    Hi Mike

    I have no idea on either count.

    My traffic is a little down maybe it is a glitch.

    Try https://voiceinthecorner.com/ direct if you haven’t been – otherwise I don’t know.

    • 4 Mike

      Thanks. I’ll try that next time.

      The other fellow switched his name…..

      thanks again, Mike…….

  4. Oh Tip Topper,

    You and your naughty little pictures. You, Sir, give me naughty thoughts in my naughty little head.

    Don’t you agree Sir Damian?

    Simply yummy!


    • 6 Tiptopper

      Your naughty thoughts are a reflection of the naughty thoughts I had when I collected this material and when I sent it in. Those same thoughts are evident in my stories that I post in the KLSF at:

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