More Personal Accounts of those Sorority Spankings

sorority housekeeping

sorority housekeeping from movie

sorority spanking

Two modern college girls ‘bending and baring’

spanked by two frat boys

1938 Sorority Girl Janet Shock from a contemporary news cutting posing being spanked by two frat boys as a good sport

sorority hazing c1950

Actual sorority hazing c1950

Nervous sorority girls paddle shopping

Nervous sorority girls paddle shopping


More modern sorority hazing

sorority hazing

sorority hazing

Although I get the odd eye-rolling from young ladies who are strictly M/F when it comes to spanking tastes, one of the most requested subjects for articles is sororities. Of course there is a limited amount of information in the public domain on this, but from time to time new anecdotes do turn up.

I have been sitting on a couple of short snippets for some future use, but then Sam (who has sent in interesting sorority stuff before) sent in an account and some pictures from J, a mature lady in his munchie group.

The other snippets are from the EP and are interesting because they speak of practices hitherto not heard of.

But first J’s account:

I was in college at the end of 1960s and into the early 1970s where I joined a sorority. In those days paddle spankings were the norm and as far as I can tell still are. The only difference now is that this great American tradition has been increasingly driven underground, which is not only unhealthy but from what I hear has greatly sexualised some of these practices and today young women (and men) are doing stuff that we would never have dreamed of doing.

sorority hazing paddles

Pleased with her sorority hazing paddles

Despite claims to the contrary, punishment spankings were a major part of the sorority regime and our chapter took regular delivery of short heavy paddles designed to hurt. The pictures are from the 1940s and 50s I think, but the situation was more or less the same in my time.

At our sorority paddle spanking was used for discipline at all levels and for hazing. It was often hard to tell where one left off from the other.

At one extreme we had the paddle parties, which were mostly larks and the paddle was usually applied over clothes. This included mixed-fraternity initiations and the like. At the other extreme there were formal ‘courts’ where girls had to explain themselves for major breaches of the behaviour code that could include stealing, bullying and in those days sexual misdemeanours.

To put this into context though as far as I know this happened once the year before I joined and again in my senior year, so it was not a common event.

More routinely we had housekeeping, which could be extended to all members of the sorority, but was more usually applied to pledges. This was where small breaches of discipline were dealt with.

This consisted of three or four girls being summoned to an upperclassman or Big Sister’s room and one after the other we had to bend and bare for several full-blooded swats of the paddle.

One never quite got used to the pain and embarrassment, especially if the one taking you to task was less than discreet, but it was usually something taken in one’s stride. However on one occasion I was punished with three other girls and one of them decided she had something to prove.

This particular girl kept sassing the two seniors with the paddles; determined to show it didn’t hurt. This meant that we all had to take extra until there was not a dry eye among us. Our bottoms were purple afterwards and I didn’t sit too well for a day or two.

Phi Lamb Paddle 1968

A Paddle from J’s era (click for quaint jingle)

Putting girls in their place and team building was at the heart of the sorority in my view and this is why I would defend it. For the most part I did not sexualise this until much later, but I will come to that.

I remember one stuck-up legacy girl thought she was too good for everyone else. One night at lights out, someone played a prank on her and placed a bucket of something nasty on a door and she got sploshed in her best clothes. She kicked up such a fuss that she was given a roasting and given two minutes to get ready for bed. An impossible task but one for which she was punished for failing.

When 10 minutes later after a shower she reported in her PJs, she had to bend over and take three swats clothed and three swats bare for reporting late and then she was made to get dressed again and come back. She then got three on her skirt, three on the panties, then on the bare, then on the seat of her PJs again. All this at each stage of getting undressed. These were hard heavy swats and by the end she was bawling. All this under the eyes of a dozen wide-eyed young pledges and older girls.

She also had to report for housekeeping that week I think. But I think she learned a lesson and later was much less stuck-up.

On top of this were the much more intimate Big Sister spankings.

My Big Sister, C, was a brick and we had a lot of fun. She also got me out of a lot of scrapes. But if she thought I needed it she would make me bend over and bare my bottom for a sound paddle spanking. Sometimes this was followed or preceded by corner time.

This was never as bad as housekeeping, but there was no limit to what she could do and often she would keep me up to the mark for most of an evening in the room we shared.

Sometimes she would put me across her knee and spank me that way and this is where I first began to get confused feelings that I later recognised were sexual.

I think she may have enjoyed these sessions, but neither of us took it any further. I know that since then it is these days that have fuelled my kink, if I can call it that, but that was only in my head and on the whole at the time it was all just character-building and robust fun.

sorority paddling

actual sorority paddling from the 1940s

I have spared many details, especially about specific rituals and secrets, but not having named names I hope that gives you a flavour of those days Sam. Feel free to pass this on so long as you don’t identify me or my college or sorority.

Thanks to Sam and J for this account and the photographs.

Susan wrote:

In my senior year my best friend got me a birthday paddle and everyone present got to spank my posterior and sign it. (It was an all-girls party) Their love pats provided a small amount of satisfaction, but not much -my posterior was hardly pink – I still wanted the real thing. So, I searched for a college sorority that still hazed with a paddle and not just for one traditional night, but all year long.

An Ivy League school in the South is where I found my heart’s desire. This sorority’s rule was that any member could haze any underclassman for any sorority infraction at any time (as long as you were in our sorority building).

Once a month the sorority would hold an open party where the big entertainment was the “Toughest Butt Contest” and all the underclassmen were required to participate, the winner could paddle any upperclassman in the sorority the coming month as often as they desired. A reward of revenge was a great motivator.

The contest was done in G-strings for entertainment purposes. It was a great fund-raiser, and open to the whole campus for both genders. I won several times and enjoyed my month of revenge. Now, since I have long graduated (class of 1980), I no longer have the means to fulfil my desire to give or receive.

A comment to this contribution ran:

We had freshman initiation that culminated with all of us freshman having to crawl on our hands and knees between the legs of the seniors who paddled our little bottoms until we were all howling. We all survived, and just looked forward to when we would have our own crop of freshmen. Imagine what a stir that would cause today.

There were many short snippets like this, but many were quite fanciful, but it seems the legend continues.

29 Responses to “More Personal Accounts of those Sorority Spankings”

  1. Sorority housekeeping from what movie?

  2. 2 cindy2

    DJ, perhaps one reason why one of the most requested subjects for stories is sororities is the same reason why in men’s magazines there is often a plethora of girl-on-girl action. That’s what men like. Men are requesting stories of girls spanking girls, hence sorority hazings Likewise, magazine editors know that the readership wants bare girls doing sexy things with other bare girls.

  3. 3 Mike

    Hmm…’Ivy League school in the South’ probably means Vanderbilt or Duke. At least they are the only schools down there I can think of that might have that pretension.

    And yes, yes it IS sick, sad and depraved that that factoid occurred to me instead of slobbering over some of those tushies.

    Somewhat off topic, the Pacific Standard website of 5/29/13 ran an account of a study in the Netherlands which showed a strong positive correlation between BDSM affinities and certain aspects of better mental health compared to a control group. I thought it was pretty damn interesting and I thought some of you might enjoy it.

  4. 4 Mike

    Everyone’s favorite John Wayne movie on AMC today…

  5. Mike, do you have a link for it?

    • 6 Mike

      Hi OHM-assuming you meant a link to the article, if was on the Pacific Standard website, 5/29/13.

      I think I’ll try to find hard (pun unintended, but perfectly apropos) copy of it. “Let’s do it in the interest of science” should be an easy sell.

      • Yes Mike, I was referring to the article about the study. It sounds very interesting (intellectually, of course).

  6. 8 DJ

    Thanks for the comments all

    I think you are right cindy – although it is not just guys who like this kind of thing.

    Not sure what the movie is O.

    • 9 Tiptopper

      The movie Mike must be referring to is “McClintock”. You can see the 2 spankings scenes in the movie on Youtube at:

      • 10 DJ

        An old favourite – thanks TT 🙂

        sorry I did not pick up on this before. 😦

  7. 11 Mike

    I just noticed the item in the campus bookstore pic is a cheese board. One wonders whether the store’s buyer is surprised at the demand.

    • 12 DJ

      More than 50% of bath brushes sold in the Body Shop are for spanking. 😉

      • 13 Rikki

        @DJ What’s your source for this stat? I don’t see how anyone could possibly know this.

        • 14 DJ

          It was in a British newspaper (so totally reliable) – where actually it was something like 70 or 80% based on a survey by Body Shop.

          Anecdotally their sales of brushes with a handle on the flat side are rather poor comparatively they say – they commissioned a survey to find out why apparently. 🙂

  8. Time for some more sorority accounts.

    • Well funny you should say that 🙂 (see today’s post)

      I think I found all there was for a while last time – so until someone sends some in or the usual sources yield some. But I will look in my unlabelled folders on the HD where I found the 1920s pic.

  9. 17 Rikki

    Sorry to be a party-pooper, but the second of these stories is BS. She says “The contest was done in G-strings for entertainment purposes. It was a great fund-raiser, and open to the whole campus for both genders.” But she also says she graduated in 1980. G-strings may have technically existed in the late 70s, but they were virtually unknown in the US until at least the very late 80s. Also, I went to college during exactly that same period and there is no way that an institution, including a sorority, could have a public contest that involved spanking bare butts in public (even once, let alone monthly!). That would have violated obscenity laws at the time. It also would have generated national publicity. There were some “mass streaker” events on some campuses at that time and some nude sit-ins as political protests; but those events attracted national news attention because they were so rare. I’m afraid this is the fantasy of someone with a poor sense of America’s cultural history. Finally, none of the Ivy League schools are in the south,

    • 18 DJ

      No doubt you are right and it looks like the author of the tale is busted. 🙂

      It is worth reminding readers here that the second anecdote came off a public forum with comments and is not part of Js kindly donated personal account which preceded it. Thanks again to J and Sam for this contribution.

      Just to give the second author a chance – I do wonder if situations varied from state to state and campus to campus – I was at college in the late-mid- 80s (a short hop from this time) and sorority girl exchange students had more ribald tales to tell than this. Also I have seen US pictures of g-string like underwear from this period and people do retro-ally apply language so maybe some people had them but they weren’t called by that name in the US then? I know we knew what a g-string was at school during this period – we even called it that – but that was rural England and not the US, so maybe it was a European thing.

      Thanks very much for that insight – always good to hear from the horses mouth on this. 🙂

    • I graduated High School in Mass. in 1980 was 18 had gone to a couple of strip joints in Bostons’ red light district G-Strings were known as Thongs. Terminology was from Brazil and showcased in Sports Illustrated and worn by Strippers and Hot looking female beach goers.

      • 20 DJ

        Thanks William.

        The origins of G-String are unknown according to most sources although some give this as an old native American term and it is referenced as early as the 19th century in literature as male attire.

        Given that the report above – whether true or not – was clearly written some time after her sojourn at college – it is safe to assume that by then she knew what a g-string was whenever it came into common usage.

        Further to Rikki’s earlier comment – I know from many more reliable first hand accounts that stated college rules and adhered to college rules tend to be poles apart.

        Also I have also heard many non-Ivy League Schools referred to as IL – so I think maybe the purists might have to recognise a wider terminology in these cases.

        I have also had much more evidence on the existence of sorority paddling since I wrote this post and none of the stories above now seem at all far fetched.

        However, none of this proves a thing either way sadly and as ever we must take them as tales about tails – tall or otherwise.

  10. 21 Hummm...

    Hummmm…something doesn’t sound right.
    An “Ivy League in the South” doesn’t sound correct. All Ivy League schools are in the Northeast. The furthest southern Ivy League school is in either Pennsylvania or New Jersey. Neither would be described as “the South” with a capital S.

    • 22 DJ

      Thanks for the insight – I can’t comment – I may have edited the capital S in – I can’t remember now – but Ivy League is often used more widely these days to mean posh school also people obscure stuff in these accounts out of shyness.

      But again the account may not be true – always be cautious about these – there is no way of knowing.


      • 23 Mark

        A big NO on the “Ivy League in the South” thing. If she attended the university in question she would know beyond any doubt that it is not part of the old “Big IV” conference now known as the IVy League (see the Roman Numeral for 4? That’s where the name came from. Has nothing to do with plants). I attended a private university in the Midwest that is so similar to the Ivy League that we were asked to join the Ivy League many years ago. We did not join and nobody connected to our school would ever EVER refer to our school as “a Midwestern Ivy League”. Would never happen. Nobody at Penn or Princeton would refer to themselves as a southern Ivy.

        • 24 DJ

          so would everyone at a university in the US know this?

          If not then it may just have been an affectation on her part. Just as most other people reading this blog didn’t know.

          If she used it as a figure of speech then all it proves is that she wasn’t an insider as you obviously are. She doesn’t name the college at all and other people have merely speculated.

          Not that it proves the truth either way.

          Thanks though for that additional insight. 🙂

      • I live in a university town in the midwest and consider myself to be pretty intelligent. I considered ‘Ivy league of the South’ to be a colloquialism, poetic license. I’ve heard students and graduates refer tongue in cheek to their school as Ivy league. I attended a junior college known far and wide as ‘Harvard on the Highway’.
        Sorry Mark, but I have to debunk your debunk.

  11. The big news in town; there was a small fire in one of the sorority houses with minimal damage and one girl received oxygen and released. No big deal and everyone is safe. Residents were put up at one of the halls.
    However, I would like to think that at least one sorority girl will need to call the fire department to put out the blaze in her backside when the paddle teaches her not to be so careless.

  12. 28 Paul

    I have greatly enjoyed these stories, and want to thank everyone who contributed.
    In particular, I would wish to teach out to Sudan, wherever she may be, and attempt to explore a mutually consensual paddle punishment regiment :-)!

    • 29 DJ

      There are many others too and will be again once September rolls around if history repeats.

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