Spanking Heroines


spanked heroinesSpanking Heroines through the Ages
Paul sent in this nice little review of my latest book. Thanks Paul.

Damian Black has produced another little gem.

The first is an adventure in ancient Rome in which a modern female archaeological professor, finds herself transported to a Temple of Apollo. She is thought to be a runaway and enslaved. Fortunately she speaks a form of Latin and Greek which stands her in good stead. Knowing Damian she is beaten quite a lot.

Being an intelligent woman, she ends up as tutor and housekeeper, marries the overseer and decides to stay in Rome. This is a good solid story and well-researched.

The second is placed in Renaissance Italy, a brother and sister’s family fall foul of the Medici’s, the parents die.  They escape to Venice to a family friend, they have to change their name. The brother becomes a tutor and spanks, the sister is placed as apprentice to a half blind paint manufactory, and is spanked. They eventually come to a settlement with the Medici’s, and can assume their rightful place in society. The last scene is brother spanking sister, to put her in her place.

Thirdly, a just, post second WW11 story. Where a returning prisoner of war husband reminds wife just who is the boss. This one could be true to life.

Finally, a story placed in Mafia/Mob 1920/30’s USA, a rough spoken hero, Eddie, rescues girl from thugs of gangland boss, returns her to father, well spanked.

These are classic Damian Black stories, if you like his previous stories, you’ll love these.

Oh and if you want a copy you can get it here.

One Response to “Spanking Heroines”

  1. I tend to like historical pieces and I’ll bet these are very good. I have read the one about the Medici’s and it is excellent. Good luck with this.

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